DL Zeta: Expanding Into the Greatness of Your Being

27 October 2011
Channeler: DL Zeta

Whenever you find yourself struggling, overwhelmed, and suffering, this is the time to become still within and expand your vision for what is possible. When you expand your field of potentials, you open to a greater infusion of love and life-force energy.

Whenever you allow the world to fall away by becoming calm and still, you are able to expand into the greatness of your being. From this still place within yourself, you are able to see love flowing into your physical system, through your heart chakra, spilling over and radiating outward to all others.

You are Holographic to All-that-is

No one ever has to settle for a life of struggle and suffering. No matter where you are or what you are experiencing, you’re able to go within and experience the wealth and radiance of your spirit.

Sometimes in the world it is easy to lapse into sleepfulness and forget who you are. Sometimes you lose sight of the vastness of your being. When you set your intention to remain awake, soon you will find something happening to jolt you awake and remind you that you are a vast, unlimited being. You are holographic to all that exists within the universe and as such, you contain the codes and keys to the love and abundance the universe has to offer.

Strenthening your Spiritual Immune System

It is difficult to access this coding for all things universal when you are captured by the chatter of the world around you. When we allow ourselves to become enslaved by viral thoughtforms such as scarcity, struggle and suffering, we become vulnerable and weak.

Suffering, scarcity and struggle are viruses that free float in the world around us looking for hosts to attach themselves to. Whenever we engage in self-pity, this broadcasts the message that we are weak and vulnerable. This is when our energy field becomes prey for viral thoughtforms in much the same way that our body’s immune stystem becomes susceptible to illness and disease when we engage in self-destructive behaviors. As above, so below.

It is easy to allow oneself to become susceptible to viral thoughtforms. It is even easier to bolster our spiritual immune system by basking in the radiance of our spiritual connection.

Stilling and Calming Thoughts and Emotions

It may seem at times that your connection to spirit is elusive, making it difficult to access the limitless nature of your being. This disconnect happens when your thoughts and emotions shut down your access to the radiant flow of your spirit. When this happens, become still, release all thoughts, and breathe deeply to calm your emotions. Soon you will find your heart expanding into the great love and abundance of your soul.

Expansion through Proper Perspective helps us Navigate Challenges

Whenever seemingly insurmountable challenges appear before us, we may feel overwhelmed. If we allow challenges to play on the big screen of our mind, we feel helpless and unable to cope with what is before us.

The best way to navigate challenges is to expand into the greatness of our being. As we expand into the greatness of our soul, the challenges before us look small. Through expansion and proper perspective once-overwhelming challenges shrink in significance. Solutions appear as we relax and allow them to download into our consciousness. In this way, we become larger than our problems.

Remember you are Love

Whenever you feel there is no love, whenever you feel your life is empty, become still and see yourself as love. Because you are holographic to all-that-is, you are able to find within yourself whatever you feel you are missing in your physical world. Through intention, stillness and allowing, you are able to call forth the codes for anything in the universe. When you remember to expand into the greatness of your being, you will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share with all others.

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