Sentinels: The New Earth Has Been Born

Sentinels via Karen Doonan

We come to guide and support those who are now feeling the shifting and the moving of the new energies within their very BEing. The new earth is now born dear ones and those who wish to populate the new earth are asked to anchor the new energies deep within their BEing. The cleansing process that has started will continue and it is to this cleansing process we now guide and support.

For too long on planet earth there has been the teachings of distortion that have led many to believe that the work to be done is done. That is not TRUTH dear ones and the work for many of you is now only being shown to YOU. That which no longer serves, that which is NOT YOU is BEing shown to YOU. The intensity of this may shock some of YOU, many of YOU are unaware of how out of balance that YOU are in the deepest part of YOUr BEing and to this we guide YOU to have compassion for SELF.

The shadow part of SELF is strong in most of the population and we guide this is a cleansing that will prepare YOU for the next part of the unfolding of the new energies. Those who have resisted the guidance to cleanse and to release are now BEing shown how vital it is for their very BEing that this is honoured. The choice is only a choice when it is shown in TRUTH, the teachings of distortion appeared to offer choices but as many are now revealing to SELF those choices were not real. They were based on the assumption that the energetic framework that the human race lives within on planet earth would stay similar to what is has been for aeons. This has radically altered and the teachings are now being revealed as the distortions they are in TRUTH.

TRUTH just IS dear ones, nothing is hidden from YOU on this your planet called earth, all is hidden in plain view. The new energetic frequency that mother earth has anchored is now affecting ALL of her children as they too are energy. It is the balancing, the harmonisation if you will of this energetic frequency that will see both mother earth and her children move into a heightened state of consciousness.

We are here to guide on the effects of the energetic upgrade to the planet that you reside upon and to your energy systems for you are part of the planet that you reside upon and the planet is part of you. Both energy systems are sympathetic, that is that when mother earth reacts then you will react. The ability to FEEL the planet has increased dramatically, there are many who are in chaos with this new ability but it needs to be anchored and balanced. Earthing your energy system into the planet is but one way of working through this process.

The teachings of distortion have moved many away from the need to ground their energy system into the planet they reside upon. It is not possible to live in harmony with mother earth if you are unable to hear mother earth. This is a vital part of the process, for your mother calls to you, she wishes to show you how to move into the new and how to create in the new, how many of you are listening or even hear her?

There is much talk of the end of this human year but little around what has appeared in your timeline and dimension in the way of the eclipse. Planet earth now has two suns, only those with eyes to see and ears to hear are able to see the second sun although ALL are able to FEEL it energy wise. The increase in the solar rays across the planet will see many in chaos as they neglect to anchor the energies.

The old world is just that dear ones, the old earth. Nothing on planet earth is vibrationally the same as prior to the eclipse. Energy wise this is causing various symptoms to occur within the human energy system. The influx of more solar energy is making many humans

on planet earth feel tired and worn out. This is due to the excess solar energy not being anchored within the individual energy systems of those who live on planet earth. FEELings of intense anger, of intense anxiety are also symptoms related to the excess solar energy that is pouring across and within planet earth.

The increase in headaches is due to the new availability of knowledge, that which is remembered needs to be accessed and brought through into the consciousness that is YOU. Many are not taking time to do this and the result is an energetic imbalance in the crown. To release this simply take time to meditate and to bring through the knowledge that awaits YOU. This knowledge is individual to each person who is alive on planet earth. It is the higher part of SELF and the harmonisation of this is the challenge that is chosen here on planet earth.

The ability to know what another human BEing is thinking is increasing, many are now in awe of this and many are in fear of this. For as this ability heightens and increases within the human population the ability to lie and to hide is lost. This leads to a new way of BEing as that which is hidden is in plain view. This will be a challenge for those who have not done the clearing and the releasing of old energies. Appearing to those who have as an open book will surprise many over the coming weeks and months.

The reaction to the foods that are eaten and the fluid that is drunk on planet earth will increase. The ability to digest that which is not vibrationally aligned with SELF will become more and more difficult. The consumption of alcohol and various other chemicals that have been promoted to suppress the human energy system will be difficult as the vibration will not resonate with the new coding that has poured out across the planet.

We guide ALL to be careful and mindful of what is ingested over the coming days. There is much that was promoted as “healthy” or “good for you” that is simply a teaching of distortion, the only way to recognise this is to respond to the symptoms that will show within your body when you attempt to consume these products. There is not list of products as such as each person on planet earth is vibrationally individual but the more processed and treated with chemicals the product the more reaction will be had in the human body.

We wish to guide on the use of energy during this transitionary stage, this is the first stage of harmonisation with the rest of the galaxy. This is but one tiny movement forward in the revealing of ALL that IS across the planet earth. We guide for ALL to have LOVE and compassion for SELF as this process is entered. It is not an overnight process, nor is it a one time event, the human race has been guided that the new earth would be born, the ascension process that started a number of decades ago in the human timeline on planet earth is now in full bloom. This process will be ongoing and is in complete control by SELF. That which you anchor as a belief will be shown to you in technicolour.

The choices of the population of planet earth have been heard by the universe and the universe is responding. The increase in consciousness in general across the planet earth will begin to reveal TRUTH in deepening amounts. That which has held the human race in chains energetically is BEing released. This is the energies that are swirling around and within YOU and we guide for all to anchor this. The more that is released the more TRUTH can be anchored for that which has been taught on planet earth is not TRUTH.

For those who have asked for TRUTH to be revealed we guide for you to look with new eyes. Planet earth has changed vibrationally and this will shown to ALL in due course. The ability to see is governed by the clarity of vision held within the individual human. Where

there are discrepancies there will be lower energies for the two cannot exist at the same time. Know that the more drama takes hold the more there is to release for drama is a by product of a teaching of distortion. Drama is what held the energies of the human race as low as it had been for so long. Know that drama does nothing to serve SELF, it is merely a re-anchoring of the distortions that are taught as TRUTH.

We are the energies that are known are the SENTINELS, we guide all who wish to enter the new earth. Ours is the gateway to the new, no BEing may pass into the new unless the cleansing and the releasing has been undertaken. This is a universal rule of law that has safeguarded all new planets. Planet earth is but one new planet that has been born.

We are here to guide and to serve to help all who wish to enter the new. We ask for YOUr FAITH and TRUST in SELF to show YOU the process that needs to be undertaken in order for you to remember who YOU ARE.

The new energies will begin to increase very shortly for they are burning off the residue of the old. This increase will continue for some years as the planet attempts to come into balance with the rest of the universe. We will guide as often as requested and we guide for ALL to balance and centre SELF at all times.

This is the birth of the new human reality and we send YOU the LOVE that IS for ALL are ONE.

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  1. I have read this about six times no make 8 times. I am still trying to decipher the message. I think I almost have it. Here the deal is Mother earth a new being? Are we in the 4th D or the 5th D living in a hologram on 3rd D? Is the higher self my 5th D integrating with my soul. Could your message become a little my clearer instead of me trying to guest? I know some of us aren’t ready but guidance is need here.

  2. sorry about my spelling but I am totally confounded. guess instead of guest.

  3. Not to be funny. Your message are like riddles. I do not like riddles but I am trying to understand. Please be a little more descriptive. When you asked the question do you understand and my answer would be no. Sorry but I want people to get your message. You have very important information that we all need to hear. Please post this on galactic free press, 2012: What’s the Real Truth? and Kauilapeles Blog and don’t forget 2012Scenario. These blogs I’m totally hooked on. Don’t forget Aquarius Channeling this was my first blog I started to read its great.

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