SaLuSa: All Will Be Given the Opportunity to Ascend


SaLuSa via Laura Tyco

Laura: Good afternoon SaLuSa. Would you like to give us an update please?

Your density is thicker, more compact, rigid, and it can be as hard as a stone. In fact, the Earth expression of “having a heart of stone” translates this idea very well. The physical heart is also a muscle, a very powerful pump, pushing your blood around your body. When your body is tense, the blood flow is also impaired, because your heart organ can not perform as well its function. When your heart is as hard as a stone, your body is also tense, and your feelings are tied up in a bundle of nerves.
Under these conditions, your blood does not supply your body and brain cells with the necessary nutrients and oxygen required to perform at maximum efficiency. Your thoughts become erratic, your emotions turn very rapidly into negativity. When you sense that you are heading towards negativity, we suggest that you walk away from a difficult situation as soon as you realize what is going on. Step aside, make inner space, come back to being grounded and connected to Mother Earth, remember yourself, remember you are love and light in human form. It is important that you do not let yourself be pulled into negative feelings and irritability at this time. We do not ask you to be dishonest with yourself and pretend to yourself that you are happy. This would not help in fact. What we feel would help is you being present and observing the first symptoms of negativity within.

Be anchored into your bodies and connected to Mother Earth in order to be able to do that, and of course meditation practices would help you live in the moment and catch the first signs of a confrontational situation, or any other difficult situation you could find yourself in. Catch your breath accelerating, catch your jaws tighten, your body tensing up, your emotions sending you negative signals and your thoughts taking a certain definite form. What we suggest at this time, is to try to keep yourselves in a balanced and peaceful state. Harmony and joy are the desired states from now on dear ones. So please ensure you keep yourself in a protected and neutral space, so that you can manifest the energies of love and light on Earth at this time.
You will be faced with increasing challenges in the coming months, as the cabal is still reluctant in surrounding to the light. Many of them have spent hundred of thousand of years and thousand of lives believing they no longer had any kind of connection to Source Creator Life Force Energy. They have spent so much time convincing themselves that they are only matter, that for some it still is a huge effort to see the light, and understanding it. It will take them even longer to understand that they are also part of the light, if they can accept it again and let it guide their lives.
As the controlling power of the dark ones will diminish, they will be able to see light manifest all around them and will eventually come to remember who they are also. It is not an easy journey, and some will need a slower pace for integrating light into their life. They may need relocation, on a planet which would allow them to undertake their journey back home at their own pace. They will be well looked after whatever their choice is, and every opportunity for free will shall be respected of course.
We are aware of the fact that some of you apprehend Ascension for themselves, as much as for their loved ones. In either case, please rest assured that all will be listened to, all considerations will be taken into account, that the decisions will be made with your higher self, and you will be very pleased with the end result. In the case of considerable karma, which would have to be dealt with, we also have the possibilities of downloading some of it into alternative realities. So keep in mind that when we say all is possible, we mean it literally.
For example, if one soul wishes to Ascend through free will, even if the original pre birth plan had not allowed for the soul to Ascend, and even if there is considerable negative karma to deal with for that soul, we have the resources for this soul to be allowed ascending if permitted by the Spiritual High Council. In such a case, the soul can Ascend with Mother Earth in this reality, however, negative karma will be transferred into the same souls’ alternative realities. It can be distributed equally in the other realities, so that it would not represent a huge burden in the alternate realities.
This is usually not allowed under any circumstances, however, once again Divine Power is making all available for you all to Ascend if you so desire dear friends. Indeed the love of Creator for you has no limit and Creator is happy to provide all the possibilities for you all to exit the circle of duality at this time. So please, do not let matters concerning Ascension and being separated from your loved ones, trouble you. Rest assured that the plan is well carried out, and it has been well rehearsed. You all know your roles from before your birth, and there can always be last minutes adjustments in order to ensure Ascension for the greater numbers. The Earth experiment has been a worthy experiment, full of good and at times disappointing surprises for us all. However, the end result will please you all.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and I can tell you that we look forward to your Ascension. At this time, we will truly be reunited, we will recognize each other and we will chose to work with each other again no doubt. Creator and God require much help for the administration of Galaxies and Universes. There is much to do dear ones, I am sure you will enjoy working with us again. You will have full choice of your next adventures, and we are happy to be able to be part of your Ascension dear friends.

Thank you
Laura Tyco

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