Venus Transit: A Trinity of Energy; the Divine Union of the Sun, Venus, Gaia and All Upon Her

June 5, 2012

By Estaryia Venus

Some of the 6-hour windows of the Venus Transit June 5th:

11:09am – 5:50pm Hawaii Time

2:09pm – 8:09pm PST

5:09pm – 11:09pm EST

The Venus Transit, that only occurs every 113 years, will open a balance point in the heart which will enable you to connect with your deepest source.

Cellular DNA will be activated through the mathematical relationship that is being created via the 5-pointed star geometry angle completion of the Transit. This activates the phi spiral inside of our DNA – awakening cellular consciousness!

What kind of Cellular Consciousness?

Divine Balance and Harmony, Love and Light of Venus and the Sun. The fusion of light of the Sun and Venus will be transmitted to the Earth during the 6-hour portal of the Venus Transit.

This light of the Sun – which gives life to all things on planet Earth, including human life, and considered by the Egyptians to be the key to Eternal Life, and is the golden light of Christ Consciousness will be fused with the light energy of Venus – the Divine Feminine – also known as the Queen of Heaven – Isis, Mother Mary, Aphrodite.

This Divine Union of energy of the Divine masculine light of the Sun with the  Divine feminine light of Venus – the Holy Father energy and Holy Mother energy will be united forming a trinity with the Earth.

Earth will be receiving this light, the waters, oceans, plants, animals, and human life. Receiving and absorbing the light into our pulse systems of our body is important during this time.  Stress and tension creates blockages to being able to assimilate higher frequencies into the body.

Most important now is to relax the body to open to receive the impulses of energy  that will be transmitted to Earth.

This Divine Union Portal of higher frequency light energy from the Sun and Venus, will also be a channel for the cosmic energies of Orion to flow through. The Orion Star System is where the Venus Transit is occurring!

The Orion star system is considered to be higher knowledge – original knowledge and connected with the Tree of Life.  Adam and Eve story – Tree of knowledge – original knowledge –

This is the awakening of knowledge inside of humanities cellular structure. This is 5th dimensional knowledge and above. These higher frequencies and colors of light are passing through the Venus Sun Earth Trinity portal and coming into Planet Earth.

All we have to do is be relaxed, connected in our heart, and in a state of equilibrium to receive them.  Feeling our heart connected with our brain/mind, feeling the rhythmic pulse of  the Earth pulsating through our body, mind and heart.

The Star Gate of the Heart is the portal that we can receive this higher love and original  knowledge through.  It is the equilibrium point that allows energy to absorb and integrate into to the electro-magnetic field of the human system and Earth.

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