Dr. Joshua David Stone: Poverty Consciousness in the Name of Spirituality

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I would imagine that the title of this chapter would be Spiritually intriguing to many of my readers, for I think a great many of you already know what I am talking about here.

There is a very interesting small group of lightworkers in the Spiritual Movement who I am sure you all have come across who have “Total Poverty Consciousness in the Name of God or Spirituality”!

What I mean by this is, this unconscious group of people are constantly trying to lay trips on people, telling them they should not charge for their Spiritual services. Now, we all know the real reason they are doing this is because they want your service but don’t have any money! Since they are run by the negative ego, the negative ego is angry about this so it strikes with judgment to blame others for charging money for their Spiritual service. This is, of course, total self-delusion and self-deception, for they charge money for their service, they just don’t want you to charge for yours. The most comical thing about this is, they try to use GOD to support their total poverty consciousness and judgmental and blaming energy and tone, which is also totally of the negative ego!

To now continue the faulty delusional line of thinking of these poverty consciousness individuals, they also lay trips on Spiritual people that all Spiritual services such as channeling, Spiritual readings, Spiritual healings, Spiritual products, Spiritual teaching, Spiritual books, Spiritual workshops, Spiritual events, and Spiritual counseling should be free! This is of course, again, because they don’t have any money. The negative ego, by nature being competitive and not wanting to feel like it is losing anything, starts feeling low self-esteem about not being able to take advantage of such wonderful offerings and feels it is being left behind, so to get back to its position of self-aggrandizement, self-righteousness and being better than others it attacks others and blames others for its own lack of ability to make money. Instead of just admitting to self that this is an area they need to work on, these people can’t do that for then the negative ego will judge them, so the negative ego comes up with the idea to use GOD to judge and attack others, crying “poor me” instead of taking responsibility in this area of life they need to develop!

This type of person believes all Spiritual services should be for free! Their negative ego then lays a trip on good Spiritual people who have prosperity consciousness in a properly balanced way, saying that it is they who are run by the negative ego. Quite an ingenious conniving plan of the negative ego, wouldn’t you say?

All lightworkers must realize that the mind is a brilliant thing, but it can be used by the negative ego or it can be used by the Soul or Spirit! This is called “Spiritual Materialism.” It is where the negative ego has infiltrated religion and the New Age Movement!

The truth, of course, is that it is total prosperity consciousness for Spiritual people to charge for their services no matter what kind they are! This is part of the heavenly/earthly balance and integration. It is not just Spirit who provides this information, it is also the Spiritual channel, Spiritual teacher, Spiritual psychic and Spiritual healer. This is another one of the misconceptions of this type of Spiritual poverty consciousness, if you could even call it that! Life is a co-creation with GOD and the Masters, and this is a fact no matter what kind of Spiritual work one does!

There is the issue of people’s time. Spiritual people need to be paid for their time and the focus of their concentration, even if they are bringing their Spiritual energies of one sort or another. Spiritual people also need to eat, pay their rent and pay their bills like everyone else, which these self-righteous, judgmental, attacking, poverty consciousness-driven people seem to forget!

Now it is true that one should not put money before GOD! There are many lightworkers who do this! This is wrong and should be adjusted and corrected immediately. However, this particular group of poverty consciousness-driven lightworkers have thrown the “baby out with the bath water”! They have gone to the other extreme and now say lightworkers are not allowed to charge for their services. Both extremes are wrong and both extremes are the negative ego at play! It is true lightworkers need to consider helping people at times not just for money. A great many don’t. Those who always have to get paid to serve and help others are just as corrupted by the negative ego as those in poverty consciousness crying the opposite. My Beloved Readers, I think you are beginning to see how tricky the negative ego really is, and how vigilant one must be to not be seduced by all its irrational and insane games.

So next time one of these poverty consciousness-driven lightworkers who has not developed true balanced and integrated prosperity consciousness tries to lay a trip on you, remember this chapter and article and let their “trip” slide off you like “water off a duck’s back,” for it is a projection of their own negative ego and has nothing to do with you!

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  1. True that! Extremes are a bitch, and this article was no exception.

    Forgive me, for I have to say this in a bitchy tone because I am one of the negative, egotistical, low SES individuals that the author is referring to. He-he. So I am merely voicing the perspective of an individual who cannot afford such spiritual services.

    However, I have to tell Dr. Stone that as a poor practitioner, i don’t believe other people need to provide me with provide free spiritual services. Spiritual servicers are free to make their own choices, whether it is to charge or not to charge.

    And I certainly don’t believe that my SES makes me a spiritually devoid practitioner or spiritually impoverished person, as this article appears to suggest. i just don’t believe in demonizing either side of the spiritual materialism coin. It’s a waste of spiritual energy, which is far more precious than money, and only denigrates the idea of spiritual evolution through such divisiveness.

    Though, I would like to relay to Dr. Stone that poverty can actually be a blessing and it can create a sense of spiritual wealth rather than the spiritual poverty he has alluded to.

    Poverty does not have to be a negative, egotistical, or angry thing at all. At least this has not been my experience of it. Because without money, the only other option is to be content with what I have. It’s made me have to learn Socrate’s quote by heart: “contentment is natural wealth and luxury is artificial poverty.” From material poverty, I’ve found that contentment is completely free and provides an internal wealth, beyond co-dependence and extremes.

    I understand that Dr. Stone is trying to defend those who are being attacked for charging others on account of spiritual services, which makes sense. These are degenerate times, when spiritual services cost money and everyone’s trying to survive amidst ridiculously high costs of living. So it all makes sense.

    However, he doesn’t sound very aware or sensitive toward the suffering that an exponentially growing number of people in the world are experiencing today due to this global recession. Such poverty and suffering is not something that deserves to be demonized for intellectual pursuits. If he wishes to charge for his spiritual services, he’s completely free to do so, but projecting his frustrations on to an entire group of poverty stricken people and thereby demonizing such people, felt very icky to me.

    Demonizing such people felt icky to me because it ignored the humanity, and incredible value of people in poverty. Those without money have something valuable to offer to the world. Those who are suffering from such poverty, tend to learn empathy and compassion toward others who have suffered or continue to suffer from such conditions. So with these growing economic problems in our world, perhaps more of us will become more compassionate toward one another. Hence, creating a sense of spiritual wealth in the world.

    So to make a long story short, I agree with Dr. Stone, in that we’re all going through our own spiritual process that is a process of cleansing our projections. So laying shoulds or shames on others simply does not serve anyone’s spiritual evolution, and only sets our own spiritual path back into the realm of projection/delusion.

    If we wish to look outside for spiritual help, there is a myriad of available resources that are both free or at cost. The choice is up to us, whichever method we choose. However, I feel that the internal spiritual process will always be inherently free, learning from our mistakes is free, meditation and contemplation is free, and gaining wisdom from our own life experiences is completely free, because that’s what working to be free is all about. That’s what’s freedom is all about. So I wish for everyone the opportunity to explore such freedoms if they wish to do so, whether they can afford it or not.


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