The Ascended Masters: Societal Conditioning, the Ego Complex and Difficult Life Lessons

Ascended Masters via Wes Annac

Are you beginning now to feel the sweeping energies of 2012, which are to act further upon the drastic shift of your consciousness that has been on a set course since before your incarnation into the bodies you currently inhabit? We feel that many of you are experiencing difficulties and traumas, the proportions of which are so vast that you did not think you would be tested in such incredibly difficult ways.


This is why Earth has been called a Master planet many times, as the lessons which are set for you to learn throughout your venture out of the low vibrations have been especially more difficult than the lessons on many other worlds. You are now in a time of intense acceleration, and waiting just beyond the horizon of the difficulties many of you continue to experience in accordance with your Life plans, are the heavenly feelings that you have been so desperately wishing to feel again as you begin to remember them from your past ascensions.


Throughout these past few years and even decades, many of you have [seemingly] continually met with experiences that you would never conceive the difficulty of; as you stay stationed in one state of consciousness so to speak, you begin to feel comfortable in that one area of consciousness, and you begin to feel that you are exactly where you need to be in terms of the knowledge and Love alike that you are gaining. With such an accelerated ascension timetable, the time in which you grow from one state of consciousness to another, more pure state [again, in accordance with your Life plans] is on a very rushed schedule.


The accelerated ascension of Earth is yet another reason why Her surface is especially difficult to be incarnate on. While you already deal with many ‘little’ struggles throughout your daily Lives, many of you are noticing and have noticed for some time that you are also having vastly more painful experiences, experiences that serve to open up parts of yourselves that have been kept locked away for various reasons, most of which having to do with fear of who is really inside of that body-temple of yours. Many souls who were incarnate in Atlantis are now incarnate on the surface of Earth, having made their journey through the lower vibrations of Earth throughout hundreds and for some, thousands of Lives.


There is a common practice with many on your world; that is, to build up an ego, or should we say alter-ego complex that serves to take one away from the true Star Light that is them. Much of the ego surrounds what society dictates, which is unfortunate because the dictators of society are in many cases the very souls who had convinced the majority of the Atlanteans to make war with Lemuria through lies, fear and trickery of course. The ego complex of many on your world is built in a way that your general society will accept, and this is defined differently throughout the different countries of your world. The most prevalent building-up of false ego takes place, of course, in the United States.


As one grows in age and is fed a steady mental and spiritual diet of everything that society approves of, and nothing that it doesn’t, the ego complex is built around all that will help one find acceptance in your admittedly rejection-fueled world. As the souls of the United States have in many ways been the most conditioned souls [and much of the time, this conditioning is fed by mental and emotional residue left over from the deceit and brainwashing that took place in Atlantis] they are the most likely souls to have a very built-up and continually fed ego complex.


The majority of the souls in parts of the United States who are the most controlled have from birth, had nothing but the conditioning and always-prevalent egotism of others to Live their Lives and philosophies by. Many souls in other countries around the world see the United States and all who Live there as cancerous to the world, ‘stupid’ and so on. We ask you dear souls, do those attitudes have the make of unconditional Love? Does the Golden Rule of Loving another as you Love yourself come into play at all with such opinions? It is very important for many of you who are the most against the United States and the souls who Live there that many see as ‘stupid’ know that indeed, the majority of that country is conditioned to think, feel and act a certain way.


This goes right back to the egotism and prevalent cultural influences that condition one to think, act and behave a certain way. Indeed, there are freedoms in the United States that are not enjoyed in plenty of other countries at present, but these freedoms have been diminishing with legislation, some secret and some rationalized to the point where many get behind it, and the freedoms also come with a price. When growing up in certain parts of the United States, souls are expected by their society to act and think a certain way.

Many souls in the United States have in fact awoken from the illusions and veils placed before their eyes, and especially many souls know and understand that the Bush administration and in fact many of those ‘related’ to such families, are criminals and have kept the world further feeding the most intense and dense of low vibrations, mainly by funding wars and promoting hatred of others because they possess differences in opinion, differences in sexual attraction and even  because they are a different color than the thought to be [by the elites] ‘all-supreme’, ‘white’ people.


A god complex has been built up around the various families who have maintained global control. Having been given access to ancient wisdoms and prophecies, they have assumed it upon themselves to fulfill these prophesies as well as study the lower dimensional energy and phenomenon that can be brought into reality with such energies. Indeed, some of the most prevalent and closely guarded studies are of the black arts, and doing things through their interactions with fourth density-negative that are still thought to be impossible by the majority of souls incarnate on Earth.


Even many souls who are awakening and finding the higher realms for themselves as well as finding us souls who inhabit such higher realms, are going to have trouble digesting and believing some of the things that are and have always been possible. Creation is infinite dear souls, and there is absolutely nothing one can think of or conjure up in one’s mind that does not already exist. Think upon this, dear souls, and do not limit yourselves in any way as to what to expect when major revelations of what truly is possible to do in this reality you find yourselves in burst through to the general public.

The Life lessons you have been fully immersed in have been and for some, may continue to get more intense until the bond to the lower dimensions is broken in many of you. Again, this involves searching deep within oneself, perhaps encountering fears, guilts and shames, and for some even outright horrors from your past, and forgiving, truly forgiving yourselves and all involved in the hardships that in many cases have been quite difficult. Until you are able to do this, dear souls, you will find yourselves met with lessons that will serve to try to awaken those parts of yourselves that have been kept locked away for so long.


Until our next communication, we remind you to call upon your guides to be with you, to help explain to you the lessons you are learning in a manner that you can understand, and to wrap you with our Loving energies of Grace and Care. We Love you all so very much, we always have and we always will.

Thank you to the Ascended Masters.

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