Understanding The Post-Ascension World: The First Trimester of Energetic Development

HJ: Normally I would write a lengthy intro to a message such as this, but there is nothing I can add to it.  All your answers are contained therein.

– Truth

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff | Cosmic Awareness

Good Afternoon, Cosmic Awareness. This is the 19th of February, 2013; we are almost at the two months anniversary since the 21st of December, 2012, a lot of energies coming in, people who are experiencing lots of different things.  Can you give us your comments on how we are progressing and what is happening for us at the moment?  I invoke the Law of Love and the Law of Light.

That this Awareness indeed will offer Its comments as to what is occurring on this planet at this time, two months after that which was the Ascension event of December 21st, 2012. That it is still within the first three-month period of that developmental process that this Awareness has called the “pregnancy of soul” as it is rebirthing itself, changing itself.

That for many, this has brought with it energies of fragmentation, discord, confusion.  That many are struggling with their lives and wondering what is wrong.  Of course the majority of individuals on this planet at this time are not predisposed to deep spiritual reflection or the need to understand what is occurring. For them, they simply view the events as an extension of their lives on this chaotic, confusing planet and are simply struggling to make ends meet, to keep their jobs, to maintain their lifestyles and social status. For them, life goes on much as it was before that event that was the shift in consciousness; and yet even for the masses, the many who are not striving for spiritual understanding and awareness for integration and wholeness, there is still an impression that things are not quite the same.  They are astounded at some of the events that have recently occurred: events such as the meteor  exploding over Siberia in Russia, such as the Pope suddenly announcing he will step down, an unprecedented event that has not occurred for 600 years. There are many other factors that they are seeing unfolding in the 9:00 news every night before their eyes and yet they are still trying to maintain that this is all somehow normal, somehow as it is meant to be; for when one comes from a reality where they have no control, where they are victims to the unfolding circumstances and events around them, there is no attempt to understand or realize that the events that are occurring, they are indeed extraordinary.  They may have a vague and dim sense of this but it is not being put into a perspective, nor do the majority of individuals on the planet attempt to fathom the unfolding events at any deeper level than a surface level.

This is as it needs be, for the majority of souls who are expressing themselves on this earthly plane at this time are here to have the experience of a fragmentation of an old paradigm of reality as it comes apart and unfolds and develops into a new paradigm. They are here for the ride, even if they do not understand what the ride is, or what it entails. Their souls’ need is to have this chaos and disintegration experience as one paradigm of reality breaks apart and comes to an end, as the death throes of civilization as it once was alters into that which will be. The many timelines of that which will be, the many versions of an A/B scenario for many, or of that which would be the continuation of the separation from Divine Consciousness that will be experienced by those souls who need to go down that track. That for many this would involve a sojourn on the track of soul development that will be fulfilled in the planet B scenarios.  Remember always that the soul is eternal, it sends out aspects of itself to have various experiences, even those experiences of extreme separation from the knowing of one’s self, one’s true self, one’s spiritual self. That therefore, those who wish to maintain that they are victims in the unfolding of worldly events, that they are victims in national events, regional events, family events, personal events, will indeed continue to have this experience.

They, as co-creators with the Divine, as creator beings, will create the reality their soul requires and requests. That those who are at that level also indeed reviewed their soul’s progress when that event of Ascension in Consciousness occurred on the 21st of December. They re-affirmed that they wished to continue along the track that they were on and not stepping into their power, not comprehending the greater picture when they returned from that instant of soul reflection, back into the duality consciousness of 3rd dimensionality.  It was the same old, same old, and their world still reflects this for them.

For them, there was no Ascension in that they already were on the timelines they needed to be, even though there was a coalescing of all timelines for that moment of Total Experience. That their timelines are diverging now, more and more, and their realities continue to be a reflection of that which they have affirmed for themselves with that moment of Soul Reflection and in that moment of Soul Reflection.  It is a continuance of their soul’s purpose on the physical realm and therefore the world is much as it has always been. It is these ones that do not necessarily have a sense that things are not what they once were, or that there are energies now present that are disrupting and disturbing, at least no more than has always been the case.  Therefore, this Awareness says of those many of the mass consciousness that is continuing to have a dualistic experience in 3rd Dimensional physicality: things are as they need be. The soul has its wisdom, the aspect that is having the experience will continue to have their experiences of separation, will continue to have experiences where they give their power away to others, be that others in their personal environment and circumstances, others at the regional level or national level, or others at global levels: those who are the dark ones, the elites, the controllers.

But, there is of course another strand that is of more interest to the many who have begun their spiritual journeys and find themselves at this point, two months after the shift in consciousness, still wondering what is occurring, what is happening.  The difference here to the masses, to the many who are simply having the experience  they chose for themselves, the soul chose for its expression and then re-affirmed this with the soul reflection is that they, those who have an understanding and awareness, those who have been seeking higher spiritual expression, are being bombarded at this time with energy that is very difficult, very trying, very confusing.

They are being presented situations where it seems perhaps to many of them that nothing happened but they have a stronger sense within themselves something did happen and now they are trying to understand and determine what has happened. They are in situations where the energies are such that many are feeling strong negative forces or doubt, or pandemonium. They are experiencing physical symptoms and extreme tiredness, and confusion.  This is all part of this preliminary state of affairs that is contained within the first trimester of energetic development.

It is as if a whole new board has been opened up where one can play a new game, but nobody has yet explained the rules, and therefore the rules of the old game are still being applied to the new game that is unfolding.  But the old rules are not the rules of this new game and therefore things are not quite working out or challenges are appearing, or there is a sense of blocked energy or karmic manifestation on an instantaneous level. That this new game is not yet clear and therefore it is natural for many who suspect a new game has come about but do not know how to play it, to be in a state of confusion, doubt, and wonder of what is happening, why things are still so confusing, or so not the case, not the case of the expectations that they may have had going into their experience of Ascension and coming out with the impression that perhaps nothing happened.

They then look to their reality outside of themselves for proof that something happened or as it is now, something is happening.  But the old paradigms, energies are also still being applied when they do this.  When one looks outside of themselves for proof that something happened, that a change occurred, they as creator beings are not stepping into their powers, they are giving these powers away, they are still relying on evidence that is presented through the commercial channels, the controlled media to truly prove that something happened or something is happening.

Every individual who insists that there should be proof in the news of the day or the events that are happening around them fails to understand that the old game is drawing to a close. It is in its death throes. There are major events that are occurring, occurring all around them, occurring in front of them and yet they still do not see what is truly there, they still feel that the external events must show them proof that something happened within them, but of course it does not work this way.

This Awareness can say, it never worked this way but it was the socially accepted understanding and still is amongst the masses whose purpose is not spiritual unfolding.  That in actuality, each human being is a creator being, has always been a creator being. Those who hold that their evidence must be in the outside reality for them to believe are making a serious mistake in that they are giving their power away to the controllers, to the ones who are shaping their reality.  They are still trying very much to believe something happened but it is conditional to the changes they see around them.

The flaw here with the new game that is unfolding is that each creator being does need to recognize that they are the creator being of their lives and the experiences of their lives. They must accept this within themselves to a degree beyond anything they have ever achieved before. The time for talking the talk but not walking the walk, as the saying goes, is past. Those who continue simply to take no action in their creative abilities will find that things are indeed fragmenting around them, disintegrating, falling apart, making no sense.

Those who claim to be in integrity and yet act with no integrity will find that the karmic repercussions will be very swift and harsh, for now it is the time not to simply speak pretty words or hold concepts of Light and Love in a way that are empty. Now is the time to take accountability for your actions, for one’s actions. That this is an extreme moment of integrity for each and every individual, as each and every individual who reviewed their soul’s purpose will see that they did agree to come back into this physical state of existence so that they could integrate the spiritual truths that they rediscovered in that instant of reflection, in that instant of recognition.  That it is no longer appropriate to simply speak about higher consciousness and a bright and beautiful new world without living your life this way, each individual is responsible for creating the reality they are experiencing.  To deny this power of one’s creative ability, to deny the responsibility of living the higher truths, will create situations, is creating situations where individuals, environments are reflecting the discordance of their being. It is a very crucial and important realization that one must be even more responsible than ever before in assuming authority in one’s life, and responsibility of that life and one’s actions.

There are many who are self-professed spiritual workers, Light Workers. There are many who even though profess themselves to be of higher spiritual quality are still not living spiritually in a way where their lives are lives of integrity, honesty and positivity. That these ones are receiving hard lessons and will continue to receive hard lessons of the discrepancy between what one says and what one does. That this is not punishment, it is simply that the stakes have been raised, the game is different, and that which may have helped an individual previously, may have helped them to feel good, is not adequate any longer.  That they must live their Truths, they must raise themselves to the new stakes and the new game that is unfolding.  To bring into this game the old rules and to try to live by them will not have success.  There will be greater disappointment and the creation of timelines that will continue to reinforce the separation from Spirit, not its unification.

It is for this reason that this Awareness says that even though it is only two months into this developmental birthing process of the new expression of the individual soul, that it is of extreme importance to begin to truly see where one is only talking the talk but not walking the walk, is not manifesting the higher reality, does not believe yet that they are creator beings and that which they are experiencing is the sum total of their belief system and the energies that they are putting out to manifest that which is believed in.

If one is still seeking proof outside of one’s self, if one is still looking to the 9:00 news to validate one and provide one the reason to believe, then one has missed the boat. That one does not need to look outside of one’s self, one needs to look inside. That this is the most essential timeframe where the opportunity is being presented for individuals to do their inner work, to look at the very issues that still separate them from a Divine Acceptance of themselves, versus that which is an extrapolation of themselves in the dualistic reality that presents itself around them, outside of them.

That as one looks outside and feels that there are no changes, or that the negative ones still are in charge, they are reinforcing within themselves the belief that they have no power and no capacity to create their reality. In the acceptance of an outside reality as valid they will simply use the energies of their creative nature to create this as their reality. It will continue to perpetuate itself and one will move down the timeline where this will remain so and the outside ones, the controllers, be they the Orion/Reptilians, be they the President and Government of the United States, or one’s clergy, or one’s family, that they will still be in power over one and one will continue to have this as their soul experience in the physical, for there are lessons to be learned.  This equally does apply to those spiritual seekers who cannot seem to shift in a way that gives credence to that which they profess to believe in: that they are spiritual beings.  But if one plays the old game, they will still have the old experiences, even if a new game is unfolding.


That this Awareness realizes how difficult it is for many to truly believe themselves, to be such wondrous beings, such creator beings that can alter their reality, that can recreate a new world and life for themselves. What is required is Trust; trust that it is so, willingness to follow this trust, courage to step forward each day and then ultimately, confidence that it is so, a new world is dawning, that a new world is unfolding. That this level of new perception, new understanding, new courage is that which is now required, even though the evidence around one does not seem at this stage to support this as being so. In fact this is exactly why it so difficult for many.  When they look around themselves, it does seem to many that it is still the same old game and here this Awareness is asking them to believe and trust that it is not the same game, that new energies are available, that a new prerequisite is now the case. A prerequisite of strong belief, strong trust that despite the seeming evidence that nothing is happening, that it is not so; and to have this pre-requisite of new faith, new trust, is the greatest challenge for all as they move beyond the old paradigms, the old game, as they step into that which is unfolding but is not yet complete.

To help in this journey to acquire the new prerequisites of trust and faith, of courage and confidence, this Awareness does ask one and all to suspend belief in that alleged evidence that nothing is happening, to suspend belief that the old is still in control.  That this offering of a new acronym that this Awareness would now present, is to help one and all to start shifting, even more strongly, even more powerfully.

This Awareness wishes now to offer an acronym for the word Trust for the purpose and for the intent of helping individuals look at their reality differently and to see things differently. That It offers TRUST as Tangible Realization and Understanding of Spiritual Truths.  What this means is that when one has a realization and understanding of Spirit and Spiritual Truths, that it can be in a tangible form, it can be in a real form that has relevancy and purpose to each and every individual. Tangible Realization and Understanding of Spiritual Truths will always lead one to perceptions that exceed the old perceptions of reality.  That having this form of Trust, this level of trust is more than that which was intangible previously, where one was simply told to have Trust but with no explanation of how to live in Trust that things were shifting, things were changing, as they are.

That when each and every individual undergoes periods and moments of doubt and confusion, that one remembers to have Trust, to have that tangible realization and understanding that Spiritual Truths are not invisible but very visible, very tangible, very real.  Remember also, that it is still early on in the process of unfolding, and the process of this new soul birth that is underway. That there is a need for patience as well as trust and that as each and every individual practices patience, holds trust, that they will begin to see the changes that are occurring around them.

For those who have already a much stronger sense that there are changes happening around them, who are already living with this new Trust, who hold patiently to the knowledge and knowing that this is a process that is underway, even if they do not seem to see the evidence strongly around them; that these ones are indeed ones who have accomplished the higher degree of integration with the soul moment of reflection.  For those with the higher sense of trust that they are already living from, they will indeed be noticing many wondrous and wonderful examples of the changes that are occurring around them, that are reflected in their experiences and in their reality.

For those of you who are experiencing this, this Awareness affirms to you that you are on the right track and that your perceptions are indeed correct. That the old is falling away, but it is still going through a process of disintegration and it is not happening easily.  But in your realities, it does not matter, for as you stay focused on your inward journey, as you do the work that is required to unify the High Self, the Middle Self and the Low Self, as you make this the contingency of your world on a daily basis, you find that the world begins more and more to reflect the inner perceptions and not vice versa. Your reality is shifting greatly, new examples presented daily, even from moment to moment as to how things are indeed shifting, how the new reality is forming the new game and unfolding.  Remember that in your moment of soul reflection, you stepped forward, you stepped beyond that which was the old norm, the old perception.  You stepped into your ascended natures, you did move to heightened consciousness, to planet A awareness and there is that portion of you that resides there even now.  That portion that is having an Earthly experience in a dualistic physical reality is that portion of your ascended consciousness that has chosen to remain here, to assist here, to be of service to the continuance of the process of unfolding to heightened consciousness.

That you are beginning to acquire more and more 5th Dimensional consciousness and it is moving into full conscious awareness that will be available 24/7, that will be available in each and every moment.  At this time, only two months into this new process, this birthing process, it is more in starts and stops that you are experiencing 5th Dimensional awareness and realizations.  Small glimpses, small understandings and revelations of your higher consciousness is learning to express itself in this lower 3rd Dimensional state of reality. This Awareness does not need to ask you to be patient, for you already recognize that this is a slow process due to it being played out on the 3rd Dimensional physical strata of consciousness. You hold that patience but work also with the new concept of TRUST, that being tangible realization of understanding of spiritual truths.  This is strong within you already, let it become even stronger.  Know that each day that you proceed forward will bring new magic, new miracles, new hope into your reality or your experiencing of reality; for it is shifting and changing quickly now for you and it may even be difficult for you to understand how it could be that many are still struggling so, many are still insisting there are no changes, nothing has happened.

Realize that each individual is at the exact place they need to be.  That friends and family may not perceive as you do, may not understand as you do, that this tremendous leap forward has occurred. Do not try to convince them, do not argue with them, for it is not perhaps their journey. Instead, live your own life, focus on creating your inner reality and allow this process to be that which is your stance, that which is your presentation to others.  You do not need to debate others that you are correct, that there is something happening, for they are immersed in their perspectives of reality. That there is no need to try to teach those who are closed, those who are unteachable, but as you live your life, as you become a strong creator in the new reality that is forming, those who have within themselves a capacity to shift and look and move, to grow and learn will see your Truth, will understand that there is something different about how you hold reality, how you manifest reality. Those will be the ones who seek you, those will be the ones who are open to learn, to discuss, to hear, to contemplate, that they may be able to move themselves, not because you have tried to convince them, but simply because you are living the truth of that which is the new reality, that which is influenced from beyond the marginal consciousness, beyond the physical parameters of existence.

Therefore to those who are seeing their lives as an unfolding, who are excited, who are anxious to move forward; continue on for you are already manifesting your higher state of consciousness. Be aware, of course, that there is timing in all and that the timing is moving forward now into the third month of that which is the trimester of the birth process of the soul and that you will learn more and more, day by day, and become stronger and stronger in your ability and power to manifest your physical reality, and that for you it is a wondrous and joyous adventure indeed.

It is indeed. Thank you very much Cosmic Awareness.

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  1. Learning to trust has been pretty hard for me, learning to step into my own power has been one heck of a learning curve, but I’ve been seeing shifts in things like my own artwork (understandable considering that these are peice of my inner world being given external form by my own hand), actaully going back and looking at anything I’ve been seeing shifts in my consciousness recently. There is so much I know is coming in the next few months and years that I’m looking forward to, and so many challenges that I’m wondering how I can rise to meet.

  2. This was confirmation of TRUST on my walk. They say the teacher shows up when the student is ready and to find this today gives me the Phd papers in my “walk” on this spiritual level of understanding of the creative powers each of us have been gifted with. The message has always been resonating in and through and around me to TRUST. I have, and will continue, therefore,,,,,,I AM. Thank you. This was an excellent paper.

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