How to Connect More Deeply With Your Powerful Self-Healing Abilities

HJ: Activating and consciously using your powerful self-healing abilities is like learning to draw or ride a bike — it just takes a bit of practice.  The Aboriginal tribes of Australia were masters of this art and author, healer and coach Robbie Holz has made it her life’s work to bring this knowledge into mainstream awareness, lest its priceless wisdom be lost in the shifting sands of time.

In this article, she shares sage advice and wisdom of how we can begin to quickly and easily start using this innate healing ability in our lives.

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Healing with Dreamtime

By Robbie Holz | Holz Wellness

In the remote Australian Outback, amid the Mulga trees and the Ukiri grasses, and within the “song lines” emanating from the soaring sandstone monolith called Uluru, live a tribe of Aborigines with astounding healing abilities.

Having chosen to remain remote from Western civilization, their culture has continually developed since their arrival some 60,000 years ago. Now, in this century, they have received explicit instructions from “The Big Guy” to share their secrets of healing.

The Aborigines live in a harsh, 120-degree desert climate and have few material possessions, yet the heart of this ancient culture is healthy and thriving. Far from being a primitive society, this special group is rich in community, gratitude, spirituality, simplicity and, most importantly, love.

Powerful Connection

The foundation of this simple lifestyle is the Aborigines’ understanding of the powerful connection between mind, body, and spirit, and their belief in a universal consciousness—who they good-naturedly call “The Big Guy”—a genderless term for what some might call God, One-Consciousness, or Spirit.

It is through this connection that they transform the imbalances that cause disease by working from the inside out. They identify the causes of illness and become aware of how to unblock access to the wellness that naturally flows from our source, much as we would locate and unfold a kink in a garden hose.

Aborigines connect to this greater power through what is known as “dreamtime.” The word refers to a meditative state they enter that may last the majority of the day.

This is the Aborigines’ time for a deeper connection and communication with “The Big Guy”, the environment, nature, themselves, and each other. Within the dreamtime, these things are not separate; all is a vast, unchanging network of relationship, and in this web of relationship healing flows freely.

Healing Field

We are all moving within this field of healing throughout the day. All the power we need to heal is around and within us all the time. For more on the field, read The Healers Journal’s article  Tapping into the Field. We have more help than we can possibly imagine. But how can we access this power to invite health into our bodies and lives?

Even in our Western culture, with its incessant appointments and to-do lists, there are ways to introduce dreamtime into our life. Here are a few suggestions for establishing connectedness with the source of life and receiving the guidance that will help us heal and thrive.

1) Get Quiet and Listen

Much of an Aborigines’ day is spent in a beautiful silence. Since the Aborigines are in constant telepathic communication with their environment and each other, there is no need to speak out loud, which they consider primitive. They also believe that the world is to be richly experienced.

Use silence and your senses to slow down your busy mind and become fully engaged in the present moment. Completely focus on it and engage all of your senses.

Smell the different garden or kitchen scents.

Listen to the tree leaves rustle or the appliances hum.

Feel the smoothness or roughness of what is under your fingertips.

Watch the clouds play through the sky or light glint on glassware.

Despite a busy day, you can open to connection and guidance as you:

  • savor a cup of tea,
  • fold the laundry,
  • sit in traffic, or
  • walk the dog.

Even a minute or two of quieting the mind allows healing guidance to enter in.

You’ll want to read The Healers Journal How to Use Visualization Exercises to Take Your Health to the Next Level.

2) Seek Out the Best Places

Aborigines feel a deep connection to their environment. So much so that they believe indulging in negative emotions affects not only their bodies and the people around them, but the earth and the entire universe!

It is much easier to slip into an awareness of our connectedness in a beautiful and natural setting. Water and nature greatly enhance this communication.

Even in a city, we can seek out relatively more natural environments to open to the flow of healing:

  • take a walk on a beach, along a lake or in the woods,
  • sit at the water’s edge or by a tree,
  • take a shower or a relaxing bath,
  • really feel the water as you rinse your hands or wash the dishes.

We are all connected to our environment, the sky, the rain, the wind. That is why you can physically feel rain coming. In the same way, subtle shifts in our beliefs, our thoughts and emotions can be received through this connection and open the flow of healing.

3) Use the Best Times

  • Sunrises and sunsets are powerful times to connect to the web of life,
  • Guidance can be communicated to you when your mind is least active. Pay attention to your thoughts when you awaken during the night or immediately upon arousing in the morning before your mind is fully engaged,
  • Connecting to the One-Consciousness is more challenging when you are stressed. So take advantage of times when you are relaxed or joyful to seek out connection and open the flow of healing wisdom.

It gets easier.

Opening to a deeper connection and communication in dreamtime—with “The Big Guy”, the environment, nature, and each other—is a skill that gets easier with practice. You are strengthening that ‘connection muscle’ every time you become aware of the source of life, are open to healing and are listening for guidance. Before long, you’ll be receiving and understanding healing messages daily.

For additional help, check out my article, How to Tap Into Your Spirit Team’s Healing Powers.

By entering into the dreamtime often, you will be joining with the Aboriginal people in an easier, more joyful life, full of community, gratitude, spirituality, simplicity, and love.

Robbie Holz is an international speaker, mind/body/spirit consultant and co-author of the award-winning book, Secrets of Aboriginal Healing: A Physicist’s Journey with a Remote Australian Tribe and the sequel Secrets of Aboriginal Awakening: A Journey of Healing and Spirituality with a Remote Australian Tribe.

Using Aboriginal healing principles, she healed herself of Hepatitis C, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Robbie has worked with Outback Aborigines near sacred Uluru.

To integrate the Aboriginal healing principles into your everyday life, check out Robbie’s online course “Use Aboriginal Secrets for Self-Healing.”

To get a FREE Abundance Audio Meditation, schedule a one-on-one consultation with Robbie or more tips on thriving in body/mind/spirit, see

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