Jeshua ben Joseph: Humanity’s Awakening is Gaining Momentum

Jeshua ben Joseph via John Smallman

October 23, 2011

Humanity’s awakening process is gaining momentum as increasing numbers of you focus on adopting attitudes that are in alignment with the divine energy field enveloping you all. By doing this you allow your hearts to open and receive the abundance of divine Love that surrounds you at all times, like the air you breathe. Like the air you breathe, when you open your hearts to receive It, It flows through you, receives the imprint of your individual energy signatures, and moves on to continue melding and mingling with Itself and with all others who are open to receive It. It is always with you; you just have to open your hearts to allow It in.

The divine energy field is the life force; without it there would be nothing. It maintains and supports all that exists in every moment for all eternity. It had no beginning and will have no end, and all that is exists within it – always. You cannot disconnect yourselves from it because you are all essential and integral parts of it. However, you have free will and within the illusion you can choose to restrict the divine benefits that it wishes to bestow on you by maintaining unloving or hostile attitudes towards yourselves or others. When you do so, it is a little like choosing to breathe only stale air, and as a result your energy and enthusiasm for life weakens. You can never die, but you can become basically comatose – the condition of so many in the illusion – and practically all your energy is then required for survival, until you start your healing process: releasing your unloving attitudes. Once you start that process, your energy increases and you begin to see that life does have meaning, and as your attitudes become more loving that sense of meaning intensifies, bringing you the peace and joy that is your Father’s Will for you.

His Will for you is eternally beneficent, but it is up to you whether or not you will accept it. In truth His Will is also always your will because you are One with Him, and therefore there is only one Will. His Will embraces you in the magnificence of His Love, providing eternal peace, joy, and satisfaction because you can want for nothing in the abundance of His divine provision for you. The illusion of your separation from Him is the result of your choice not to accept His Will and to invent your own imaginary one separate from His. That state is impossible, but your imagination is very powerful and so you have convinced yourselves not only that it is possible, but also that it is where you have your existence; and your embodiment seems to prove that this is so. And in this separated state you have to struggle constantly for survival.

Nevertheless, your awakening process is well and firmly established. All that you have to do is accept it by releasing your strange attitudes of hostility, suspicion, and unlovingness which you invented and embraced when you imagined yourselves separate from your Father. Separation is a hostile state because it is a state of not knowing and not recognizing one another – a state of refusal, negation, or withdrawing into a body that is removed from, instead of being one with, each other, which is your true state.

When you awaken, as you will, all sense of separation or aloneness will be gone, and you will recognize and experience the glory of Reality in which all are intimately and divinely connected in blissful euphoria. In that state you are One and you are All. You are all- knowing, you are all-seeing, you are total divine awareness united with God your loving Father. It is your natural state, your original state, and your eternal state from which you only briefly imagined that you had departed. Your joy on awakening will transport you into the infinite wonderment of who and what you truly are and always have been: Love – which has no bounds!

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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