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Arcturians: The Suffering of Humankind Must End

Arcturians via Ute http://radiantlyhappy.blogspot.com/2011/10/message-from-arcturians-6-love-heals.html Dear Ones, We are the Arcturians! As you know we are called the healers and  guardians of humanity.  We serve you with great love and know much about the…

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Cosmic Awareness: 11-11-11 Will Be a Powerful Day

 Special 11.11.11 message from Cosmic Awareness Questioner: Is there a special spiritual message related to 11.11.11 for her? Cosmic Awareness: That this message is not simply for Vikki T but for all.  11.11.11 is a…

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Cosmic Awareness: Clear Out the Darkness in Preparation for Ascension

Cosmic Awarenesshttp://www.cosmicawareness.org/html/text_of_oct_8__2011_message.htmlQuestioner: Does Awareness have an opening message please? Cosmic  Awareness: This Awareness does indeed have an opening message at this crucial time in the history of this world and in the history…

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