Hilarion: New Energies Bring Changes to Your Being

Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff


Beloved Ones,

As the intense energies pour forth into the Earth’s atmosphere much that has been stubbornly resisting this great Love flooding the Earth shall start dissipating in all areas of your lives. There will come a sense of release from all that previously troubled you in your minds and you will find yourselves feeling empowered in all that you do and all that you are. A greater clarity of purpose and the desires of your heart will suffuse your Being and much that prevented you from moving forward shall be gone from your experience.

Many tests have been successfully overcome and overlaying all of it is a greater sense of knowing that what has been endured was exactly what was chosen by your Soul and Higher Self as the experiences that needed to transpire in order to bring you to this present moment. You are all poised on the edge of a new beginning, of living life with greater emphasis on the more sublime in experience. There will be a desire to experience the simple pleasures that are readily available for your partaking at any time and all that is required is the consciousness of appreciation.

As the changes continue to come forth within every facet of life as you knew it on Earth, and within your own Beings, there will be a flow to life that was previously not understood before. There will be more profoundness of thought and reverence to all life around you. Many outward distractions that occupied your time and focus will fall away naturally as the realizations come to you that life is meant to be lived, enjoyed and experienced in each moment directly while being fully present in your consciousness rather than simply being an observer of it.

A greater appreciation of Nature will bring much relief from the stresses that assail your physical bodies and your energetic fields. In this environment the new energies and the codes within them can be assimilated and integrated with greater ease and grace, for being in Nature is giving reverence to the Planet on which you live, move and have your Being. There is a symbiotic relationship exchange that takes place between you and this is something that will now become more apparent to you.

This period is a time of reflection and going within, of connecting deep within the core of your Being and becoming more attuned to your own rhythms in life. A state of relaxation and quietude will facilitate greater awareness of your Higher Presence and what your Presence wishes you to know. Open yourselves to the gifts that are filtering down into the atmosphere of the Earth while in a state of reverence and gratitude for this grand opportunity. It requires awareness on your part that these gifts are available to you and that you wish to assimilate them into your Being. Make this your intention whenever you are out in Nature and Nature in turn will assist you in receiving them.

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion

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