High Council of Orion: That Which is Not Truth will Dissolve

High Council of Orion via Karen Doonan


Dear ones we come to guide and support as many are now FEELing the new energies, they may show up in your life experience as “losses”, as “frustrations” but in TRUTH they are breaking through the density that YOU have embraced in the human life journey. Many of the teachings of distortion appeared to be TRUTH, many appeared to be LOVE and many, many human BEings absorbed them without question. These are what is dissolving for YOU at this time dear ones and these are what are now pulling YOU out of the gloom and into the brightness that is YOU.

As the teachings are shown to YOU then YOU have a choice, YOU may try to absorb them all over again or YOU may choose to dissolve them. Absorbing them will cause chaos and frustration to arise within YOUr BEing as the energies that are the teachings of distortion are lower vibrational frequencies that no longer resonate with human consciousness. The more that YOU work on them to absorb them the greater the discordance that will appear in YOUr human life journey. This is causing much friction in many human BEings and why we have now stepped forward to highlight the frequencies that are now shifting across the planet earth.

That which is not TRUTH will dissolve, it will dissolve in due course but to speed up the dissolving and to anchor PEACE within YOUr very BEing we guide for YOU to detach from them. As it is not possible to see something that is hidden the new energies are now highlighting that which no longer resonates.

Many are looking to the social media platforms and the media platforms of the world for reassurance that what they FEEL is what is happening. As the old paradigm holds on and refuses to give up this will cause mass confusion, it will appear as if “same” rules but in reality “same” is the distortion teaching YOU seek to dissolve. Many are looking to those they share their lives with and asking them to change and we guide for ALL to detach from this way of BEing, that which is changing is YOU, it is SELF that is changing and this comes from within YOUr BEing, the outside merely a reflection of that which is happening on the inside.

Many are expecting the shimmering of the new without realising that the old will dissolve over a period of human time. We do not work within the parameters of the distortion of “linear time” and many are now in frustration over this. Time is an illusion that was created to contain and suppress the human race, why would time suddenly become the friend that it claims to be? We ask this for YOU to gain clarity of the depth of the distortions that YOU are now dissolving, the depth of the veils that have been placed around the eyes and the hearts of the human race is VAST.

As more humans move into the heart centre and allow the veils to lift and their vision to clear then more can stay centred in the LOVE that IS. The LOVE that IS is eternal, it is YOU. Those who have learned to define SELF through the 3D world may feel the most frustration, YOU are NOT what YOU see reflected in a mirror so why would YOU BE what the 3D world taught YOU that you are?

Questions are the way to seek dear ones and we guide strongly for YOU to question all that is shown to YOU for the universe now works to bring YOU back into the balance that is YOUr natural state of BEing. The more out of balance the more distortion teachings there are to dissolve. We note how many are falling to the underlying distortion of “failure” in this scenario. YOU cannot dissolve that which YOU cannot see, being able to “see” it is the battle won dear ones, it serves no one least of all SELF to fall into the lower vibrations andto chastise SELF for not seeing something that was disguised for aeons. Those who sought to contain and suppress the human race KNEW what they were doing, they KNEW the teachings to instil in a race that was young and that was under attack from the lower frequencies created by the BEings that are now no longer on planet. Why would YOU see what was hidden before now?

We ask so that YOU may see the way out of the teachings of distortion are LOVE and compassion for SELF, it serves no one to fall to the teaching of “must do better”. That which is called “hindsight” on your planet another teaching of distortion. YOU have moment to moment and YOU have NOW dear ones, there is never a time when it is not NOW, NOW is when to dissolve, anything that is not NOW takes YOU out of YOUr power and allows the frequency that YOU ARE to fall.

The falling and crumbling of the old around the planet earth is now affecting ALL, even those who are not awake are aware of “something” and this is generating different frequencies within the human race that are trying to find balance. Akin to water which will always finds its own level the human race has a human consciousness that will try to find its own level and balance. Many are struggling with the balance at this time and we guide it is there dear ones, it is the silence within.

We guide against helping those who are asleep see what YOU can see for their frequency is such they are cloaked. Akin to showing a human BEing who is colour blind a colour they are unable to see the energies are wasted. We guide for you clarity as many are now in mass confusion as they try to save ALL on a planet of ONE.

The ability for YOU to move into the new energies is based on the dream that lives within YOUr heart, ONLY YOU dream this dream for only YOU experience the human life experience the way that YOU do. Many are trying desperately to wake up a section of the planet that has chosen to stay on the wheel of karma. It is not possible to wake up this section of the human race and it is a wasted energy to try to do so. They exist in a different time frame, they are unable to experience the energies in the way that YOU do for they are not YOU. We guide that the teachings of distortion did not only stay within the general populace and mainstream culture, it spilled over into what is termed “new age” thinking. The clue dear ones is “thinking” for the human mind is only able to process what it is given to think about. The universal mind, the part of SELF that contains ALL is not contained within the human mind, the human mind is part of the human vehicle that is given on incarnation to YOU so that YOU may walk around and experience the planet earth.

KNOWledge comes from the DIVINE SELF, it comes from the eternal part of SELF that is now available to many who have shed the outer skin and the outer frequencies of the 3D world. As this is embraced and anchored then the balance is altered for the human consciousness will find balance at a higher level, does this resonate dear ones?

Many are now faced with the teachings of distortion that they choose not to view and we guide the only way to the new earth is to dissolve the lower vibrational frequencies. Everything in the universe is energy and everything is frequency, the new earth is born and it is a higher dimensional frequency that the “old” 3D world. Many state they wish to live in a new world and try to ignore the teachings that keep their vibration at the lower end of the scale. It is not possible to move into the new whilst holding tightly onto the teachings of the old. This is a TRUTH that many may struggle with. We guide strongly that YOU do not “lose” in the new earth, for it is taught on the 3D world that to define SELF through objects

and stature is the way to move through human life. We guide for ALL to detach from this, this will keep YOU in the lower frequencies for it highlights to the EGO that which it resonates with. The human ego is the “enemy” within if there exists what is defined as an “enemy”, many humans are falling into the games that are created by the lower energies and seeking for a “bad guy”, there is no “bad”, there is no “good”, there just IS.

We guide that many are now moving out of the life journeys that they agreed upon prior to incarnation, for many SOULs on planet earth karma has been negated. This frees the SOUL to expand and grow in new ways, not tied to the wheel of karma this creates the ability to live a completely new life with new experiences. This to many humans on planet earth is a TRUTH that they are not able to embrace. The karmic patterns in many human life journeys very strong and the routines and patterns reinforced by the teachings of distortion.

To become the observer to drama is the way to move out of the old containing energies. These energies KNEW that participation was vital, if you do not participate in a drama then it cannot exist for YOU are then not fuelling the drama with the frequencies it needs for its survival. ALL is energy dear ones, all is frequency, YOU are changing in frequency and planet earth is also changing in frequency.

Much that resonated previously for YOU will now no longer resonate. Akin to a new guitar being fine tuned, the human BEing is now resonating at a CLEAR, PRECISE note, the note under the old 3D energies was muffled and not clear. YOUr note is the way that the universe recognises where YOU at and in what timeline and dimension. To sing YOUr note clearly will see the universe recognise and move to support YOU. To sing YOUr note and alter it as happens when frustration sets in sees the universe unable to see YOU and unable to support YOU in ways that it could. Does this resonate dear ones?

As the planet hones her note and clears and becomes brighter then ALL humans who live within and on the planet will also clear and become brighter. Much confusion remains about those who are on the karmic wheel. Dear ones as the planet is changing in frequency then they are affected, their karmic debts will not be so dense and the ability for them to move clearly and quickly through the karmic debt will increase. You do no service to a human who is on the wheel of karma to rush in and try to “save” them, they do not need “saving” for they are on a journey as YOU are on a journey. Many will now leave the karmic wheel and come back once more into the new earth, in a new journey with a new way of expansion and growth.

We are the High Council of Orion and we come to guide for clarity and for reassurance. That which is now breaking down is the old paradigm. It no longer resonates with YOU and we guide for YOU to FEEL this, it may be a challenging time for many as that which they have built their life journey upon begins to crumble but the foundation for this life journey is not other humans. The foundation for YOUr human life journey is LOVE dear ones, to embrace the LOVE that IS and to allow it to flow around and through YOUr BEing is the way to move through the human life journey. All else is expansion and growth. Detach from “things” and “situations” and allow the freedom that is YOUr birthright to be revealed to SELF.

We stand with YOU as YOU now begin to clear YOUr vision before YOU set sail on the voyage that is SELF. We send YOU the LOVE that IS to help clear this vision and for YOU

to FEEL the LOVE that IS that flows through ALL. We are the High Council of Orion and we welcome YOU home.

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