The Council of Twelve: Your Time Has Come

The Council of Twelve via Radio Ann

Do one thing today that gets you closer to your goals.

We are aware that there is much discussion in the lightworker cadre having to do with this or that interpretation of prophecies, predictions and what may come. There is no reason for anyone to be alarmed by the disparity of messages. There is an infinite number of possible outcomes and scenarios, and many of these outcomes will manifest because each person’s reality is different. So the answer to “Is this an accurate prediction?” is Yes! Maybe. For you, or if not for you, then for someone else.

But we would like to suggest that that is not necessarily the best question. A better one would be “What do I want to see?” Or, “If I had my way, what sort of world would I live in?” Because whatever that answer is, you can have it! You can have it in spades, as the saying goes. Do you want peace, happiness, intergalactic contact, free energy, a society without money, a society with a lot of money? Lots of interesting work, no work? Design your life in your imagination and then energize the vision.

What we are trying to tell you is that you needn’t wait for the events known as ascension, first contact, the US election, or any other external happening that’s somewhere in another reality called the future. What we have been trying to say is that the power for light, love, happiness and all the creativity you could wish for is already in you. The great religions of the world have all told you this before they were corrupted by people of ill intent. The message, the essential pure message of Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, and many other faiths is that you and creation are one. Make it so! Stop playing peek-a-boo with your own enlightenment. We know you all want a different world. You’re just confused about the means to get there.

We’ll tell you this:
The recent demonstrations are a very good indication that humanity is waking up. And these demonstrations are planet-wide. The USA is actually a bit late to the party, owing to the prevalence of disinformation in your media. And the anger we see is actually a manifestation of anger toward the self. “Hey, I’ve been sleeping. And while I’ve been sleeping, my rights have been stolen.” There’s a definite whiff of exasperation with the self, but on a mass scale, that will translate into big changes for humanity. So all to the good. There is value in properly directed anger. And now it’s time to stand up and take back the world. We are watching you with much anticipation, friends. We have confidence in you. Your time has come. And we couldn’t be happier about that.

Do us a favor. Do yourselves a favor: That world you want to see? Do one thing today that gets you closer. And then do one thing the day after that. And soon you’ll be living your dream. The struggles of the past will fade like morning mist and you’ll be in the glorious now. We love you all. The Council.

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