SaLuSa: Lightworkers Create the Path for Massive Change

SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey

You have a saying that many roads lead to Rome, and clearly many paths lead to Ascension. as few if any individuals have travelled exactly the same one, and that has been the result of your own choice. You will have been advised which ones are best to ensure your continued evolution, but in the end it is your decision as to the direction you take.

It follows that it is you who has brought you to this particular point in time. The fact that you are even here right now has been your choice, and you should therefore look for what this lifetime is teaching you. Certainly you will have brought karma with you, and that in part will have determined the course of your life. If you are reading this message the odds are that you are one who has chosen to ascend, and you will have a busier life than usual clearing it away. How much Karma you take on is normally approved by you, so regardless of how you perceive your life it has been your choice in that respect. Many believe that have had a raw deal, but that is not the case and it should be understood from a higher level.

Sometimes the toughest tests are kept until you have progressed sufficiently in your understanding to handle them. So as you might imagine, this period in people’s lives can be one that is action packed, with one thing after another. In the course of them you may consider that you have been a failure, but bear in mind that from a spiritual aspect there is no such thing. It is all experience, and what you learn from it is the most important thing.

You will instinctively know that it is true, so do not waste your time and energy worrying over what you could have done differently. Raising yourself up is not meant to be difficult and no one deliberately makes life harder than it needs to be. You can of course make it easier by understanding why you are going through a certain phase, and that comes with not making the same mistakes over and over again. As we often point out, you have many souls helping you, and in truth you never tackle anything alone and advice is there if only you will listen.

As your consciousness levels rise so you draw closer to your Guides, and they find it easier to influence you. Some problems particularly with other family members or close friends, are sorted out in the time you are out of the body during the sleep state. You do not normally bring waking knowledge of it back with you, but subconsciously the answers are held by you and others who are involved. Have you not slept on a problem, and in the morning found the answer is with you? That is how it works so again we remind you that you are always given help when you seek it.

We of the Galactic Federation are also your Guides in more general terms, and our influence is directed to those who are in positions of power and authority. As now, we are helping those who aspire to lead you out of the present period of chaos. It is not easy for such souls as the dark cabal still has its minions all over the world, and they are obstacles to getting things done. One who has experienced it is President Obama, the Lighted One who is for the time being outnumbered by those who oppose what he tries to do.

However, we are taking actions that are rapidly diminishing the power that they have held for millennia of time. Already their ability to stop our progress has been stemmed, and our allies are ready to strike the fatal blow. We are fully prepared for our next moves that will work towards finally seeing the dark Ones removed.

Take everything in your stride because as Lightworkers you have the advantage of understanding what is taking place. You can see well beyond the immediate occurrences, and the purpose for them. By focusing on the future you are helping create a firm path towards it. After all you are breaking your links with what no longer serves you and will not remain after the shift takes place. The signs are clearly in front of you that indicate where your future lies. Once we can address you through the media, there will be no doubt in people’s minds as to exactly what it is. We want you to be clear as to what we are here for, and it will bring a sigh of relief to those presently unaware that we are to work with you where the changes are concerned.

Some people ask whether they should alter their plans, knowing that massive changes to your lives will occur. We will answer that by suggesting you carry on as normal until of necessity you need to plan otherwise. The financial changes will simply move you to another method, that will be by far more satisfactory and ensure that you are protected from the many unfair and sometimes illegal charges you now pay. Your money will have real value and you will have less taken from you in taxes, and nothing should be taken from you at source. With prosperity removing the problems resulting from lack, life will become less stressful and more satisfying.

The wrongs perpetrated against you in Law will be reversed, and where necessary the Law also changed. As you progress through the higher dimensions, fewer Laws are required, because the levels of consciousness move a soul’s mind beyond contemplating anything that is against them. On Earth poverty is a great cause of criminal activity, and the stress of daily living also builds up to a breakdown of self control. Lightworkers who are by nature more calm and in control of their emotions, are unlikely to be affected in this way.

You are to be commended for creating the conditions that will allow us to push on with our assistance, in preventing the dark Ones from continuing to interfere with your Ascension. Is it not a strange feeling that this year will be the last traditional Christmas that you will celebrate. Next year there will be a totally different concept where celebrations are concerned, and they will take on a more spiritual approach, and the commercial interest will change to one of a more serious nature. Celebrate by all means, but let the focus be on the real reason for them taking place.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and get a little more excited as each week passes by, as we in turn get a nearer to open contact with you. The preliminary approaches have been made already, and most governments are prepared to officially meet us. That will indeed be a great occasion for your civilization, and appropriate celebrations.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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  1. This “President Obama, the Lighted One” is the same President Obama that started new wars in in Libya and the Middle East (which continue to kill thousands of innocents), refuses to end the wars and bring home the troops even though he promised to do so in his campaign, who ordered his attorney general to smuggle guns into Mexico so they could be used to kill Mexicans and Americans (Operation Fast and Furious) so he could push through anti-gun laws, who said in his campaign that he would not persecute states with medical marijuana laws (but whose attorney general is now using the DEA to shut down medical marijuana dispensaries in CA), and lastly, the same Obama who is controlled by Wall Street donors, and who refusese to prosecute Wall Street crooks and fraud? Obama – the Lighted One? I don’t think so. Ron Paul is the true Lighted One.

    • I understand your sentiment and I see the things you do as well, but alas, I am simply the messenger…

      Also, there are larger forces at play here and the truth will come to light soon about Obama, whatever that may be.

      There are many differing viewpoints of Obama abound on the internet. Only time will tell which is truly accurate.


      • Thanks Admin, comments not directed at you but the article. You’re right. It’s hard to tell who or what Obama is…hero or villain, puppet or annointed one? I believe that the democrats AND the republicans are used to keep us divided with the false left-right paradigm. And I judge a tree by its fruit. I don’t buy the excuse that Obama can’t fix things because ‘they’ are blocking him. He and the Democrats had control of govt the first two years of his administration. He could have fixed the corruption on Wall Street, ended the wars, brought the troops home, etc, but instead he chose to focus on illegal immigration and healthcare reform (not the most pressing issues of that time). To me our current political leaders (Repubs and Dems) ARE the problem and represent the interests of the dark cabal. There may be some within those parties that are good, but I have yet to see any evidence of their activity or their identities. The truth will out eventually, and will set us free. I want to believe, but I just don’t believe Obama is ‘the one’.

        • Well said. I agree with you for the most part. As it looks now, I do not see what SaLuSa and other light beings are saying, but time will tell I suppose…

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