HJ: Now more than ever, your personal energetic frequency, beliefs and thoughts will dictate what you experience and perceive.  This has always been the case, but one of the main difference now being that those who choose higher consciousness and personal transformation are being greatly facilitated — more so, in fact, than at any other time in history.  The energies are such that a much more profound level of awareness and physical/mental/spiritual experience are being accommodated.  However, it requires a certain minimum level of consciousness to be able to perceive this subtle, yet profound and powerful change.

Those who are not yet at this level of understanding will not be able to perceive this expanded energetic possibility and so will doubt its existence, which will further reinforce their beliefs, and hence their limited reality.  In this way, there is an energetic split forming between those who would choose spirituality and awareness and those who do not believe these concepts to be worthwhile or even valid.  The latter group is experiencing great difficulty at this time as the time to manifestation from the conception of a thought increases dramatically.  They are manifesting ego dramas and difficulties into their lives, but do not believe they are doing so — stuck in the old illusion that life happens to them by some outside force, when in fact, they do not realize they are creating every supposed problem and challenge they experience.

On the other hand, those who are spiritually aware and making the effort to develop the self are finding continually greater ease as they master the fundamental spiritual concepts requisite for a higher dimensional/density experience.  And so, there is a clear line being drawn in the sand as these two groups follow their respective paths, which are diverging.  The difference now, in this new age, being that the two groups are not being forced to occupy the same energetic space as they had been in the past.  With the opening of the higher (4th and up) density experiences now available to us as Gaia shifts correspondingly, there is a wider ‘spectrum’ of energetic frequencies available for us to exist within — a little breathing room, if you will.

– Truth

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff | Cosmic Awareness

We welcome you Cosmic Awareness and now that it is a day or two after the March Equinox, we are wondering if there is any information you would like us to hear at this time?

That which is the Spring Equinox in North America, the Fall Equinox in the southern hemisphere here in the land that is known as Australia, it does mark the ending of that first three-month period of time that this Awareness described as the first trimester of development of the new being, the evolved being, that is now developing and in process.

That for many the first three months have been eventful, both on a personal level as well as an external level, that being the outside reality around them.  That this would of course include one’s own personal space, but does also include the regional environment one finds themselves in, the national environment and of course, the global environment.

That during the first three months, the fetus of that which is the new developing being, was going through much change, much growth, but at a primary level.  Therefore, it would not always have been felt as something immediate for many, but was something internal that changed what was occurring: new energies entering, but still unfamiliar to many.

That during this three-month period there were many who did sense that something was happening, that an internal process was underway. But in terms of one’s reflections to that which is external, for many it did not seem like much was happening on the outside. This of course, as this Awareness has just spoken, the environment outside of one’s self.  Others have begun to see changes that they have noted, manifestation occurring in their lives, that which this Awareness would call the example of the inner power being broadcast to the outer state of perceived reality. Many of these manifestations may not appear to be outstanding at all and many could argue them away, could simply say things were happening or did happen that were not extraordinary in the sense of an event that might have occurred instantaneously and miraculously.

That many still wish their powers to be so honed at this time that they expect to simply think of something and to have it happen. But it is not yet this way for many so that many are experiencing manifestation at the old levels, if you will. The old levels are those levels where manifestation occurred in physicality after a delayed period of time, for there is still a large gap between that which is thought of and its instantaneous appearance.

Many had hoped that this would be more available to them; that they could wish for something and it was instantly in their hand or in front of them. Yet the ability to manifest has always been available but many have not understood it or recognized that there is an interval that is required to bring forth the manifested dream, thought or wish. And therefore due to assumptions held in the physical form, when things finally would appear it would seem more often they showed up because one had worked for them, saved for them, bargained for them, and that eventually they would appear. This is why it is so difficult for many yet to understand this wondrous process of manifestation. And that during the first three-month period it has still been largely the old energies that are in transformation but still presenting themselves in old forms; the delay being primary to the manifested materials or wishes presenting themselves.

Yet many are starting to see the results more quickly. That many are realizing that as one puts the energy out, that that which is desired or wished for, that which is energized comes to them.  It may still be arriving in the mundane form, for make no mistake, you are still in the mundane energies.  The transformation from the old planet A/B to the new planet A/B is still underway; just as you are still in process at the same time.

But many are starting to realize that when they have a thought and there is sufficient energy behind the thought, that this thought can materialize or manifest itself in short order. That the Interpreter and his wife have been doing this now for the last several months. That often they simply think of what is needed or required and within the space of a few hours, generally less than twenty-four hours, that which they thought of, that which they focused on, had entered their lives.

But also in this mundane fashion, there are many who still dismiss this as active manifestation, who are negative in their interpretation of such results and indeed dismissive of such actions. But this Awareness says that this is still manifestation in 3D, that it is still within the old energies that are transforming; and therefore often appear in such a way, not an instant manifestation perhaps, but still manifestation.

That others of you are also now starting to see this more and more and that this is encouraged by this Awareness, this encouragement includes the expansion of your awareness to how you are manifesting.  For those who are manifesting in a positive way, there is great excitement now but still is in uncertainty, still confusion, still that doubt process for many. But nonetheless, the energies are starting to move and many are starting to see the results, starting to see evidence of this process.


Equally there are many who are still stuck in their old beliefs, their old disappointments, their own negativity and they are choosing to believe that nothing is happening to them, and unfortunately they are manifesting this.  This of course, simply reinforces their negative belief system and while they may proclaim to wish to see results and that because nothing is happening, that this must mean that such information as is being presented now is bogus, still the energies carry on. And it is why this Awareness has said continuously that you must be careful about what you wish for, that you must realize how being ensnared in your negative beliefs at this time in particular and in the times ahead, that it will simply reinforce your reality of negativity. You will manifest the negative results of this negativity.

This Awareness can only speak this to you, but it is the responsibility of each and every one of you to truly start looking at how it is that the reality you surround yourself is formed, where does it begin? Does it truly begin outside of yourself?  Thus you have evidence that something is happening because the evidence is out there and not within you?  Or does it have anything to do with your thought process, the energetic level of your thoughts, your desires, your beliefs?  This Awareness of course says, it has everything to do with this inner reflection, it is the beginning point, it is not the ending point; nor is the manifestation of the outside first before one can  believe the beginning point, it is more the ending point of this process. Therefore, as long as one is waiting for the evidence to appear in their outside reference of reality and holds a doubt of such thing happening, or is negative to this happening, they will not see the evidence.

For those who are now underway in this process, they will start to see outside evidence presenting itself more and more. At first it may be the small things, material substances, new relationships forming, that which could easily be dismissed.  But this Awareness asks you to look at each and every occurrence in your life, both positive and negative, and that by looking within and seeing where the process began, how it was sparked, where it comes from, you will begin to have a greater connection to the manifestation that you are creating, the reality you are shaping around yourself.

Be patient at this time, for many had hoped with the Ascension event of December 21st, everything would instantly have been shifted and changed, and that the highest desires that have so long been held by so many would instantly manifest themselves. But now more are seeing that in this process, there is a need to be patient and positive, to realize that this crucial period of time has been given to one and all to work on themselves, to realize how potent and powerful they are as creator beings.  One would not expect a baby to start running the first time it stood up, and this Awareness reminds you that the birth has not even occurred yet, that you are still in the developmental stage at this point. That the patience this Awareness is recommending is so that one can attune to the process itself, so that one can indeed incorporate that knowingness that is opening within them into the physicality of their 3rd dimensional life, and yet not have such high expectations of such miracles that are of an extraordinary level, that they are extremely disappointed if they do not instantly manifest that which they have been hoping for, wishing for or praying for.  This does not mean it will not be manifested.  It is simply still curtailed by the 3rd dimensional reality and its rules and laws that are in the process of shifting and changing.  As your patience increases and you realize there are subtle changes and small manifestations that are now occurring, this will encourage you and as your encouragement increases, the evidence will begin to present itself more quickly and more solidly.

That humanity is in the process of birthing itself as a new species, no longer enslaved by those who are the controllers and the manipulators, but as this Awareness has said, you are in process, you have not arrived at the end point. The end point is that which is ahead still and this Awareness is aware that many will be upset to hear this, for many in their impatience demand that “it must be so, now!” That this Awareness would say to you that in this demand that is unreasonable for the place you are in that it is within this unreasonableness that the biggest blocks and barriers exist for you to achieve exactly what it is that you are truly wishing for, that being the expansion in your consciousness, the opening to your higher multidimensional natures and the fabrication of a life around oneself that is beyond the entrapment of physicality yet still part of it.

That it is the responsibility of each and every one who is seeking their higher expression of self in this physical reality to work on oneself, to dig within oneself, to find those areas of negativity and repulsion and to see how that it is, that as one holds such energies within oneself, one naturally blocks the manifestation process and the evolutionary process as well.

That this gift of the nine-month period of development is exactly that, a gift from the Divine for those who are not quite far enough along, for those who had understanding and awareness but had not yet completed inner work or inner process.

That now with the next trimester, it is the possibility to go even deeper in the investigation of one’s inherent character and nature. That as one is willing to look at themselves, even in their darkness, even in their negativity, there is then the opportunity to release this darkness, this ambiguity, this negativity. That this responsibility is your own, it is not the responsibility of this Awareness to do it for you. It is not the responsibility of a guru or teacher to do it for you.  It lies within each and every individual.  This responsibility is the responsibility of the soul as it accepts that it is opening to the new reality. For those who are listening to their soul, who are searching and seeking it, that they are seeing within themselves the expansion of their consciousness and awareness. And now comes the opportunity to go even deeper.

For those who are insistent that they should be given these manifestations instantly without work, without responsibility to achieve these results within themselves, they will find their lives becoming even more difficult and hollow. This is because they do have within them the inner yearning and even understanding that they are more than they think they are. You are more than you think you are.  But again, to look outside of oneself to find evidence there first before going within, before taking on the responsibility of the inner work will always deny one the evidence that they are seeking.

That it is imperative now to realize that as the next three months open up that the opportunity to do this inner work is increased as well. That it is not simply about seeking a therapist out to help one decide what is wrong within, it is more that one needs to have intention to doing this inner examination.  That this intention to be open to the blocks and barriers, the negative thoughts and beliefs, the hesitancy of stepping into one’s greatness because that which is the Light within is too spooky, too scary still, is exactly that which needs to be looked at. That as one opens up to their intention to do the inner work, the process will evolve in and of itself, and opportunities will be provided to begin this deeper investigation.  All are capable, it is intent and desire to be honest with oneself, to be truthful in the examination of one’s own being that is required here. That with such intent, such honesty, the inner doors will begin to open even more and that which is the shifting of consciousness will go into high gear indeed.

That this Awareness does say to one, to all, that the journey ahead is an amazing one for those who embrace it. It will be a difficult one for those who are trying to embrace but still are doubtful and uncertain, and it will be a most challenging journey indeed for those who have a sense of it, but reject that it must begin within them.

That the energies of the Divine are also now present on this earthly plane of consciousness. That to assist one and all in this inward journey, this Awareness does recommend that one and all pray for the Divine Intervention to continue to manifest Itself even more in one’s life, to acquire that sensibility of Spiritual Purpose. That in acquiring this sensibility of Spiritual Purpose, of opening to Divine Consciousness, one is taken gently by the hand and led forward.  But it does involve trust, it does involve a willingness to open oneself up, to look within, to trust and believe a new reality is shaping itself all around oneself. And that as one opens to such levels of trust and belief, the evidence will begin to manifest itself more and more, and that as this happens it becomes easier to move forward.

That this Awareness wishes you all a most amazing journey as you open the inner doors of self-reflection and self-awareness in the months ahead.

Thank you Awareness, that was very interesting.  I do have a couple of questions if there is time.

Please proceed.

The first question is about transmogrification.  Many seem to be very disappointed because transmogrification has not occurred.  Considering the nine-month period of the development of the new human, can we assume that that is a form of transmogrification and it has to take place at a slower rate so that our bodies do not completely break down?

That this is correct.  That because you are still within the context of physical reality, that many of the laws of that physical reality are still in effect.  That this Awareness spoke of the instantaneous nature of manifestation that is approaching, that is coming, but it is not here yet.  That the process of transmogrification is one that many aspire to and it is difficult to see and to understand or even believe that they are currently in the process of transmogrifying themselves from a rooted physical being into a physical being that is free of such roots, such chains that hold one in physical form.

That many are going through a process of physical transmogrification that involves many physical symptoms.  Many are aware of their aches and pains, of their intestinal difficulties, of heart pains.  Many are experiencing extreme fatigue and exhaustion and are often feeling as if a truck has run over them.

This is compounded when one must be involved in physical endeavors that demand that they must rise every morning before they are ready to, that they must endure physical assault as they sally forth into the physical reality of their lives and that it is difficult to understand why it is so. That it is so because it is still the perceived reality of one’s experience and that these changes that are occurring at subliminal levels, at the level of the DNA itself, are often not comprehended or understood, but they are experienced.  Therefore, as the transmogrification process continues, so do these aches and pains, these periods of exhaustion, confusion, emotional despair or upheaval.  It is still unfortunately part of the process that one must go through as one is shifting in the physical, including a transmogrification of the physical body to its higher state where conscious awareness is coming from a higher level of consciousness itself, from 5th dimensional or beyond.

The problem here often is that the mind has comprehension but the body, which is in the realm of the low self, the subconsciousness, is still trying to adjust, is still trying to hold an old reality that it is used to; and if one does not work at that inner level, if one does not learn how to communicate with the low self, subconsciousness, then the journey is fraught with difficulty.

But that which you have stated is correct.  The transmogrification process is underway and is indeed that which will lead to the complete renewal of the physical form so that when the nine-month period is complete and one begins the new journey of consciousness in the new reality that will begin then, there will be a total transformation, transfiguration, transmogrification of one’s body, mind, heart and soul.

Thank you Awareness for that explanation.  I am also thinking that the Ascension process therefore is not necessarily a process or it definitely isn’t a process of escaping the physical; but rather bringing the higher consciousness energies into the physical in order to transform the 3D paradigm.

That this too is correct.  That if one were to review some of the channelings of this Awareness from the past several years, one will instantly see that Awareness has always spoken of being five-dimensional in third-dimensional reality. That what this will enable a being to achieve is that they will not then be imprisoned in the third-dimensionality that was that of the old consciousness, the old planet A/B of duality that had the dark ones in control.

But that this process in physicality, because of the physical nature of a third-dimensional reality, has its own laws and rules, and that many who thought that they could escape those laws and rules in an instantaneous shift were greatly disappointed. Even many who did not quite expect this, but did expect a greater shift to occur, may have experienced a disappointment as well, but their adjustment to the new situation is for them more stabilizing and opening than those who simply expected to escape the old reality for they did not do well in that reality.

That there are many of those who are the Light Workers, the Warriors of Spirit, the Wanderers, the Seekers of Soul, who had such high empathy with their spiritual nature, their spiritual being, that they did most definitely wish to escape the harshness, the oppressiveness, the violence of the third-dimensional world that they were living in. They still wish this to be so and if, in their intent and desire, they still hold that it must occur instantly without effort on their part to look within themselves, they will continue to be disappointed as they were on the 21st of December, 2012.

That the process is one that this Awareness described as a gift from the Divine.  It is also a gift from your own High Self and your own spiritual nature, your own soul outside of the time paradigm that most are in at this time.  That which is the instantaneous nature of the Eternal Now is that which is experienced, and from that level the transmogrification process has already occurred. It is not in process as it is on this third-dimensional, physical, dualistic reality, but that which has already happened.

That while one is still within third-dimensionality and yet escapes that third-dimensional reality at night or at those times when one is able to go into the dreamscape, that this knowledge is available.  But herein lies the rub, for when one returns back into physicality, when one awakens in the world that they left several hours previously when they went to sleep, one still re-enters into physical form and is still subject at this time to the physical laws that govern this reality.

Though this may be so, this Awareness must again remind all that this reality is in the state of flux.  It is shifting, albeit slowly, and that instead of just wishing to escape instantly, one must have the patience and fortitude to understand and recognize that the shift is happening, while it may be accelerating, that for many, it is still in slow motion.

That this means that often when one returns from a higher fifth-dimensional level of consciousness attained during one’s dreaming experiences, one still is disappointed to return into the physical body and to endure yet another day in the oppressive heaviness that is third-dimensionality, having experienced such freedom in fifth-dimensionality but a short while ago.

That this is not punishment, that this is not inflicted upon one here in the physical simply to make one suffer.  It is simply the process that is underway and those who see it from the expanded perspective of the instantaneous now, the Eternal Now, realize it is a process that has completed itself, while those here now on the physical are still struggling to understand this.

It would be most helpful, most beneficial, for those who still wish to escape to realize that perhaps there is work here yet to do for them. The developmental process this Awareness is speaking of is their own personal developmental process.  That in the recognition that this period of time that one experiences in this third-dimensional reality is the gift of the Divine to work on oneself, to expand and open one’s self, to release and let go of the negative beliefs and attitudes – that one will begin to settle into their true nature of a spiritual being having a physical experience that it is beginning to become more and more aware of: the awareness around its spiritual nature, not the entrapped state that it experiences in physicality.

That those who refuse to do the inner work, those who refuse to say “yes” to the Divine that has presented this gift, but only insist that they be removed, will eventually experience a removal from the physical third-dimensional form. It comes through that which is the traditional death experience, but they will no longer be able at this time in this life, to play in the physical.  They will no longer be able to fully appreciate themselves as high spiritual beings who escape the physical hum-drum of that which they have experienced so long. That this is the promise of God Itself: that all will be returned. None will be left behind, but this is a slightly different matter.

At this time, this Awareness simply does recommend that one and all who are truly seeking their spiritual understanding and awareness in a third-dimensional form be open to this process of development, be open to that which is their grander nature, be willing to look at themselves in their Light and in their Dark, and to put aside that this physical reality that they dislike so strongly, even hate so intensely, is one that they have chosen for themselves. To deny this, to avoid this, entraps one further in the physical delusion that is current in so many lives.

Thank you Awareness. That’s all the questions I have for today.  Do you have anything else you would like to add to this message?

That this Awareness would at this time like to add here, that while many are still struggling, many are starting to sense and feel and even see the evidence of change around them and that this too is that which will encourage them toward more inner examination, inner work.

That many feel that they should  not need to do this inner work and this Awareness says that those who choose to follow this route are indeed entitled to follow this route.

That those who are sensing and feeling that they need to look at themselves more are indeed those who are beginning to realize that there is work involved.  It is not unreasonable work, it is not work that the soul itself did not accept as part of the deal, for moving into the physical reality at this time was the choice of Spirit Itself, of each soul that extended itself into physicality.

Ultimately all will return back to Spirit, back into the soul, but this is that golden opportunity now to bring such high level consciousness into one’s physical experience, one’s physical state of being. It is not simply about manifesting material objects, money and fame or fortune or love, as in relationship.  It is about self-awareness, self-understanding, self-appreciation.  And that part of this does indeed very much require that work be done, for as this work occurs within oneself, the awareness increases, the understanding and the wisdom.

That for those many who are indeed doing this inner work, that this Awareness says to you: keep up the good work for you are already starting to see the results and that it is indeed a bright new world that is dawning.  But remember also to be patient with yourselves, to be light on yourselves, to be loving towards yourself, for this is that which will most stimulate further growth for you, will support you on the journey as the world itself starts to shake down, starts to collapse, starts to shift.

That there is much ahead for one and all no matter which perspective they take or have, or which journey they do make for themselves. But that the journey is one of the soul, it always has been, it always will be.

For those who cannot move the energies of negativity, it matters little in some ways, for they too are still having an experience of the soul in the physical and they will realize the totality of this experience when they have left the physical form behind.

But for those many who are expanding themselves into new states of conscious awareness, who are embracing the responsibility of their own inner journey and do not seek evidence only from the outside first and foremost, but look within to create the new environment, the new emotional energetics, the new mental paradigms – that they will find that they are on track, that they are indeed spiritual beings having a most wondrous physical journey.

Thank you very much for that message, Cosmic Awareness, and I also thank you on behalf of all who would hear this message and all who would read it.  Thank you.                            


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