The Group: The Trialitation of Love

By Steve Rother & The Group

From Steve:

This channel carried several intertwined messages.  At the base of this channel was the message about love.  They said that everything on Earth has to be imperfect in some way in order to exist.  They used the illustration of love as all love at Home is perfect and unconditional.  Here on Earth we mostly use conditional love as even marriage vows are a state of those conditions.  It’s not right or wrong, its simply that in a field of duality mostly conditional love will exist but as we move into triality it will turn unconditional.  Their suggestions to us was to use as much unconditional love within a relationship as you can as that will allow these relationships to grow as we do.

There was a point in this channel when the group said the room would now fill with beings.  A couple of minutes later the main entrance door to the room suddenly blew open as everyone in the room gasped.  I had to hold back an internal laugh when the group muttered “we told you they were coming.”  These were the beings that stepped aside so we could be here on Earth right now.  They were here to encourage us and cheer us on and to fill us with the love from home.    The love in that room was the a beautiful expression of total, unconditional love.  Feel it now, carry it with you and pass it on with every smile.  Know that you are never alone and dearly loved.

Have a great month!

Big hugs and gentle nudges.


Note: This message has been edited and in spots rechanneled by the group for better clarity in this format.
Greetings from Home

The Path of a Soul

There is an energy that crosses the veil every time we say those words: Greetings from Home.  You believe that we are sending you this incredible love you feel every time we start talking. We wish to tell you, dear ones, this is something you hold inside of yourselves.  You are using us as the reflector. We are the ones that can help you re-member your true magnificence and your true nature. Yet it is challenging, for you have devised a veil that keeps you from re-membering your history, not only your past lifetimes but your true origin – who you are and where you came from. We have told you many times that you are, in fact, the sons and the daughters of the king. You are the ones, the royal family, here to anchor all of the spirits from Home. This is an incredible task that each one of you has asked for. You bring your greatest desires from Home to make a difference here on the planet. You try and hold these energies on Earth, and sometimes it is  very successful because you are working with the heart energy. Yet other times they do not work the same way, because of the interface to planet Earth and the veil you have built for yourselves to have this experience.

Many of you say, “Well, let us remove the veil. It is thinning anyway. Let us just take the veil off and play this game without it, with full memory of who we are.” Sounds like fun does it not? The challenge is that the moment you remove the veil, there is no more game. You all go home. There is no purpose for being on the planet when you do not have the veil. You re-member who you are and you are here to learn that through experience. What about these experiences? “I have been collecting only good ones,” you say. “I have been having wonderful experiences on the planet.” But in truth, you are here to collect a wide variety of experiences. Some you call good amazing, or even full of passion. Others you call mediocre, painful, or simply surviving. All of these experiences are extremely valuable to the soul. They are valuable not only to the soul, but also to the collective of humanity itself. You can consider yourself on a mission to collect experiences. We mentioned last month about collecting mistakes, which in many ways are similar to experiences. Mistakes sometimes define who you are, and help you to find strength in your true nature.

Trialitation: Stepping Out of Duality

This day we wish to share with you a little bit more about the veil, and particularly about this energy that travels to and from both sides very quickly. There are positive and negative energies within a field of duality. You are moving from the field of duality into a field of triality, where you will not have the polarity of good and bad, right and wrong, up and down, or love and fear. You will have more options to work with, and you are starting now to see from a much larger perspective. The way to think of it is very simple. Consider a line, polarity, with negative over here and positive over there. As triality comes in you will have a new connection to your higher self, or basically a third point from which you can see everything more clearly. If you were really on this line you could not distinguish where this ends or another begins, because you could only feel the line. Once the perception changes and you strongly connect to your higher self, you experience a different vision. That is now taking place with all of humanity, not only spiritual people. Everyone is learning to see from a new perspective outside of the limitations of duality, and we have labeled that trialitation.

There is something else we also wish to speak of this day, and for our illustration let us call this heaven and that Earth. It is so interesting why you refer to heaven as “up.” It has to do with when you were an infant first feeling the energies of Earth, most of your experiences and nurturing came from above. Your parents came to pick you up. Someone was holding you and loving you from above, so when you look for nurturing you still think heaven is up. We think that is so much fun and we play with that sometimes. Because you live in a field of polarity you even invented hell and made its direction down, the opposite of heaven. Oh, we never even thought of that one. You are so imaginative! It is so much fun to watch how you continually change this game. Call this Home and call that Earth. Everything on this line is whole and perfect, while everything existing on that line has to be imperfect in some way. An illustration of this is your music, which is a representation of the energy that you live in all the time at Home. Believe us when we say that you have not really heard music until you re-turn Home again. You will experience music in a new way, for it will completely fill your spirit — all kinds of music, too. Yes, you can even enjoy rap music at Home, for it is simply a representation;  it has to be imperfect in order to be on planet Earth. Even your chromatic scale is not perfect. If you take those notes and divide them up perfectly equally it is not pleasing to the human ear because it is too perfect. There must be a slight flavor of imperfection, which allows expression of its beauty. Let us show you where we are going with this entire process.

The Trialitation of Love

Let us speak now of love. Each and every one of you thrives on love; humans are fed on love. It is the love from Home that is perfect. However, in order to experience love here on the planet, it must cross the veil and somehow find a little flavor of imperfection. The easiest way we can describe this is through your own words. At Home, only unconditional love exists; for the most part, conditional love is your favorite flavor of this piece. To most of you that sounded negative, as if we have judged you in some way or said what you are doing is wrong. But that is not the case, for you are on the path of working with love, plain and simple. You work with what you have, evolving as you go along and that is perfect. As you are beginning to perfect yourself in many of these areas as a spirit pretending to be human, what is now taking place is that you are also evolving love. Let us give you an example of this unconditional love of which we speak.

You take marriage vows when you make a commitment, do you not? Those vows are actually a statement of conditional love. I will love you when, I will love you if. There is nothing wrong with that; however, as you evolve you can incorporate more unconditional love pieces into that conditional love. By doing so, you will eventually start releasing many of the conditions that you have held onto for so long. You are evolving into your own true nature, to create more of what is truly at Home rather than what is on Earth. Love is your next piece. Another part of the evolution process is what is now happening with the physical body. You are transitioning into a new area, and as you are aware the physical body will begin its evolutionary process. It will take quite some time, all the way until the year 2222 to finish this piece. The moment we said that, many of you thought, “I will not be here!” But you may be if you want to, for that is one of the conditions that is starting to re-lease.

Reach Into the Future

You have belief systems about how long you will live, and it is actually those belief systems that end your life. You are living a game. You are living your story, which currently tells you that you only live to be about 100 years old. That story will be changing before you realize it, but it must change in the collective mind.  Ahead of the physical changes, we ask you to start imagining yourself having a life span of 150 years. What are you going to do with that extra time? What is your purpose, if that is your goal?  If you are going to be here that long, how can you lay it out to achieve what you came to? We would like you to start thinking that way now, for many of you believe you will retire at a certain age. Why would you do that? What is the purpose of that? Are you supposed to stop doing everything and go have fun for the rest of your life? It will kill you. We think you are finding that out already. It is perfectly fine to shift from this to that, but to stop and do nothing but play the rest of your life will take you off the planet very quickly because it means you are finished. Once everything is completed, you go. You leave. There is no right or wrong about this and it does not mean that you have done anything wrong, it simply means you finished your work. There are many parts of this that are starting to change, but the unconditional love part we will share with you today.

Re-Balancing the Two Brains

There are two brains within your body. The one in your head consumes most of the energy in your body. Until recently, it was believed to be the most important organ in your body. However, recently the scientific community discovered that the caloric intake of the brain is not nearly as much as that of the heart. The heart’s magnetic field is actually a great deal larger, because the heart actually has its own brain. On Earth, many of your challenges result from the fight between your head’s brain and your heart’s brain. Your heart says, “I want this. I want to live this life. I want to be this person.” Then your head says, “No, you cannot do that. You have to go to school. You have to do this, you have to learn that, and you have to do these things: A, B, C.” You work hard to achieve what one brain tells you to do, only to realize that despite your accomplishments you are unhappy because the other brain [the heart] was never fulfilled. This is happening throughout all humanity, for you are consciously moving into Plan B contracts to fulfill your heart’s desire. Here is an illustration of how this works. The age 50 is a key age for humans. Very simply, if you live to be 100 years old, 50 is the half-way mark from birth to age 50, you get all the crap out of the way. Now, does that mean that you are going to stop struggling, enjoy your life, and live from your heart? Dear ones, you are on planet Earth. We would love to tell you to follow your heart in every moment, but you still have to balance it with your conscious brain. You live here and there are certain responsibilities that you must accept. What we are asking you to do is to paying closer attention to whenever you experience this struggle between your two brains.

Now we are going to reverse the up and down, because planet Earth is represented here and Home is represented here. It is that simple. Now, from where would you like to take your cues? From what you have learned, or from all those beings that are still at Home sending you unconditional love and working with you in many different ways? Unconditional love is represented on your planet in many different ways. Dogs, which you often call man’s best friend, are there specifically to remind you of unconditional love. You can scold or kick a dog, be mean and nasty, yet they will come back, tail wagging and lick you on the face. Why? Because showing you love is not conditional on what you do to them; it is an expression of their love, plain and simple. Through the unconditional love they express, it shows us how to take responsibility for bringing in the pure energy from Home. Now, does that mean that you love someone enough to let them go? Sometimes it does. To love unconditionally means to start bringing this energy from Home.

This does not always work in your relationships at this point, because many of your relationship beliefs are based on your field of duality and polarity. You have built relationships on what you have called monogamy, which is simply the way that you have been comfortably expressing your love and relationships on planet Earth. Much of that will change over time. Although monogamy will probably always be the favored choice here on planet Earth, as much of your evolution took place within a state of duality. There is nothing right or wrong about that, but all of these pieces we speak of are conditional. Consider each one a special flavor of the original unconditional love.

Feed Yourself Three Times Each Day

What will it take for you to express unconditional love three times today and every day? Express it to the person who waits on you in the restaurant. Express it to the person who parked your car for you. Express it to the person you passed in the hallway. We are not speaking of your presentation face that each of you are well-versed in showing the world.  Find a way to be vulnerable and connect with their soul and give to them unconditionally, even if for only a moment. Find a way to give unconditionally three times each day and your life will change very rapidly. You will start being fulfilled in new ways, for you will see things that you have not noticed before. You will have choices to receive all of the love you can hold, for that is the biggest challenge of all about conditional love. Conditional love makes you close the doors to receiving love from many people. Many of your own belief structures and much of your own energy will changes as you evolve forward. You will also find that this is one of the areas that you will lovingly re-design, for the conditional loves of Earth have a beautiful flavor. The more you can find those unconditional pieces, the more you will bring the energy of Home into your own lives and relationships. That is love , what each and every one of you on this planet thrives on – the unconditional love from Home.

We know who you are. We have seen all the things that you are hiding and we love you beyond your understanding. You are a part of us. There is no separation. You simply have been working with this field of duality and the veil that you devised to keep you from re-membering that. Dear ones, the heart is awakening before the head is from the dream. Your decision making must now include input from both your heart and head. You must at least have input from your heart, otherwise you will spin your wheels for a very long time. We have seen it happen over and over again. You can accomplish your goals, no problem, but can you receive the love from Home? That is the question and we challenge you to practice that on a daily basis.

Dear ones, we wish we could be with you, touch you, guide you every day, and show you what we are talking about. But in reality, you are learning much better than we could possibly teach you. It is actually a lowering of vibration for us to speak to you. There are vibrational gaps between the veil, which is part of the reason that even our message coming through the Keeper must be imperfect in some way for you to hear it. Find the imperfection and embrace it. Just love it! Take that imperfection and know that it is your flavor. You believe imperfections are the same as mistakes. “Oh no, we do not do that. We do not have imperfections.” Dear ones, your beauty is contained in your imperfections.

Loving the Imperfections

It was not that long ago that humans learned how to make diamonds. You can create them in a laboratory right now.  The diamonds that you are creating here are working and well-used, mostly in industrial areas. But there was always the fear that you would take these diamonds and use them in your jewelry. There was such concern about it, that now most natural diamonds are engraved so they can tell that it is not a fake diamond. The interesting part is that these manmade diamonds will probably never make it in the public market, because they are perfect. There are no inclusions in these diamonds, so the light comes through them like glass. They do not sparkle the way natural diamonds do, because there are no imperfections. The same is true of you. Your imperfections are your beauty, yet before you have considered them to be something wrong. Own them, for that is your gift. Find a way to express your imperfections. Hold them as your true badges of light that you have earned on planet Earth.

The choice is yours. For example, let us say that you have an image problem because your nose is a little bit longer than most people’s noses. Every time you look in the mirror you say, “Oh, I could be successful if it was not for this long nose.” You hate a part of your physical body and because of that, every time you look at it you wonder what you could do about it. You can either have surgery to change your nose, or you can decide to be proud of it and walk forward.   Be true to yourself and your nose, and do not be surprised if soon others want their nose to look just like yours. This has happened already many times with your famous actors. When some actors have become famous, all of a sudden others change their bodies to look more like them. We can tell you that those actors thought something was wrong with their body but they owned it, they became it. They expressed unconditional love through their own body and suddenly we all resonated. Everybody got on the same path, everyone understood the connections. How beautiful we truly are is contained in your imperfections, and if you will take the conditions off of your love you will see it. Own it. Walk proudly, for you are glowing with the light from Home. We have not given that light to you; you have opened your hearts and brought it in yourselves. Be proud of it and know that every time you look someone in the eye, you make a difference because you imprint them with a beautiful light from Home. Do so consciously and enjoy every step of this path. You are building a new Earth one piece at a time, one heart at a time. You are stepping into a whole new environment. Your physical bodies and the Earth are adapting to better sustain empowered humans. You are making it and we are incredibly proud of you. You have reached beyond the veils, beyond your own understanding of yourself, and dared to pull aside the veil to see who you truly are. Hold it. Be proud of it and know that you are from the light of Home.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect in every moment. Nurture one another and hold the door open every chance you get and as you are building this new world, play well together.

The Group

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