Why Some Starseeds, Lightworkers, and Indigos Experience Negative Attacks and Others Don’t

By Denise Le Fay


“Dear Denise,

I’m writing because I am concerned that there may be some of us, and I am one, who believes that I am protected from the Dark, and have always been protected, because otherwise my job here would not make much sense, and so other than breathing in light and breathing out love on a daily basis, I have never felt the urge to do any special ritual or activity with specific reference to keeping Team Dark away from me and those I love, especially my pets.

My life prior to awakening was full of pain, especially physical, and I always handled it without becoming a victim of blaming any other for the condition in which I found myself. Emotionally, I have been dragged through the mud a few times, but again I learned the lessons and was able to extricate myself when I needed to. I’m not saying I was anything special in my younger years, that’s for sure, but somehow I knew that I created my reality and if I succumbed to pressures outside of myself, I would pay a very big price indeed.

Can you tell me, please, and I know you will tell me honestly, am I fooling myself? 

I am comfortable with my awareness and since my awakening, I have had no experiences with Team Dark, and as I read about those who have, I wonder if my turn is yet to come. I don’t sense that, but it would help me tremendously, and hopefully others, who wonder if we’ve being naive. I do not want to infer that protection isn’t necessary, but is it possible that there are some of us who incarnated into this nano-second protected? Thank you. Love to All Here.


Barbara wrote this Comment under another article recently (which I’ve edited here slightly) and because it’s an important question I wanted to respond to it in its own article. Thank you Barbara. ♥

In all honesty I think the majority of Starseeds/Lightworkers-Lightwarriors/Indigos have not wanted to fully consciously know and admit (while in our physical bodies and lives on Earth) just how extensive the negativity, atrocities and deceptions on Earth have been and how profoundly handicapped humanity has become due to Team Dark’s multidimensional actions against them. Knowing this at higher, nonphysical levels is very different from being in physicality feeling and living under the negative distortions and interference directly.

Despite my being consciously aware from childhood that I intentionally came to 3D Earth from some place less dense, I’ve resented having to energetically protect myself from Team Dark during this life here. That may sound strange coming from an ultra-sensitive elder Starseed who volunteered to live inside the enemy’s camp to stop them but it’s true; I have resented needing to continually protect myself from Team Dark in this life because it was a daily and nightly reminder of how dark and horrible life on Earth has been and my role in correcting this situation.

Not all Starseeds/Lightworkers/Indigos are here to embody the higher frequency blueprints for humanity in the same ways or to the same degree. I know many of my fellow Starseed/Lightworker/Indigo co-workers don’t have a soul mission to experience and embody severe polarized Light/Dark extremes in physicality as I and certain others have during this Ascension lifetime. This does NOT mean anyone is more privileged or special than another, it simply means that not all Starseeds/Lightworkes/Indigos are carrying out identical mission work while here now. We’re all here to aid humanity, Earth, Home and everything and everyone in between and beyond but we each have our different talents and soul missions within the overall Ascension Process. Not everyone is or needs to be an Ascension Process electrician—Ascension Process framers, plumbers, heating and air, carpenters, painters etc. are equally needed for their important abilities as well.

For a couple decades I wondered why I had so many negative encounters and attacks from Team Dark (the nonphysical, nonhuman negative Aliens and other negative entities). During my twenties (1970s) and thirties (1980s) I oftentimes thought that I must be doing something “wrong” to cause or attract such negative nonphysical attention and attacks repeatedly. I believe many of us have incorrectly thought this about ourselves over the years or decades. Back then I considered everything I was aware of at that time and always felt like some major piece of this puzzle was missing. I’ve finally realized that some, not all but some Starseeds have the soul mission of experiencing repeated negative attacks, encounters, face-to-face conversations etc. in multiple dimensions (physical, astral, mental planes) from Team Dark. Why? To experience severe polarity extremes in 3D physicality and our physical bodies so we can embody higher frequency energetic solutions.

This is another amazing Alchemical Ascension formula where Team Dark’s negativity and attacks are energetically utilized by some Starseeds to activate polarity resolution and integration within their bodies. Doing this automatically activates the next phase which is embodiment of higher frequency Unity blueprints for evolving humanity. The Ascension Process had to be embodied in this physical dimension by Starseeds/Lightworkers/Indigos first as the way to physically, biologically and energetically anchor the higher frequency Unity blueprints or templates into this dimension and timeline for humanity for the next Evolutionary Cycle.

Realize that some Starseeds/Lightworkers-Lightwarriors/Indigos have intimate and repeated battles with Team Dark and many do not and both situations are normal. Starseeds who experience close hand-to-hand combat with Team Dark do so NOT because they did anything “wrong”; NOT because they weren’t feeling enough “love”; NOT because some were “better” than others; NOT because they’ve been in their subconscious basements and are projecting it on others, or any other such incorrect type of thinking and awareness. And the Starseeds who don’t experience repeated attacks from Team Dark haven’t done anything “wrong” either!

These negative attacks happen to some Starseeds/Lightworkers/Indigos because it’s part of the Ascension Process of Alchemically transmuting, transforming duality and what we’ve come to call “negativity” into a higher frequency. It’s Alchemically transformed back to a neutral state and then becomes “unified” and exists in a higher frequency range and state. Do not feel guilty if you have or if you have not experienced attacks and battles with Team Dark, or that you have to or don’t have to protect yourself against them. We all do what we’re here now to do; it’s just that some of us have to wear more work-related protective gear than others is all. But, no matter what, always be careful please and protect yourself if and whenever you feel you need to. Gratitude to all for your individual services in the Ascension Process.


May 31, 2012

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  1. Don’t ask for what you don’t want in life. If you have a desire to interface with the Dark then you will draw that experience to you with you mind. If you don’t then don’t tempt the dark forces to battle, because they live for the fight. There’s nothing naive about not dwelling on fear. That mastering the mind.


    • I greatly appreciate this article as I have often wondered why I was battling the dark forces and it seemed that not many others had encounters with the inter- dimensional beings. A medium who could see into people’s past lives informed me that I came from another planetary system to help liberate the souls on Earth and I was identified by the dark forces in my first incarnation. My soul was tagged using nano technology so I could be identified at conception whenever I incarnated. My lives were very short, but this time I have managed to hang around a bit longer and feel I have “graduated” from the incessant attacks. I had no idea who the dark forces were when I had my first conscious experience as an adult. My experiences as a child were so traumatic that I buried these memories until I was ready to face them. I did not ask for this at the conscious level (how could I ask for something I did not know existed?). It was my soul that made this contract to help with the ascension. So how did I graduate? For me, I had to learn self-love and transmute fear into love. The fear that feeds the dark cannot exist in the presence of the vibration of love.
      With great appreciation,

      • Kathy,

        Thank you dearly for sharing your story. It rang with profund truth. I would be interested in contacting this psychic for some personal work. Do you have their contact info?

        You can reply to this comment thread or send an e-mail to healersjournal@gmail.com

        Thank you.

        Be Well,


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