Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 145

By Aisha North

Since the dawn of mankind, the quest for something bigger and better has been on everyone’s mind, and rightly so, as you have all been imbued with a longing for striving forwards. Let us explain. As we have already touched upon on so many occasions, this planet has been designated as a starting point, a place where a soul can go back to the very beginning of evolution and start that long road towards perfection, or rather an all-encompassing presence, as ”perfection” is a very biased word for you humans. You see, you tend to look upon perfection as something that is utterly flawless, and therefore an unattainable state for most, while we look upon perfection as a description of anyone getting to know the very core of themselves. Therefore, in your world, perfection has been used as a sort of hindrance, a too high a fence that no one has felt capable of scaling, and therefore it has left so many of you feeling worthless or not good enough. Well, let us just say that there is no fence, as you are indeed already perfect just as you really are, but for so many, that road to self discovery has been and is still fraught with too many self-imposed hurdles, and therefore this training ground has indeed been more challenging than it was originally intended.

You see, everyone comes to this place to learn to live a life filled with challenges in order to make themselves even more impressed by what they really have inside. But due to the circumstances put upon your world from the intervention of entities with a far more selfish approach, you have been literally inundated with restrictions set up just to hinder that road to self discovery. Hence, the feeling of shortcoming and in many ways total powerlessness that has allowed mankind to be held capture by these bandits, more set on self gain than allowing the true evolvement of human capital if we may use such a word.

You see, you all came to this place in order to rediscover yourselves, by living so-called ordinary human lives time after time and going through a plethora of human experiences at every end of the scale. This place is a place for experiencing so many things that are non-existent elsewhere in the multiverse, and therefore you have all been ground like a grain of sand trapped inside a shell. All set up to make you the shining pearls of perfection on the outside that you truly are on the inside, but as you well know, this learning curve was abruptly halted by those who took an interest in this planet and used it as a refuge for their own dirty little game. Well, their game is up, and the time for returning to the old way of developing has come. Not as in going back, but as in going forwards, and in allowing the true you to rise to the surface. And this time, the process has been sped up, as it is indeed time to allow the first humans ever to cross over that threshold of finally revealing the answer to the question that has been lingering there since the first dawn of humans. ”Who am I really? What is the true potential in me, and how can I use it to the best advantage for all?”

You see, once that fear has lost its vice like grip on you, these truths will indeed become self-evident to you all, and then you can finally say ”I have mastered the art of self discovery, and I have completed the journey towards myself.” And what you will find, is magic indeed, as it will open up the floodgates and let in all that has been hidden away from you from the first moment you entered into the state of inhabiting a human body. You will no longer look upon yourselves and see shortcomings, you will look upon yourselves and see perfection, and you will see perfection in every flaw that you carry, both on the inside and on the outside, because you will realize that ”flaws” are only marks of perfection, as it is nothing negative at all, only a way to make an individual out of each and every one of you. You are not exact replicas of one and another, you are all perfect images of YOU, and there is no one in the whole of creation that is like you at all. So rejoice dear ones, as you are finally getting close to that final dawn when you will realize that you have nothing more to learn and nothing more to achieve, as you are indeed perfect in your own image.

That does not mean that there will be no more work, however, as you will be called upon to use your newfound skills in so many ways, but rest assured that you will do so with joy in your heart. Because then you will not be holding yourselves back by thinking that you are falling short of the mark in any way, and then you can free all of the energy you have been holding back by doubting yourselves, and this energy alone is enough to fuel a whole revolution in your world. You cannot see it clearly yet, but this misspent energy is such a strong force, and it has been used to literally cripple the whole of humanity. You have been told in no uncertain terms that you must never cease to feel imperfect in every field of life, and if you take some time to consider this, you might get a notion of how much energy will be liberated once you cast aside any such notions of low self-esteem. So be prepared to be amazed once you start to tap into this forcefield of self pride and self-esteem, it is literally without end as you have all you need and more to feel literally on top of the world.

Remember, you are made from the same stuff as stars, so you are stars, shining ever so much more brightly than those ”stars” you see paraded in front of you in your media, surrounded by glitter and fanfare. Soon the fanfares will call out from every little corner of your world, as so many of you finally realizes his or her true potential. It will be a day to remember dear ones, as the walls of imagined ineptitude come crashing down, never to be re-erected again. Then, no outside force can ever again dim your light, and you will see just how blindingly bright you all shine. It is enough to brighten up not only your world, but All of creation, as once you let go of this yoke that has been holding you down, you will lift us all up to the higher spheres.

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