10 Powerful Ways to Improve, Expand and Evolve Your Life in 2016

HJ: Start 2016 off on the right foot with these powerful changes and tweaks that will massively improve your quality of life, happiness and joy in the new year.

– Truth

By James Van Praagh


It never fails. Every January, when you open up a magazine or click on your Facebook page you see dozens of articles, videos and blogs chock full of ideas on how to improve yourself in the New Year. It can be a little overwhelming!

I’m all for self improvement and being the very best you can be – but I don’t believe the key to happiness necessarily lies in losing those last 5 pounds, balancing your checkbook to the penny, or having a perfectly organized garage.

As a medium, I have been blessed with insight from the Spirit world. The souls that speak to me have spent time reviewing their lives, and are watching from the Spirit realm – observing the shadows that their past words and deeds have cast on those they have left behind. They have wisdom to share with the living about just what it takes to have a healthier mind, body and spirit.

From the Spirit people to you – here are ten ways to improve your life in 2016:

1) Resolve to love and accept yourself just as you are

Banish negative self-talk; your words and your thoughts have tremendous power!  When you’re eyeing yourself critically in the mirror, remember that even the most beautiful models and actors have flaws – and that, flaws and all, you are an amazing creature worthy of LOVE! When you make this shift to love and accept yourself, you’ll find that you are able to love and accept others in the same way – which will have a positive ripple effect on everyone around you!

2) Take time to nourish your spirit

What makes you feel connected with Spirit? For some people its yoga or meditation, and for others it’s taking a walk or watching the sunset. Others feed their souls through art or music.  This year, vow to do more of whatever puts you in touch with your higher self.

3) Be conscious of the company you keep

Some people bring out the best in us, while others have a negative, toxic effect. Don’t spend another unnecessary moment with energy vampires, or people who pull you down. Be aware of how you feel after spending time with people, and make your choices accordingly.

4) Enjoy this beautiful planet and do your part to preserve it

Even if you spend most of your time indoors, make it a point to step outside and look at the sky, or walk in the grass and ground yourself. Take small steps to take care of the earth, reducing your fuel consumption, recycling, or planting a tree or garden.

5) Get out of your rut and mix things up a little

Take a class and meet new people while you learn something new. Travel somewhere you’ve never been, but have been curious about. One thing the Spirit people have taught me is to enjoy your time here on Earth, and take the opportunity to explore everything that life has to offer.

6) Keep a gratitude journal

The best way to shift your perspective and manifest what you desire is to acknowledge what’s already GOOD in your life. Keep a gratitude journal and list what you’re thankful for, or say a grateful prayer as soon as you open your eyes in the morning.

7) Honor your body

You don’t have to be perfectly fit, but you’ll feel better if you treat your body with love and respect. Exercise and healthy food will make you feel better, inside and out!

8) Be honest about your emotions

Life’s too short to keep everything inside. Don’t push your feelings down – express them – even if it’s just to yourself. Repressed emotions make us sick mentally, spiritually and physicals so let those feelings out!

9) Be aware of the impact your actions have on the people you love

Spirit people often look down and see the effect that their words and actions have had on others. A father who never expressed love to his children might observe that the children he left behind feel unlovable and insecure. Don’t leave this world with regrets – cherish the important people in your life!

10) Replace fear with love

If I can leave you with one message, it’s to fear less and love more. Love is our natural frequency, and when love wins out over fear, we all win!

Learn from the perspective of the Spirit people – as they look back on their lives with 20-20 hindsight, they have so much wisdom to share.

I wish you love, health and happiness in 2016!

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