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How to Stop Working Hard and Start Creating Success From Your Passions

HJ: Follow your excitement and inspiration and you will always be supported by the universe.  There is no other rule. – Truth Why Hard Work Might Not Pay Off (and What Will) By…


How to Find Your ‘Why’ and Discover Your Life Purpose

HJ: Purpose is the key that unlocks your destiny.  It is why your soul chose to incarnate once again, to fulfill a purpose, to learn a lesson essential for your overall growth of consciousness…


10 Things Keeping You From Achieving Your Dreams (and How to Overcome Them)

HJ: The path to achieving your dreams is never a straight line.  You must be prepared to navigate curves, areas where the path disappears, hills, valleys, mountains, canyons and on and on.  Knowing…


How to Discover Your Purpose and Mission in Life

HJ: Whether you realize it or not, you are here on a mission.  Your soul choose it before birth and it is your destiny to live it out fully, should you choose to…


6 Ways to Find Your Calling in Life

HJ: Perhaps the most important thing in life is discovering your calling — your life purpose — the mission you came here to complete in this lifetime.  It gives your life a whole…

7 Simple But Powerful Shifts to Help You Achieve Your Dreams

HJ: There is but one purpose in this life: to give yourself fully to your dreams with all of your heart.  And of course, to remove all obstacles preventing you from doing so….


How to Turn Your Dreams and Goals From Wishful Thinking Into Your Everyday Reality

HJ: How do you actualize your dreams and life goals?  How do you transform them from ethers in your imagination to your tangible everyday reality? There are many philosophies in this regard but…


10 Powerful Questions to Help You Create a More Passionate and Fulfilling Life

HJ: Questions unlock the dreamer within us.  They allow us to see beyond the limits we have unconsciously placed on ourselves and ultimately, when used properly, to create more passionate, fulfilling lives in…


5 Remarkably Simple Ways to Discover What You’re Passionate About

HJ: The trick to discovering what you are passion about is keeping it simple.  The stumbling block most of us face is over thinking the whole process.  The only thing you need to…


The 5 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Following Their Passions (and How to Avoid Them)

HJ: Deciding to follow your passion is what life is all about, but sometimes it can be overwhelming–especially at first.  Following your passions, among many things, means taking responsibility for your path in…

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