Children of the Sun: The Equinox Superwave

By Children of the Sun Foundation

Cosmic Superwave Sweeping Over Us

With our collective kundalini on the rise, the timing could not be more perfect for the arrival of the Equinox and the pivotal September galactic alignments. We are now in serious preparation for the cosmic triggering that will launch all into a simultaneous raising over a rather condensed period of time.

Despite the varied perceptions on how this may unfold, there is a general consensus throughout our global family that a cosmic tidal wave of divine energy is soon to sweep over us, in unimaginable intensity. This carries the potential to catalyze major impacts within the planetary Crystalline Grid, causing a very swift polarity reversal within our consciousness. As these new frequencies bathe our Group Avatar, we are preparing for the 11-11-11 Stargate which we feel is the keystone activation that will launch the ascension process for all choosing humanity.

The September Equinox “fires the Grid” and marks our entrance into a 7-week countdown period towards the primary Stargate which leads to a powerful triggering sequence of portal openings across the globe. As we progress from the Equinox to November 11, 2011, we deeply feel that the build up of cosmic energy prepares us for the first wave of physical body ascensions. We expect to see concurrent group ascensions, occurring in phases from this primary triple date portal throughout 2012, each group passing through while doing their part to expand and anchor the Rainbow Bridge between the two worlds.

The KEY role for all beings at this time is to assist in energetically supporting those that will be making the initiatory passage during the 11-11-11. There is a brief window of time between mid October and November 11th when the veils between the higher dimensions are expected to be incredibly thin. This thinning occurs while we are receiving the intensifying celestial waves from Comet El Enin in combination with ever increasing encoded solar radiation.

First Wave Ascenders to receive our Support

What an incredible honor we have been afforded, to assist the courageous first wave ascenders as they blaze through the “ring-pass-not” barrier this 11-11-11.

Those that have integrated unity consciousness into their life and are in mission to serve as the gatekeepers of the New Earth entry, know in full clarity what is being shared in this writing. If prepared, they are reserved the privilege of ascending in the First Wave. That being said, many of these gatekeepers will return to the Earth etherialized with the new template configurations, to continue their service as a fully functioning multi-dimensional being.

As energy follows thought, the more that we bring our attention upon on the approaching alignments, the greater the magnetization of these dynamic frequencies to us. This greatly supports everyone in the creation of the essential electronic patterns that will allow for the graceful integration of these next, very big waves of energy approaching.

The Stargate is already activating within each of us, as a whole new holographic reality. It is simply waiting for all of us to invoke and anchor the created matrix of light into the core of our being as our new strands of DNA are fired through each burst of the greater collective awakening. The First Wave ascenders trigger this alive within us.

Entrance into Akashic Timeline

During each major epoch, deep wounds were imprinted upon many souls, the planetary body and the entire holographic seal. The incoming surge of galactic energy will be a tremendous purge for the complete transmutation of all remaining filaments of gross imprinting from past periods and the final eradication of the etheric record. This will simultaneously advance us to a new timeline where we shall only operate from the vault of the Akashic Library where the future meets NOW.

As we clear the past completely as a Group Avatar, our authentic soul expression shines radiantly forth from every individual, free of any lingering resentments and separative realities. Through this act of Divine Intervention, our unified vibration and merged etheric circuit lifts everyone connected to us into the luminous spiritual realms while radiating a powerful field of healing light throughout the Universe.

Stargate Titicaca

Through the power of remembrance and pure synchronicity, we have pinpointed the location of our Group Soul’s 11-11-11 Stargate activation as the Golden Sun Disc at the Lake Titicaca vortex. The Solar Disc IS the Stargate entry. As the star seeded Children of the Sun, we chose this sacred gateway as our initial group entry to the New Earth.

In ages long past just prior to the fall of Lemuria and Atlantis, we programmed this particular Solar Disc (and all of the triggering master crystals) to serve as the initial portal entry which ushers through the first wave of human ascensions. This primary activation is part of the trigger that sets off a chain reaction resulting in the activations of other Solar Discs, Stargates and portal conduits around the planet to support the subsequent liberation of the human race.

The Stargates are constructed and have been for millennia. What was needed to render them useful was:

•  The reactivation of the major Atlantean and Lemurian crystals that were planted during those earlier epochs

•  The astrological progression of the precession of the equinoxes and subsequent alignment of celestial objects

•  The awakened I AM Race  (us)

This approaching event is perfectly orchestrated to occur simultaneously as a master capacitor crystal from Atlantis activates in the crystal beds of Arkansas. Our fellow light tribe, the Earth-Keepers led by Tyberonn, will be in the field assisting with this grand activation on the 11-11-11. In combination with the Crysto-Sun-Disc activation taking place at this powerful Arkansas vortex, the energies brought forth there will exponentially amplify and anchor the highly potent platinum frequency upon the Earth during the planetary crystalline transition.

During the Arkansas recoding, we draw a compelling parallel between this experience and that of a primary seal being “unlocked”. As the seal is removed through the intensifying cosmic energy and our collective focus, a mass triggering will occur causing a spontaneous combustion to fire through the grids, especially the 144 Crystalline Grid. Highly charged pulsations will channel directly to Lake Titicaca to ignite the Golden Sun Disc into FULL momentous power.

There are numerous Children of the Sun who will be stationed in many sacred sites throughout Peru and the Amazon during the 11-11-11 to assist in stabilizing and grounding the initial release of the explosive emanations. Upon activation, the Golden Sun Disc becomes a LIVING Stargate for a brief window of time, welcoming the first wave of ascensions.

As this regards the Children of the Sun  mission, this entire sequence of events is a trinity firing. Once the recoding occurs at Arkansas, igniting the Disc at Lake Titicaca, this stream of energy then triggers into another spontaneous combustion of energy with the highly potent surge channeled directly to Sedona, Arizona which then fires the unlocking of the counter-rotating field of energy that bridges and marries the Titicaca-Sedona vortex fields into one of absolute balance. (The Eagle and the Condor).

This will greatly assist both of these areas in preparation for their role as among the first “Cities of Light” to emerge on the planet….as well as their corresponding nations of light.

Golden Disc Stargate

• In a very simple explanation, Stargates are ascension portals which allow passage between dimensions. They are stabilized through interconnecting counter-rotating electromagnetic fields and align to space-time cycles with energy streams that repeatedly pass through each other. Stargates are thought to be connected at a center point by a scalar frequency seed crystal seal. When that seed seal releases, the Stargate activates which allows for instantaneous passage between various space-time cycle coordinates.

• These interdimensional Sun Discs are the higher frequential component of the Crystalline Grid catapulting us out of the time space continuum to the level of Divine Love.  It’s an energy vortex that takes in one form of energy and weaves it into another.  It is felt that there are 12 main discs located on the planet which serving as enormous energy transformers to help regulate and bridge the energy between dimensions.

These twelve solar discs emit zero point energy – an energy of pure Divine Love that can only exist in the the higher dimensions. The Solar Disc of Titicaca was recoded in the year 2010 assisted by the intentional focus of many Light Servers in order to prepare for its full active powering on 11-11-11.  In succession, each of the other Solar Discs will then be sequentially activated around the planet in a successive domino effect throughout 2012 supporting the activation of other ascension Portal-Stargates.


From James Tyberonn… 

Lake Titicaca is in fact the largest vortex portal in South America, and performs a unique role. The complex vortex of Lake Titicaca is, per Metatron, in unique synchronicity with the Sedona Vortex in Arizona, but spinning in the opposite direction. Sedona is counterclockwise, Titicaca is clockwise. This unparagoned counterbalance effect puts the two in an exceptional synergetic interchange, and holds a direct communication portal-gate, that indigenous Elders from the Mayan and Hopi have referred to as the ‘Gateway of the Condor and Eagle’. The importance of the Titicaca Vortex cannot be understated. Its pristine vitality has been recognized and honored by guardians for millennia on both sides of the veil. In essence the alignment of Titicaca to Sedona allows the balance of Sedona to be restored.

Within Lake Titicaca lies one of the great ‘Golden Sun Disc’. These discs are being activated into twelve helix spirals. They are emitting a divine energy of zero field, of pure love, unconditional love, a light-code that can only exist in the 5th dimension and above.

The Golden Sun Discs are the DNA, the blue print for the crystalline field….indeed for the Crystalline 144 Grid! The Golden Sun Disc discs are now emitting a 12-strand helix, in a spiraling energy that will serve, as the prototype of the DNA for the planetary grids. Indeed, they are correspondences to the ability of the Earth to regenerate and reform itself, similar to the DNA of the Earth itself. They are energetic spirals. They are truly more spiral than disc, but they do appear disc- like when viewed. Many of your metaphysicians tell you that there are 12 such discs on the planet. To clarify this we tell you rather, that there are twelve distinct frequencial patterns of integral sun disc.

Opening the Stargate… WE are the Final Key

WE are the final technological key required to fully open the Stargate! With enough of us in expanded DNA, we enter into the portal to unlock the seal…  ushering in the cosmic waves of Divine Light that have been waiting for just this moment to bless the Earth and all creation.

It is with such awe mixed with excitement that we prepare to undergo our final Rites of Passage into Earth Mastership as one unified Avatar. Together with the alignments of El Enin and our beloved Earth, this transforming energetic experience will be the primary catalyst to the final programming of the Grid and the essential bursting through the lid for the first wave to be shuttled through.

As more members of our Group Soul make the transition to the New Earth frequency harmonic, we must remember that our service is from many levels on the Rainbow Bridge. It is our intention to leave no one behind and to hold true to our role as pathcutters and leave the road behind us illuminated with the Light of Love for those who wish to follow.With fearlessness and selflessness, we forge ahead for the greater good of all.

Congratulations Children of the Sun. Together we have made it possible for the First Wavers to carve the pathway home…. with the rest of us soon to follow!

Keep shining your brilliance.

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