Archangel Gabriel: You Move Forward in the Most Remarkable Ways

Archangel Gabriel via Shelley Young

Greetings Dear Ones! How pleased and honored we are to be in your presence today. Such exciting times you are experiencing on your planet right now. We love seeing you gather together. We love that you are seeking. We love that your awareness is expanding and growing and we love that you are stepping into your purpose and embodying your highest selves more and more. It is such a sight to behold! We could not love you any more than we do in this now moment.

There are many masters gathered today for this transmission. The room is full of them, you see. And of course, for those who are experiencing the transmission at a later time, you are part of this energy as well because time and space is an illusion.
Allow yourselves to feel the energy, the combined energies, of support that is available to you now. Bask in it. You are worthy.

It is a remarkable time on your planet. You have reached the point that has never before been seen. Gaia is smiling. We are delighting in all that we see. You have done it, Dear Ones! You have been instrumental in getting to this now moment. Oh, if you could only see yourselves as we see you! You would never again have a moment of doubt. You would never again see yourself as separate or not worthy. This could not have happened without you. You are embodying the light, you are embodying your purpose and you are supporting the energies.

Many of you have gone through stages in your life that have appeared to be turbulent, that have contained many changes, greatly accelerated change, in many instances. So many of you have kept your faith, kept your focus and used your tools. Despite your perceived challenges, you have used your free will to create the New Earth and to stand tall in your purpose, and on top of all of that to serve both Gaia and humanity. What remarkable beings you are!

Many of you have gone thru quiet periods where it feels like you are stuck in a waiting room, waiting for your number to be called so you can step forward. This can be a frustrating place to be because, from your limited viewpoint, it can appear that not much is going on. Dear Ones, if you are in that stage, please know that you are embodying your highest service because those who are not actively in movement are working hard in transmuting and anchoring the energy. How could there be a more sacred role than that, we ask? Yet many of you bemoan the fact and cry out, “When are things going to change? When are things going to get better?” because through the illusion you feel like not much is going on. Let us assure you, it is quite the contrary! If you could only see the levels of activity that we do, you would laugh at yourselves for buying into the illusion.

You are all, regardless of what stage you are in, moving forward in the most remarkable ways. You are embodying the energies of compassion and love and you are truly stepping into your roles of co-creators of the New Earth. We are entering the Golden Age, Dear Ones, the Christed Age. Take a moment and allow that to sink in. What you have accomplished!

Many of you speak of your ascension symptoms. (We like to call them growing pains.) Much like intrepid explorers who climb large mountains, you move forward, you stop, you assimilate the energies. You may even step backwards from your highest point just for a moment to assimilate the energies and once your body is able to hold that level of energy, you move forward and you continue this dance. Up and assimilate, climb and assimilate. This is exactly what the mountain climbers do. As they move into higher and higher levels, to minimize their altitude sickness, they step back, they assimilate, they pause for however long they need before they carry on. You have done this. You have been in the process, many of you, for many, many years, and you are finally arriving at the peak. You’ve reached and created the base camp at the top of the mountain, and from this new vantage point many of you are starting to recognize that things are very different, indeed.

Many of you feel your passed loved ones and guides around you like never before. Many of you are becoming much more secure in your knowingness, and don’t need to look for other’s opinions anymore. Many of you are more aware of your words and what you are putting out and how quickly the energies are bringing back to you what you are emitting. In short, you are stepping into your mastery and becoming very secure and comfortable with what that feels like. Many of you may find if you have a knee jerk reaction to something like you used to, that it is only momentary because that is just not who you are anymore and it ebbs away quickly. More and more often, those reactions don’t happen at all.

Furthermore, you have released, oh Dear Ones, how you have released! How you have peeled away and dropped your old stories. You have become, incredibly, increasingly clear vessels for the Christed light. Many of you are truly embodying the energies of acceptance and allowing now, understanding that each and every person is exactly where they need to be, and as you do that, you are embodying the energy of being a guide on earth. Are you understanding our excitement now? Do you get how truly remarkable this is? Celebrate, Dear Ones! Honor yourselves! Look at what you have achieved! We couldn’t be any prouder or more filled with love for you than we are at this moment.

You are creating Heaven on Earth. Many of you will have healings. Many of you will start creating for yourselves lives that are far easier than anything you have experienced thus far. You are co-creating, not just the New Earth but your own expression within it. You are working in partnership with your guides in creating yourselves anew all the time. You are understanding that when you are in the flow, you are well provided for. Lack will become a thing of your past. Your friendships and relationships will bloom and become ever more accepting and supportive.

And yes, the twinflame couples will be coming together in record numbers now because they further anchor the energies of completion and wholeness and balance. They anchor a very solid energy that will be pivotal in the creation of the New Earth.

Allow yourselves to believe that you are in this place now, Dear Ones. You have earned it. You have created it. Accept your just rewards and allow your hearts to sing as you experience these amazing times. Again, we honor you for making the commitment to come anchor the energies of the group and for your tireless service in these most amazing times. This is all we have for you today.

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