The Team: 11-11-11 and the Awakening of Humanity

The Team via Peggy Black

We are here, and we acknowledge and embrace you as the Galactic Citizens that you are.
This is a time of unparalleled opportunity, in which all eyes are focused on your planet. Your earth and all life forms have suffered and are close to total destruction.

Humanity has the grand opportunity to awaken from this illusion. Know that other realities and dimensions are observing because what happens here on this planet will affect the whole.

You have been focused on the one reality that you can sense, feel, touch, taste and see. As you awaken, your beliefs begin to soften, and your knowing expands; you begin to realize that the reality in which you are focused is only one of many realities that exist. Each energetic exchange in one reality brings a new wave or ripple that goes out affecting the other realities in some way.

When you allow your awareness to expand to include the other realities you offer that expanded consciousness to the collective matrix. This is the meaning of becoming the chalice, the container of expanded consciousness. Each human at every moment has the opportunity to shift their focus, to invite or entertain a vibrational energy that is whole and connected to the cosmic matrix. It is especially powerful during times of galactic star gates, doorways and portals.

Humanity is invited to shift their focus and allow themselves to form groups and gather and receive the high frequency vibrational gifts that are being offered to the planetary matrix. The up coming event of 11:11:11 serves as a powerful recalibrating portal, a galactic opportunity for expanding consciousness and activating your body of light.

There are those who have often seen the image of 11:11 in their outer reality, each time this happens it served as a trigger within the individual. Each time the 11:11 is seen or observed more individuals are triggered, they become active receivers, they become a living portal, a chalice for these galactic offerings.

Portals are openings, gateways, and thresholds. Portals exist in every form and on every level of awareness. Portals exist in all timeframes and dimensions. Portals can be subtle, obvious, hidden and secret. A portal offers entry into another space, another state of consciousness, another reality, or hologram/hologame.

The fabric and weavings of your planetary energy fields are interlaced with portals.
The human body has multiple portals; the name you have given these body portals is chakra. The chakras or portals of the body open and close depending on the mental and emotional state of the human. It is through the body portals that energy and information is acquired. They open and close much like camera lenses.

Those who are sensitive, who see and work with energy, are aware of the importance of the portals and the care of these energy doorways in the human body. It is important for humans to understand how their subtle bodies operate.

These portals are the connections and receptors to the frequencies from the planets, the stars and galactic vibrations. They also receive data from other humans which is the unspoken. Each time two humans meet, their portals/chakras share information on a deep subtle level. This happens at all times in all places with everyone. Expand your understanding of these personal portals; there is much knowing that you can intuitively begin to invite. It is important to realize that you as a conscious being are truly a portal and a star gate. Honor yourself as a willing portal for celestial and galactic downloads.

Just as the physical human form has a network of energy portals/chakras, the physical earth is also networked and woven with portals of power, gateways between the dimensions, thresholds between the realms of time and space. The ancient ones were sensitive to these places and they usually built their temples and sacred alters near or actually upon the entrance or opening.

You can scan the history of earth and see the main portals and power places by observing where the ancient churches, buildings, stone circles, pyramids, even villages and whole cities were constructed. Even today people travel to hold ceremonies at and to experience the ancient portals. The impact to their personal awakening can be very subtle or it can be extremely profound.

These portals are much like the chakras/portals of the human body, they open and close, they become congested with misuse or distorted in some manner. It is important to realize that these earth portals, these earth gateways can be cared for, cleared, balanced, renewed and honored just as the aware human can care for, clear, balance, renew and honor their own personal power centers.

There is a link and connection to all portals, chakras, power centers or star gates. There is a weaving of energy strands, threads, cords and pathways between all beings and all things, including the galaxy. This multitude of portals is being activated within the body of each person as well as the body of your planet. These portals are receiving energy and information transmissions from the galaxy. They also serve as a threshold, a star gate and a convergence between the dimensions.

These star gate offerings have been gifted to this planet since the beginning. Each time there is a subtle shift that affects the consciousness of humans. You are experiencing the gift and activation of another galactic portal. The celestial brethren are offering your beloved planet a powerful download of consciousness. There is an incredible expansion of consciousness happening in the minds of earth dwellers. Humanity is awakening.

This energy has been building and is offering the opportunity to transform any limitations. While you are experiencing these powerful downloads, allow yourself to be recalibrated. This is an opportunity to bring balance and to heal the masculine and the feminine energies in all aspects in your world. This is a gift of the highest degree. Allow yourself to act as a living star gate, as a true portal yourself to anchor and support this powerful global activation. You are being invited to be the chalice for this energy, to anchor it within the global matrix of mass consciousness.

The daily struggles you experience in this dense third/fourth dimension are only one small aspect of the whole. As an example, consider your physical body as the entire universe, reflecting all the possibilities of the entire universe. Now recall a time when you were in such pain that it became your total focus, all you thought of and all you felt. Now consider that what is happening on your planet is like that pain. The entire universe is focused on this earth pain.

Each time you or any other human consciously raises your awareness to a more loving, accepting, grateful frequency you transform an aspect that is causing the global pain. When more humans awaken to vibrate a pure clear frequency of love, joy and appreciation there is transformation in the dense vibrations of hatred, fear and judgment. There will be a shift in the global and universal pain.

Pain in any form announces an imbalance. It is a signal, a message that the vibrations are out of resonance. It is your job to restore balance to the discordant resonance. It is during these galactic portals that there is the opportunity of partnership with the other dimensions and the non physical beings of love to assist in restoring the resonant harmony of planet earth

Look within; gift yourself the permission, the grace and forgiveness to truly step into your magnificence. What would that look like in your life, what would shift or change? Utilize this energy that is being given during this galactic portal; allow it to bathe you; allow it to activate codes in your personal matrix and to assist you to heal your own personal pain. Ask for assistance, use consciousness tools, use sounds, visualize, and dream a better world for yourself and the planet. Step into this power as a true citizen of the galaxy.

This galactic gateway is open and will continue to increase in intensity. Embrace and ride this incredible wave of energy and transformation. Remember to take care of yourself, rest, eat well, drink water and be in nature. Notice changing sleep patterns and sensations that are uncomfortable, remember to breathe into any uncomfortable sensations or thoughts. Release all doubts into this energy for transmutation. You are surfing the big one right now. Be kind to yourself and others.

Realize that your active physical life is only a very small part of all that is truly taking place within your multidimensional starself. As a multidimensional starhuman you move through the fabric of time and space with ease and grace. It is a matter of shifting your awareness. It is matter of stretching your reality. Remember that there is always more to be revealed.

Each time a conscious multidimensional starhuman raises their frequency, their vibration, sincerely radiating love, gratitude and appreciation from their heart there is a shift in the global and galactic matrix. You as starhumans are in partnership with the non-physical galactic beings of Love and Light, together in this great service work.

Welcome the energy to transform reality that is being gifted by the portal of 11:11:11. You are each masters, highly qualified, skilled beings who have cloaked yourselves with flesh and stepped into a dimension, a reality, a game in order to transform all dysfunctional energy. Begin by loving and honoring yourself. Then love and honor others.

These star gates, star portals are vibrational offerings which allow humans the awareness of their deep connection to the stars as they expand into their grandness and their celestial presence. Claim your power to envision and anchor a new reality that is life sustaining and which serves humanity, the galaxy and entire universe

We are honored to support and assist you in any way possible in your service to the whole. In deep love and respect we embrace you with our light of awareness. Remember that you are in partnership with all divine beings; call upon their presence.

The ‘team’

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