Arcturians: The Suffering of Humankind Must End

Arcturians via Ute

Dear Ones,
We are the Arcturians!

As you know we are called the healers and  guardians of humanity.  We serve you with great love and know much about the emotional pains most of you have experienced and still are experiencing during this incarnation, and even many other of your incarnations on earth.

Many of you are carrying deep wounds which seem never to heal. We want to remind you that all these  wounds are nothing but energy blocks you hold on to, and about which you are often unconscious. You are holding these blockages in your chacras and in the layers of your subtle bodies, and each time a certain issue seems to be tapped on in your life, and even if only remotely similar to the original cause,  you repeat the same drama of pain and suffering again, deeply identified with it, and thereby re-affirming and more enforcing this energy blockage. Know that there is nobody who is doing this ‘to’ you. It is all your own doing. And you are free to live without it!

But when you look outside for the reason of your suffering, you step into the experience of duality by dramatizing your victim-culprit consciousness over and over again.
Dear ones, as long as you do this, you will never recover!

However, be assured, help is underway! All these negative emotional energy packages will be soon released from the ethereal field of Mother Earth. But you yourself must take responsibility for your new freedom too.

As the new and liberating  frequencies are now sweeping the Earth you are all given the opportunity to rise up with them above your lower emotional body into the spiritual light of your deeper being.
As such you are able now to observe your emotions and pains as denser and darker energy fields in your physical and emotional body. You can do this without identifying with them, without blaming neither yourself nor others, or anything else, but just by accepting what you have accumulated perhaps over many lifetimes.

As you have become the observer only, you can call upon us to help you with our beaming healing light to open these dense energy fields and slowly to fill them with spiritual light. Darkness cannot exist where light is, and all depends on your faith in the light whose Source is Love.  Join us in this healing process by shining your own love in these dark fields.

Dear ones, your suffering is over, there is no place for it to persist, only if you choose to hold on to it, because you believe in the truth of it and in its necessity.

Beloveds, suffering is where Divine Light is absent. But as your earth is now more and more soaked in Light, you can let go of your personal dramas and join forces with your bright and radiant future. There is no reason and no “right” you have, why you should continue to hold on to the past. It is not about “you” and “others”, and what you and they did, it is about unity, it is about joining together in the core essence of your heart where there is boundless freedom, where Divinity Shines. Let this Divinity Shine in your heart.

The process of ascension requires that you  let go of everything which is not what you truly are: a Being of Light, a Being who Is Love. The dark dream is over, dear ones, there is nowhere to go but into the Light.

If you listen with an open heart you know that Love is the answer to all your suffering. And we do not speak about a love which you “give” to some “other” being, we speak of the Love as a Power which is greater than “you” or “an other”, which is a force which is here now on your planet to be accepted into your life. It is the greatest power of transformation, it is the greatest power of healing, it is the greatest power that dissolves all pain, all suffering, all blockages and all illusions of the past.

You are that Love.Of that we want to remind you!
And why would you allow yourself to be less than that.
We embrace you and bless you!
We are the Arcturians

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