June 2012 Energy Forecast: New Beginnings


New Beginnings

June 2012
By Emmanuel Dagher

Peace & Blessings,

Do you remember that feeling of being a senior on the last day of your high school experience, literally looking at the clock counting down the seconds to when you would be exiting the doors of your school once and for all? There was probably a sense of excitement mixed with an abundance of joy for accomplishing 12+ years of hard work. Although a brand new day was just around the corner, there was probably also a sense of nostalgia for the simple fact that a major chapter in our lives was coming to an end. We knew that everything we had known to be our reality up to that point as it showed up through our environment, friendships, and experiences was about to change forever.

Right now, we are moving through a similar energetic experience equivalent to the last days of being in school. There’s a collective sense of having one foot in a brand new chapter of our lives, and another foot still in the paradigm we’ve been living in for so long.


During times of major transition, there’s usually a reflection period that occurs, allowing us to marinate on all of the profound experiences that have brought us to where we are at on our present journey. For many, times of transition can bring out an array of emotions, from over-the-top bliss to moments of sadness, back to laughter and everything in between. It’s absolutely normal to experience all of these emotions at the same time, especially as we move out of a way of living and being what we’ve been used to for so long.

The key to moving through transitional periods with more ease and grace is to simply love our way through whatever we are going through. Yes, that includes loving ourselves through every emotion. Experiencing emotions that feel a little more out of balance or ‘all over the place’ is simply feedback that we are moving through great change and our emotional bodies are re-calibrating to the new reality we are creating.

Full Speed Ahead 

That being said, the Solar Eclipse that occurred in May has ushered in the opportunity for new beginnings to manifest in our present reality at full speed ahead. Because energy is now shifting so quickly, it’s important to continue focusing on our desired intentions. Many of us have noticed that as soon as we think about something, it shows up soon after. We can really use this powerful time to move out of the limiting thought patterns about ourselves and the world around us.

In the month of June, we also have a few other celestial happenings with the Lunar Eclipse and the transit of Venus (which usually happens in pairs several years apart, last one being in 2004 and will not occur again for over a hundred years.) Because the moon and Venus represent such strong aspects of the Divine Feminine which is all about compassion, creativity, beauty, love, abundance, feeling, and nurturing energy, there’s going to be another huge shift in the coming weeks and months ahead in the collective from a mind based society to a more heart based society.

How is this already showing up? Globally, we are seeing people step back into their Divine power, and are no longer allowing fear based agendas to affect their way of life. This is happening all over the world including in Montreal, Greece, The Middle East, the U.S., and many other countries. Ignorance simply cannot survive anymore. Even people who may not consider themselves connoisseurs in world affairs are beginning to take notice that the world is changing. We may not be hearing about it in the mainstream media, but the tides are changing and the balance of power is coming back to the people rather than the few who have been in control for a very long time.

Another turning point just around the corner that will greatly affect the collective consciousness in a positive way, is the upcoming 2012 Olympic Games which will take place in London this August. Although the Olympics originally began with the purpose of promoting competition and excellence in a certain area of sport, it has taken on a whole new vibration over the years as the Feminine energies continued to amplify. The purpose now has become one of Unity. For two weeks, countries will put aside their differences and walk together as ‘One people’. Also, billions of people around the world will be watching and also connecting with this energy of unity, which will create a huge vortex that opens up the collective heart of humanity. I will share more about this as the time comes, but if you are someone who is sensitive to energy, you may already be tapping into what’s to come in the next few months.

On a personal level, as we integrate even more with the feminine energies being ushered in this June, we may experience more of the following:

*A boost in our creativity
*More vigor and zest
*Feeling more connected
*A call to be of service
*Stepping into our power
*A fresh start
*Self care
*Body movement
*Connecting with the Earth
*Spiritual expansion

Trusting Our Intuition 

As we collectively move more into our heart centers, trusting our intuition becomes easier. By choosing to trust and listen to our intuition, everything begins to align into place. It’s when we are not listening to our intuition that we experience a bit more challenges in our lives, because there’s usually some type of resistance to trusting happening on our behalf.

At this point, it’s almost impossible not to follow our intuition. If we are someone who finds ourselves in a job, relationship, or any other situation that we are not feeling happy with, we’re probably find ourselves in a place of feeling stuck. To get un-stuck, we simple have to be willing to let our intuition lead the way. Our intuition only steers us in a direction that is in alignment with our highest and greatest good. This direction is usually the one that feels the most joyous, gentle, and fulfilling to us. So let’s be willing to continue trusting our intuition as we move ahead into the miraculous journey ahead of us.

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,



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