High Council of Orion: A Guide for all in Transition at this Moment

High Council of Orion via Karen Doonan


Greetings dear ones we come to guide and support as many changes are now placed within the reality that you know as the planet earth. For those who are now moving into transition we come to guide you in detail so that you may release the bonds that have kept you in the lower vibrations and prepare to take your places in the new earth. For those who are now in chaos we guide for you to read our words and process them through your hearts. We are the High Council of Orion and we walk with you always.

That which has been guided for such a long time for planet earth may appear just a dream for many but for many others on planet earth the realisation that this time is now upon the earth is dawning. The releasing of the lower energies and the teachings that accompanied them has started in earnest across and within the planet earth. The chaos that is now descending in the 3D world in which you walk is heightening. It may descend into total chaos with nothing much making “logical” sense very soon indeed. Logic is what we wish you to dissolve for the heart does not need logic in which to expand, LOVE is beyond logic and we wish for you to process this TRUTH and anchor this deeply within your very BEing.

The process of transition may be one that many undertake with a feeling of “here we go again”, the difference dearest ones is that this time the transition is not just a “clearing out” it is a transformation. It is total transformation of that which has bound you to the 3D world and the rules of said 3D world. YOU are now able to transcend these teachings to see them clearly for the distortion that they are in TRUTH and to move through them. Clarity of vision comes with TRUST and FAITH in SELF.

Many are now being contacted by various races and realms and given clear guidance on the roles that they are here to play on the new earth. There is much talk of the 144,000 and we guide the 144,000 are now awake and preparing for the roles that they are here to play. We state roles for the 144,000 are in human form but contain the genetics and codes that allow them to move into the new earth in order to prepare the ground for the dreaming that will take place to move the human race into a new level of consciousness. This has been guided within your human history for aeons, the distortions were put in place for YOU to believe that it would be some other race or some other way of the 144,000 to be put in place.

We guide they never left the earth, they have walked amongst the human race waiting for this moment for eternity. Those who now heed the calling are moving into place and those systems that will help them in their setting up of new ways of BEing and of living are also being put in place.

We guide for all to have LOVE and compassion firmly in their hearts when they interact with those who are of a 3D perspective. These are the souls who made the decision to continue with the karmic contracts offered by the universe to expand and grow. Many others have made the decision to end the karmic contracts by moving back into the energy that they are and incarnating afresh onto planet earth. We guide that any natural “disasters” be seen in this context. ALL SOULS are aware of the incarnation path before the incarnation takes place. The distortion that is death on planet earth will now begin to be transformed to the TRUTH that it is, it is a transition from physical to energy and that energy then continues. This will be shown for the TRUTH that it is on planet earth.

We wish to guide on the disclosure of the races and realms that exist around you. Mass disclosure to a population that is in chaos and facing the dissolving of a world and a way of BEing in which they were taught how to live would serve no one. There are various systems in place for disclosure to take place in stages. This is available and will be disseminated across the planet and offered to various sections of the human race in due course. Please dear ones

do not allow the seeds of fear to begin to grow once more within your BEing. The decisions of the SOUL are uppermost, it is YOUr SOUL that has made the decision when YOU will meet with your brothers and sisters of the universe, this is done as part of your life experience, this is something that YOU are in full control of, it is not necessarily conscious and we guide for you to process this through your heart.

The information about the various realms and races will now be shown in TRUTH, there are various incarnations in human form on planet earth who are now preparing this information and how it will be presented. This is happening across the planet and this is being carefully disseminated to be as smooth a transition as possible. Once more we guide the dissolving of what was has to happen to reveal TRUTH. That which is not TRUTH will dissolve and that which is will stay.

This is something to be digested at a very deep level. We are aware of the need for the human race to process, this is something that has long been denied to YOU and we guide for you to realise this and to dissolve this. Processing is the ability to digest that which is known and to harmonise it within the human BEing that YOU are in this incarnation. It takes time and usually for most human BEings involves sleep and rest. This is a part of human life that has long been denied to YOU. The race that sought to contain and suppress taught that rest and sleep was something that is not needed and frowned upon. We guide that over the coming days and weeks the need for more sleep will beome apparent to all who are going through the harmonisation process.

We guide for YOU to honour YOUr human vehicle, the energies that sweep planet earth are high and are cleansing, the anchoring of these energies involves a lot of energetic work that may leave the physical body feeling weak and in need of rest. It serves NO ONE to move through this process by will alone. If YOU move through this with a determination that sees you ignore the needs of the physical then YOU walk in distortion. Rest and relaxation is needed. The ability for the physical to burn out and of chaos to come flooding into the human life experience is high when balance is not maintained.

We do not guide that all should down tools as it were and sleep, honour the body and move into the KNOWING that resides within YOU. The captain of the ship that YOU ARE is YOU. Only YOU know the needs of YOUr physical body, let no one else tell YOU otherwise.

Information will now begin to filter through from various sources, this will confirm for many beyond doubt that these changes are real and they are permanent. The new was not promised as some carrot to illicit change in the human race, the new is here because it has been reached and dreamed. ALL is vibration dear ones and we guide for YOU to anchor this deeply.

TRUTH is revealed when vibrationary levels are reached, there is nothing else needed dear ones, this may seem simple but the universe is simple, the complexity of human life taught as such to lower YOUr vibration and cause confusion and anxiety.

We will guide more in due course dear ones. For the moment we guide YOU will entering the transition stage. The ability to dream is enhanced, for many on planet earth the dreaming state will be a place where greetings are exchanged and reunions happen once more. The dreaming state is the first place this will happen for the conscious part of SELF that was taught is dormant, this allows greater acceptance. The dreaming will continue, new ways of BEing will be dreamed into creation for as the transformation stage is processed connection to ALL that IS is heightened. YOU will begin to disconnect from the teachings that were taught to you and begin to live from the KNOWING that resides deep within YOU. This will be a transition that

may be confusing if YOU try to reintegrate the teachings that YOU have begun to dissolve. TRUST is essential, if YOU do not TRUST SELF then who do YOU TRUST dear ones? There is a KNOWING that is now calling YOU from across the dimensions and timelines, do you heed the call?

We are the High Council of Orion and we walk amongst YOU dear ones, we have never left YOU. The ability to connect at will with our energies will now heighten. YOU may go for a walk in the woods and be amazed that YOU can hear the trees whisper to YOU or a bird may sit on a branch and converse with YOU. It is not madness dear ones, it is the natural state of BEing for a human on planet earth. To be at ONE with nature takes on a whole new TRUTH when this is processed. For YOU are nature, why would YOU not be able to converse with nature around YOU?

We send the LOVE that IS to wrap around YOU, to flow through and to cleanse and strengthen YOU for YOU now begin the process of going home. We welcome YOU with open arms dear ones for TRUTH on planet earth grows and expands daily as do YOU. Welcome home dear ones, for ALL are in TRUTH, ONE.

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