February 2016 Horoscope – Astrological Psychology

By Dr. Ron Holman | Discerning Wisdom


Written in Twilight Language which Incorporates Spelling & Other Grammatical Intentions

Aries – 3/21 – 4/19

Abundance is Now Available, Present and Coming to you Aries. You already know that your Success of Abundance is happening in spite of your proclivity to Fight and to Be Prepared to Fight; which comes from a time when Fighting was required, helpful and necessary, so you believed. In Spite of all this your Awareness is what bring you to the decision making point over and over with you choosing to move forward with less Energy to Fight! Consciousness with Inn is becoming to you and as soon as you allow yourself to ‘Be’ inn the Void you will move much more rapidly toward a World View and your Inner Voice will Blossom Hugely. The Master with Inn is there and Your Recognizing the Master with Inn will come closer as you are willing to Be that Master! It is your Creativity that has supported your flight from Fighting and being prepared to Fight toward and inn to the Void which yields more and more Courage as you practice!

Taurus – 4/20 – 5/20

Now is the time to allow your friendliness to be expressed everywhere it is safe to be expressed! At Starbucks, at the Market, at a Gas Station etc. During this time there is a Flowering Going on that you Recognize and as your Friendliness is Recognized and Expressed there is an inter-twining on many dimensions taking place inn your favor! Your Creativity will Spring forth and Blossom beyond your wildest dreams; so go for it! The Field of All Possibilities is a place you surrender to and have come from for some time. During this time of Friendliness there can, must, will be and Explosion of Helpful and Useful aspects, tools, and skills that work inn your favor and moves you closer to fulfill your life purpose. Be Prepared Inn the Future to have the Mind try to step Inn and take control. As you notice and surrender that Need, you finish a Huge Piece; a Completion of Epic Proportions. This Completion unleashes an Intensity inn the Subtle Realms that you will find most delightful! Enjoy!!

Gemini – 5/21 – 6/20

The Great Opportunity for you Gemini is the ease with which Integration of Seemingly Impossible parts, factors and circumstances Occur! This Integration has begun to happen due to the Trust beyond Question that you have implemented and practice! As you move to a higher level of Integration and Trust you will find comfort and peace Being Alone. This Experience of Aloneness is way different than before and can, will, must bring you Inn to deeper integration as your comfort with Inn yourself becomes more like Bed rock! Your Success and Willingness to Be Applauded accounts for much of your Integration because of your understanding of Spiritual Principles; keep up the good work! All of this bring you to a place Inn the near future that you will discover with Inn that has childlike Innocence; untouched, unblemished, infinitely PURE!

Cancer – 6/21 – 7/22

For you Cancers to achieve the Realization of Experiencing the ‘Lovers with Inn’ you must continue to Integrate as you gain insight and understanding, letting go just as quickly as you realize the blessings that have arrived. You must continue to trust when the evidence on the outer and thoughts Inn your mind screams NO ‘ONLY’ though when your Heart says ‘YES’. Your Participation leaves room for you to ramp up your practices; get busy!

The ONE thing is the Politics that are constantly there in this place of Duality! What you hold up as your Public Image and the Way You Used to Be are the Facts that cause you to consider, doubt and question ‘at times of stress’. As you pick at the parts of yourself this picking is an indication that there is room, space and a calling from your Soul for you to deepen you look and Participation Inn Focusing On what is behind the part that you are picking on! Your past practices are aiding you to Slow Down-this is good and the Feeling of Being the Out-Sider is there held by the young child with Inn! This Child Heals as s/he is invited and actually dances Inn Celebration of the Journey. As your child with Inn Celebrates there is a ‘Going with the Flow’ of What Is that supports and guides you around & over the Political Boulders eventually Resulting in Finding the Building Material as the Blocks are dissolved!

Leo – 7/23 – 8/22

Stop putting on the Act because you are wearing yourself out, wasting time and entertaining those that have no ‘sight’. It is your Awareness to see behind the ‘Veils’ that are there for you and it is up to you to put that In-Sight Inn to Work. It is well known that acquiring the Understanding as to when to take Flight is Tricky given all the Stressors Involved; family, friends, work etc! However, it is important for you to launch yourself up and out of the cage you have become comfortable living Inn! For some time you have been supported from a place you peek Inn to periodically; the Void! Trust me the Void is a place of many blessings and miracles. Next time you take a Peek actually sit Inn the Deep and meditate Inn the Deep; nest like a chicken and you will open up the Infinite with Inn. All this Prepares you for the Political Influences Coming Inn the Future. Do this Now, and as the future arrives your Creativity, Emerging from the Void, delivers Amazing Political Solutions and the Spiritual Maturity Comes to you Inn a Profound and Delightful Way.

Virgo – 8/23 – 9/22

Due to your Courage you Virgo find your self-surrounded with the Energy that Produces Growth Inn the most unlikely ‘Set of Circumstances’; get Curious! You have learned to Integrate circumstances & experiences Inn to your Conscious Awareness in a Masterful Way! You are held back, good to know, though, by subtle needs to Compare yourself to others and to Compare the Present to the Past! This Need comes from the Past and a Burden you are carrying. Due to your strength and fortitude you continue to Trudge forward and unlock the Intensity of the Light with Inn. The Totality of All that Is, Was and Will/Can/Must BE is already available to you; look around! Call Out, Shout Out to Be ‘Let Go Of’ by Attachments to the Past, Safety, Relationships, Money, Work etc. Your Participation is scheduled to move Inn to a Dynamic Participatory Balance as you ‘Let Go’. The Breakthroughs you have already Had are Indications and Evidence for you to ‘Let It All Go’!

Inn the Future your Life feels like a Re-Birth another life Emerging from this Life. You Rise above the Burden which causes you to Roar at Others! Your need to Fight and your need to Be Prepared to Fight Dissolves in the Light of Your Creative Understanding which Lifts you Inn to Flight and a New Spiritual Maturity Comes Forth!

Libra – 9/23 – 10/22

What a Blessing you Libra are Surrounded with at this Time. Receptivity without Question or Doubt has arrived from the Essence of Existence which you are familiar with. Keep up the good work, we need more from you. The Awareness that has opened up is just the beginning! Hold Tight to your discipline and much more Awareness Opens! Breaking Free from your Conditioning has served you well and has resulted in your Receptivity. There is more Conditioning for you to examine, undue and to shed which is really good news. Good News because the Conditioning you have already shed has brought you to an exalted place with Inn. Inn the Future you are Finding the Lovers with Inn which is a Completion that Prepares you to have relationships of Higher Order.

Sagittarius – 11/22 – 12/21

The work you have already done has delivered the ground from which a Completion is taking place! This Completion is actually the softening of the sense of being pulled apart. It is the end to feeling like you are equally pulled Inn two equally important directions! It is the end of feeling like you are unsure, unclear and ill prepared to decide your life purpose and/or how to proceed. This is occurring due to your turning Inn Ward and as you have consistently turned Inn Ward more and more patience with yourself has come! Along with this Completion the unknown and unexpected Blessing is a Healing Inn your Energy Systems and Communication Abilities. It is you Creativity that sparks the Completion and the Healing because you have learned to Turn Inn Ward! As all of these shifts, changes, completions and healings settle inn the Future Blessing is to an increased Degree the Ability to Trust your Heart when the outward circumstances and the Mind Scream NO!

Capricorn – 12/22 – 1/19

Now that there is a degree of Enlightened maturity you Capricorn are able to ‘Trust’ what you perceive, hear, sense with much more ease and comfort! This is an important part of your advancement and leads to a New Level of Vision that arises from the Ashes of your Past! Burning the bindings of conditioning, physical habit, mental habit, societal conditioned habit is all Inn your heart! Your attention to your heart has caused you to advance! Equally Important, keep it up, is your ability to Be Playful! Being Playful Integrates Life Inn ways and with People that are seen and unseen, yet, surely important to completing smaller imbalances from the Past! Remember all interactions are Exquisitely Arranged by Consciousness for a Purpose! Be Playful, Smile, Laugh, Be Curjous as often as possible with Sales People, when you are in line at the market, at a stop light etc. Awakening inn the depth of your heart the Infinite Innocence will come to you which will blow your sox off! Most Adults find it hard to believe or understand how they can be ‘Innocent’ again!

Aquarius – 1/20 – 2/18

Now during this time you Aquarius Must Travel either ‘Inn Wardle’ or geographically! Inn either eventuality you will discover that what you seek Is already there! Noticing and Discovering are birds of a feather that are with Inn You! Your need to Be Inn Control, yes need to be Inn control, shows itself from time to time; even though you have worked on this ‘need’ a lot already! The Rebel with Inn has spurred you to move forward Inn spite of this need to be Inn control and as a result of moving forward In the Face of Fear, your inner Guidance has begun to come forth; much more is available as you continue to Practice Moving forward Inn the Face of Fear! From the Past much about the Present can be understood and Inn examining current imbalances, such as the Need to Be Inn Control, you unlock more and more Inner Guidance! Be Playful as you continue to move forward Inn the Face of Fear. Playfulness is a very helpful Tool that breads up the Tension with Inn you and Inn the outer circumstances! This path of action leads you to the Patience necessary to Give Birth to Your Deepest Spiritual Goal! Certainly Patience is Necessary to be able to Marinate Inn the Depths of ‘Beingness’ Inn the Present!

Pisces – 2/19 – 3/20

Conditioning is a constant factor until One does the Conditioning rather than acts Upon past Conditioning or Receives Conditioning from the Present! Continuing to Look at ways to loosen the bonds of Conditioning and as you know the Field of Possibilities Opens More & More! The Factor that is a bit obscured is the Factor Morality Plays Inn your Unfolding! Being a Lover must be dealt with Inn a Knew and Enlightened Way. The Lover with Inn and having a Lover another are equally available to advance the unfolding of Consciousness Inn your Body! All of your Energy Centers have a Male & Female Energy for you to bond with: as a servant, friend, sibling, lover and as your very own self! As you work on these relationships with Inn you will for sure awaken the Thunder with Inn. What you knew as Orgasm will expand a thousand fold! It is Your  Great Courage that has supported you inn shedding conditioning that was laid upon you as a very young child before you had a chance to agree or disagree. Inn the Future you will Be more Equipped to Stop and Notice what is Already there!

Dr. Ron Holman has traveled the world for over 30 years studying the healing practices of indigenous peoples researching the phenomenon of spontaneous remission of disease. He has studied with many many teachers, learned many healing techniques, sat with world famous healers, miracle men, a few charlatans, two black magicians, and well-meaning yet inept teachers before he was gifted from the Lord the ability to see what is behind a person; in other words where they get their juice. In 2010 Dr. Ron went to India where he has been many times to study with Ma Gyaana Suvera who has been teaching Tarot for 40 years. After the first day Ma said to Swaha, ‘you are as good as my students that have been reading for 20 years’. After the second day Ma said, ‘you are as good as me’ and asked Swaha for a reading. It seems that Swaha awakened to 1,000 years of Tarot Wisdom in two days.  Visit his website: www.Discerning-Wisdom.com | Swaha@Discerning-Wisdom.com | 818-298-6100

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