How to Turn Your Dreams and Goals From Wishful Thinking Into Your Everyday Reality

HJ: How do you actualize your dreams and life goals?  How do you transform them from ethers in your imagination to your tangible everyday reality? There are many philosophies in this regard but when all is said and done, Nanice Ellis has done a wonderful job of summarizing the primary core principles of pretty much all the best dream and goal achievement techniques that I have ever seen.

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Manifesting Your Grand Dream

By Nanice Ellis |


In my recent article Living The Grand Dream, I wrote about how we each possess a key for personal transformation in the dreams that we hold, and when we begin to listen to those dreams, transformation begins to unfold.

Well what if I told you that all that separates you from your dream are five simple keys? When each of these essential keys are activated, you invoke the power of the Universe on your behalf and the whole world conspires with you – to make your dream a reality.

As a life coach who specializes in dream manifestation, this is what I have learned, in over 20 years, working with thousands of people all over the world…

Dream Realization – Manifesting Your Grand Dream

1 – What is Your Dream?

The first step in realizing your dream is to clearly identify it, and understand why this dream is important to you. Sometimes we have a dream because we believe that in the attainment of that dream, we will acquire something that we desire, like money, status or fame. If you are only pursuing a dream in order to acquire a result, the dream is probably not authentic.

Authentic dreams are pursued and fulfilled for the love of the dream itself and not for any self-serving result. This doesn’t mean that in fulfilling your dream there won’t be positive results for you – there actually should be great rewards for you, but the rewards will be a by-product, rather than the goal.

If you are pursuing a dream because you believe that it will please your mother, for example, or it will bring you approval by others, it might be a good idea to re-examine your dream. If your dream is based on something that you believe that you “should” do or if it is motivated by obligation, you might want to pause to question your dream as well.

If you discover that your dream is based on inauthentic motivation, don’t be afraid to let go of your dream so that there is space for your authentic dream to appear and make itself known to you. After you strip away the inauthentic, you might discover that you still have the same dream; but without the external pressure and motivation, the dream now originates from sustainable inspiration.

Once you uncover your authentic dream, your first call to action is to simply dream about it through your imagination. Even if you only know a little piece of it, begin there and use your imagination to fill in the details. Your imagination is an ingenious built-in technology for exploring possibilities, and it can grant you access into hidden worlds and glorious possible futures.

The use of imagination can save you time and energy, and can accelerate the manifestation of your dream. Your imagination can also demonstrate what you don’t want so that you can clarify what you do want. The greatest inventors and creators of all times used their imagination before ever beginning any projects.

Your imaginative powers allow you to fine tune your dream by mentally exploring various possibilities until you discover a dream that fits for you. And, yes, there is a dream with your name on it!

2 – Beliefs: the Foundation of Your Dream

The realization of every dream begins with a thought in your imagination, but in order for a dream to materialize there needs to be a strong belief that supports the dream. Keep in mind that every dream will have beliefs that support the dream and beliefs that stop the dream from materializing. It is in your highest interest to understand all the beliefs that you hold about your dream.

The key is to address the non-supportive beliefs and release them or shift them and to enhance the supportive beliefs.
Your beliefs are the source of your inner chatter and automatic affirmations, like, “I can do it” or “this is too much to handle.” Every time you affirm that you can do something, a supportive belief inflates and you are elevated to a level of aligning with your dream. Every time you affirm that it is too much to handle, you mis-align with your dream. Remember, beliefs are simply a series of thoughts that we believe. The simplest way to shift a belief is to DROP any and all thoughts that do not support your objective (dream). When you drop these disempowering thoughts enough times, a threshold is met and the negative belief begins to lose power. Hence, the more you affirm empowering beliefs through your conscious affirmations and intentional focus, the stronger those beliefs will become.

To manifest that which you desire, it is imperative to believe that it is already done. Sometimes we are very clear in our convictions and it is easy to believe our desires into reality, but other times, Fears, Objections and Doubt (aka FOD) arise and our ability to believe is less than stellar.


Big or small, most dreams bring up fears. Having fear in relation to your dream is natural and normal and is not an indication of whether or not, you can achieve your dream. Having said this, take a good look at all your fears in relation to your dream. Many of the rational fears on your list might be addressed by gaining more information or making the right contacts; for example, getting funding or finding someone who can provide a particular service.

If this is the case, it is best to handle each concern accordingly without hesitating and making issues bigger than they are. Of course, there are irrational fears which are likely linked to deeper issues, such as lack of confidence or low self-esteem. It would be nice to say, first gain the confidence and self-esteem and then get on with your dream, but that doesn’t really work.

The key to overcoming irrational fear is to consciously grow your dream and your desire for your dream larger than the fear. If your desire is greater than your fear, nothing will stop you, and as you move toward your dream, and take action, you will naturally gain the confidence and esteem that you lacked pre-dream. Fan the flames of your dream, and the fire will put out the fears.


Everyone who has ever had a dream has also had objections to pursuing or living that dream. Objections are all the reasons why we shouldn’t pursue our dream and why it is not possible. If you push your objections underneath the carpet, they will eventually trip you, so it is best to deal with your objections head on. Sometimes just paying attention to your objections will allow them to dissolve on their own. But, if you have a stubborn objection, chances are, there is an underlying belief that is manifesting in this objection. If this is the case, uncover that belief and deal with it directly.

For example, if one of your objections is that you need more education in order to fulfill your dream, pay attention to this objection. Is it really true or is it an excuse to put off your dream? If you discover that you really do need more education in order to fulfill your dream, than move in that direction, but if you discover that your dream does not depend on future degrees, then let go of this objection, and move forward.


Doubt is another form of fear and, although doubt, in itself, appears benign, doubt is like the apocalypse to a dream. Even a little doubt can take down the structure of your dream and reduce it to rubble. If you decide to pursue your dream, there is no room for doubt. This means consciously choosing to ignore doubt whenever it rears its doubt-ridden little head. Recognize the voice of doubt and take all its power away, by consciously choosing not to give it energy. If circumstances indicate that your dream is doubtful, don’t give in to the doubt. Instead use those circumstances as opportunities to dream even bigger, beyond the barrier of doubt.

As you release and overcome non-supportive beliefs, it is vitally essential to develop and enhance positive, dream-affirming beliefs that will create a foundation for the building of your dream. It is a good idea to spend time every day feeding your supportive beliefs, as well as surrounding yourself with people who believe in you and believe in your dream.

3 – Align with Your Dream

In order to materialize your dream, you must align with it. This means energetically becoming the future you who already has the dream.

When we say yes to a dream, life responds by saying yes in return, but if we are not a vibrational match to that dream, life also responds with challenges. Challenges are intrinsically designed, in such a way, that as you overcome them, you naturally grow and evolve into the future you who is aligned with your dream. In other words, challenges are opportunities for growth that support the realization of your dream.

Who are you now in comparison to who you must be in order to realize your dream? For example, if the person in your dream communicates masterfully, but you currently do not communicate well, life will present you with specific challenges. In overcoming these challenges, your communication skills grow. The more you are aligned with your dream, the less challenges required to align you, so, it makes sense to consciously do whatever it takes to become a vibrational match to your dream.

When you think of yourself living your dream, who are you? What attributes, energy and qualities do you possess?

If you can determine the gaps or discrepancies between where you are and where you need to be, you can take conscious action in order to initiate the necessary growth. In other words, instead of waiting for life to give you opportunities to grow into confidence, for example, you take the initiative and you put your attention and intention on gaining and achieving confidence.

Your dream can materialize in an exponential manner if you can now take on all aspects of who you will be in your dream. Your work is in becoming the future you who is already experiencing the dream.

4 – Commit to Your Dream

Your greatest power is the Power of Choice and this means that you must choose yourself for the starring role of your dream. Only you can do this and your dream depends on it.

It is equally important that you commit to your dream for however long it takes for your dream to materialize. There is something about this unconditional commitment that accelerates the amount of time in which it takes to realize your dream. If you are willing to “give up” your dream if it does not happen in a certain period of time, the amount of time and effort required in attaining your dream increases.

Your dedicated commitment to your dream plugs you into the Universe in such a way that everything lines up with synchronicity and synergy. The Universe likes unconditional commitment.

Committing to your dream requires both intention and attention. The intention is in the underlying emotional and energetic choice to fulfill your dream while the attention is the tangible manifestation of your intention, and it is demonstrated through your daily focus and inspired actions.

5 – Take Inspired Action

Once your dream is clear and you have chosen yourself for your dream, it is time to take inspired action. This is not just action for the sake of taking action or checking off the logical “to do” list. This is action that comes through inspiration. Inspired action is personal guidance given to you by the greater part of you that already knows how the dream unfolds.

In order to receive this guidance, it is essential that you spend quiet time each day in contemplation of your dream and that you are receptive to any and all intuitive hits that may guide you in the right direction. It might be calling an old friend, reading a book, going to a gathering, or asking someone for help. By following inspired guidance, the process to realizing your dream is accelerated by the creative power of the All-Knowing Universe.

Your Dream Grows

As you pursue your dream, don’t be surprised if your dream changes or grows. Sometimes we can only imagine the beginning stages of a dream but as we move into it and life unfolds, we are shown or called to an even bigger dream. The point is, your dream is not stagnate. Your dream is meant to grow and you are meant to grow with your dream – and for your dream. Above all, Enjoy the Journey.

Nanice Ellis has been a professional Life Coach for over 17 years, successfully coaching women and men from all over the world. Nanice coaches people to live their dreams, bridging the gap from the imagination of a dream to the realization of that dream. By using powerful and proven manifestation techniques, she teaches people how to tap into the power of the Universe. Nanice is also a Theta Healer and Master Neuro Linguistic Practitioner.

Nanice’s very unique coaching style is often referred to as the “Nanice Effect”. Helping people to make quantum jumps in their lives, Nanice works with leaders, coaches, healers and anyone who wants to live life to the fullest. The coaching programs offered include: Live Your Dream Coaching Program… Manifestation Breakthrough Program… Re-program Yourself for Success… and Healing Emotional Wounds.

Nanice is the host of radio show “Chai with Nanice”, the author of The Infinite Power of You! 22 Secrets to Unlocking Your Personal Power, plus the following books (available here):

  • Out of the Jungle – a beginner’s guide to Ayahuasca.
  • Even Gandhi Got Hungry and Buddha Got Mad! – overcome your disempowering stories and beliefs.
  • ZestPoint – using the power of choice to create what you desire.
  • LipPrints – a simple yet empowering guide on how to make a difference every day.
  • I AM – a beautiful spiritual book on awakening.

You can connect with Nanice at

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