Cosmic Awareness: 11-11-11 Will Be a Powerful Day

 Special 11.11.11 message from Cosmic Awareness

Questioner: Is there a special spiritual message related to 11.11.11 for her?

Cosmic Awareness: That this message is not simply for Vikki T but for all.  11.11.11 is a resonance day, is a day where portals around the planet will open wide. Many will have experiences on this day that are very revealing and very powerful.  Some, indeed those who are ready, will pass through their own portals if this is their ordained destiny.  The very least, the energies that will pour through the portals from the other side, from the realm of Spirit, will be substantial on that day and it is a day that this Awareness would highly recommend that individuals meditate deeply on and take the opportunity during the day to do meditations, to do vigil, to be outside in nature in those areas where they might suspect that there are portals or vortexes.  For those who are truly ready, this may be the day for them to pass through their own portal, but this would not be for a majority, only a select few who are truly ready.  Others will be ready later, some will be ready before and may already have passed, for beginning tomorrow, October 24, that this Awareness has foreseen that the events will start to escalate and certain events will happen in this last week that will be very clear to those who can see that the signs being shown indicate the beginning of the end, indicate that those Powers That Be who have held power for so long are finally starting to collapse.  They will understand that the end times are truly underway and will do what is needed in order for their growth and development and Ascension.  That November 11, 2011, 11.11.11, will be a powerful day, highly recommended by this Awareness, for a time to truly look within themselves, each and every individual who is seeking Ascension, to look within themselves, to see that which is the dark strands that may still have them bound, that may still hold them.  To ask, because the energies will be so strong on the day, for the assistance of the divine forces, of God Itself, of all those highest level spiritual energies, to assist the individual in truly bringing Light into their being, of truly lighting up those dark regions and areas, so Light can be brought into them, so that they can be dispelled, so the individual can renounce that which is the darkness that may still be within.  It must be understood that all human beings, because of the condition on this planet, the duality of Light and Dark, containboth within.  Those who are spiritual beings have a preponderance of the Light energies within them.  But they may still have those strands of the darkness that have touched them in the journey of this physical life, and that at this time what is imperative, as this Awareness has been emphasizing of late, is the effort and intention towards bringing in the Light into one’s being, of lighting up the darkest areas within oneself. Or as this Awareness has referred to it allegorically, in one’s Garden, of taking on the responsibility of cleaning the Garden, cleaning the self, enlightening oneself, bringing the power of that which is God Itself to bear to lighten up the dark, to lighten up those strands and bonds that may be constraining one, even holding one back. These are indeed those times to do this work in the last year and a few months, and that 11.11.11 is seen as an auspicious date in which to do such work and indeed to be open to the inflow of spiritual divine energies.  For much can be achieved on that date and those who are truly prepared and are ready to go may well find this is the date of their departure.  But all must be complete, all must be in place, for this will not happen on an accidental basis.  One will not simply trip into a vortex on that date because they are outside roaming around, one must truly be prepared and the house must be set in order for the departure, in order to ascend.  For those who have that already complete and are prepared and ready, this date may be auspicious for that to occur.  All in all, this Awareness does pass on to the membership that 11.11.11 will be an auspicious day, a powerful day, and that each and every individual use this day as an opportunity to do extreme inner work, to cleanse and clear and prepare the being for the Ascension that is coming.

Questioner: Thank you.  I don’t know if this is appropriate, but is this one of the projects Avaton is working on?

Cosmic Awareness: It could be considered as one of the projects.  It is seen there are target dates by those above working in this realm, as Avaton is working, and those target dates are being energized so that people become more and more aware of the potential of that date.  By speaking of this event to Vikki T it is somewhat Avaton communicating through this channel these words of this Awareness, reflecting that which he is trying to convey, not only to Vikki but to many.  He is not doing this in a singular way, he is part of that group action to bring Light and Love onto the planet.  Therefore, it would be appropriate to understand this is part of what he is doing, and that energizing this date through Vikki’s From Me To Thee, making it known to those who would read her editorial, would be one way of passing on the information.

Questioner: Thank you.  Because the newsletter is in final form, would it be appropriate to have this information, this part of the information, included on the special events part of the CAC website?

Cosmic Awareness: It can also be included in Vikki’s From Me to Thee, which is yet to be fully put together, if it is not so prepared.

Questioner: No, I don’t think she’s completely prepared it yet.

Cosmic Awareness: Then for her to receive this information as soon as possible, so that she can include it in her editorial for dispersion in the next newsletter, if this can be made so.

Questioner: Yes, it will be because Lloyd will receive the information this afternoon and she also would receive it quite quickly.  Is there any additional please?

Cosmic Awareness: This completes the information for this date.

Questioner: Thank you.  The Law of Gratitude is that sense of understanding that energies which have been given receive a certain reward.  Energies which have been given move out on that curved and unequal line and when extended far enough can only return to their source bearing gifts.

Vikki will be pleased with this message.  Thank you.

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