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We are the Beings from the Realm of Tse-Bo-Rah, seeding earth and humanity with the light of ascension.

Dearest Ones,

Blessings, Blessings! If you could see and feel our joy! But even if you do not feel it or see it, it IS important for you to know that it exists, that there is unspeakable joy in the heavens, that earth has been recovered from the densities of the forces who do not yet yearn for the bliss and love of the Divine.

What we mean by “earth has recovered” is, that all signs for  this recovery are set for your course of liberation and freedom in the subtle realms, in the realms of light and that there is no return to the old and dense way of life which has been lived for thousands of years by humanity, with a very few exceptions. These exceptions all came from spiritually advanced civilizations and heavenly domains, to help your world to not loose the connection to the light, to always keep a flame burning, to always keep the torch of the vision of the Light and the Presence of Divinity and the Ultimate Source of existence alive. They were the ones you called Masters, Saints and Adepts, and some of them were the ones who founded the great religions of humanity.

But now, dear ones, the time has come, where all of you will be keeping this torch high and becoming a flame, a light of the Divine yourself, as the shadows of the old world are lifting. All manifest worlds are supported by Divine rays and the great universal cycles in the creation of God.
And now your page is turning and it has been turned around already in the subtle worlds, where your new world already exists. To manifest In greater densities it takes some, what you call “time”, but know that your new world will be lifted from her current density to a more radiant one. It is called the 4th or 5th dimension, but all what it is, is that your world’s frequency and yours will change dramatically to a state where “matter”, as you understand it now will not exist anymore and where Gaia’s body, your body and all things you know on your earth, will be of a different and more transparent consistency, transparent to the Light of God Who Is the All-That-Is. It will be therefore a Divine Creation and all your dark and fearsome dreams will vanish.

You see, because we, the Light Beings from the Realm of Tse-Bo-Rah, are dancing as God’s sacred flames, pouring now Divine Light into your world, are so joyful, you can be most joyful too. Divine Light from the Highest Source is not just an ‘etheric’ something, a thing of the mind, an idea, something somehow pale, as you might imagine it.

No, Divine Light is the most Real Substance you ever could experience. It is more real than a tree you touch with your hands, because it is not “created”, it is the very substance of existence itself.
When you experience it, pouring as current into your body, it might feel first like thick and strong electricity, without color, pressing down and filling your body. It might awaken your heart and your spiritual center at the base of your body and it might, when your body has accepted it, feel like wonderful, beautifully cooling liquid light. And you might begin to “see” it as Radiance in the room everywhere, as the only real substance that exists.

Dearest Ones, to be receptive to this Light is all there is. It carries you to the new consciousness that is the destiny of humanity. Do not be concerned. You only need to be ready to receive this Light, by releasing the density of negative thinking and emotion and by inviting this Divine Light into your being with the love of your heart. You have to give room and step aside, dear humans, in order to do so.  And there is much help given to you by visible and invisible servants of the  Divine.  It is all the Grace of God Who does the work, but you must be ready to allow it. “You” must get out of the way.

Each day there are more of your brothers and sisters who awaken to this simplicity of how the Divine transforms your world. More and more, we can see and feel, have themselves dedicated to participate in this most beautiful process of “enlightening”. It is your birth right, and this is the real reason why you are here.

There are no other reasons, although your society has told and your teachers have taught you otherwise.  This is part of the brainwashing programs, even good-hearted human beings believed in.

Fulfilling your daily tasks and responsibilities, is an opportunity to allow this Divine Light more and more in every circumstance into your life. And so you become a Grace for the world, a precious gift, the most Sacred Gift you ever could be in your world amidst your human family.

We are already with you on this earth. We are not “far” away, as you might think, no, we are here, and the Divine Work is done from moment to moment, unfolding further in a most joyful way. This great joy is already amongst you. It is you who must discover this truth and let go of your old view, to pull down the heavy veil from your sight and allow to see what there is already emerging, perhaps still  hidden by the old nightmares of your past.

Your nightmares are but a deep illusion, they are not true, they are deceiving you. True is only What the Light of God Is, because it is the Source of all appearances and is eternal.
You can participate in this eternity too, if you accept your heritage as a being of Divinity. What you have been thinking all the while until this present moment, of what you are: a flesh body only, mortal, with some little pleasures and greater pains, with some flickering and ideas of love, but soon all dry In the hopelessness of a gray world; to you we say: Stop it Now! The dark dream is over. This dark dream is just draining down now like whirling water in your sink. Don’t watch it. Watch the Light of God and His most wonderful new Creations.

We are here, with every one of you, and at least in your dreams you notice us, until you fully awaken to your new and radiant day.

We Love.
We are Love.
And we love you.


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