Understanding the Role of ‘Darkness’ and ‘Evil’ in Higher Consciousness

HJ: In a recent discussion with one of my teachers, the subject of perspective came up.  The bulk of humanity is currently operating from a dualistic framework at this time.  Duality can be explained as a ‘polarized perspective’.  Things are seen in terms of good and evil, right and wrong, etc.  Everything is highly charged, subjective, opinionated, polarized and unbalanced.  However, this is only one way to view things.  Spiritual masters and other aware, conscious individuals who have moved out of duality and into a more balanced, higher perspective typically do not see things through this framework.  Their point of view is free from the polarization of duality and is a more accurate representation of the principles on which reality and consciousness actually operate.  When viewed from this perspective, the concepts of ‘Evil’ and ‘Darkness’ take on a whole new meaning and reason for being.

– Truth

Bashar on The True Meaning and Role of Darkness and Evil

Q:  Yes, do you believe there is a dark side, an evil force?  And if so what form do you think it takes?

B:  Thank you very much.  There is always positive and negative energy mechanically speaking–positive energy is that which integrates, that which unites, which unifies and by definition–mechanically speaking–positive
energy is that which integrates, that which unites, which unifies and functions as a whole, which blends, which harmonizes.

Negative energy is that which separates, segregates. It is, in your terms, discordant.  Seeks externalized control, because it does not believe the control comes from within.  Seeks manipulation, domination, because it is only perceives power as being expressed in externalize terms.  That is positive and negative energy.

The reason that we hesitate to use your terminology of right and wrong and good and evil is not because we do not understand what they mean, in that sense.  Nor are we saying that more often than not your terms don’t apply to the idea of positive and negative.  Usually they do.

Usually when we perceive you saying right and wrong and good and evil, you usually do mean positive and negative energy.  However, the terms good and evil and right and wrong are extremely subjective value judgment labels, and don’t always tell you whether an energy really is mechanically positive or mechanically negative.

All of you, if you stop and think about it for a moment, will realize that there can be individuals doing things that are very positive and unifying and yet there can be individuals who say, “that’s wrong; that’s evil. And yet there are individuals who can be doing things very negative, very segregative, very dominating, and someone can say, “that’s good; that’s right.”

So saying it’s good or bad or evil or right or wrong doesn’t really tell you very much about what is actually happening on a physics level. However– yes there is consciousness in many different levels that express the idea both of positive intention and negative intention.

However, most of the idea of negative intention can only be expressed on what you would call lower levels of vibratory state, such as physicallevels and a few of the levels of the astral realm just above it.  Beyond that it is almost impossible to express negative energy, because by definition those other levels are integrated energies.

And to be existing on that level in a conscious format, you must be an integrated being, which means you will generally not express yourselves in a negative sense.

Now what you generally call a manifestation of directed evil, or what you call the devil, or what you call Satan in your world is the polarized idea of your collective consciousness, supported by your fears and your doubts and your hate, and given life. It is, in a sense, a consciousness unto itself; but it only gathers its strength from you, from your fears.

You can deflate it by not believing in it, by not buying into it, by not fearing it. The vibration of fear itself is what that consciousness would want you to have — because fear is what feeds it, what sustains it as an entity unto itself.

In a sense, speaking biblically as you say, the negative combined collective consciousness of your entire planet is what you call Lucifer. It is the negative polarity of the Christ consciousness.

That is why the idea of the scenario that was created for you biblically of, quote/unquote, Christ being tempted by the devil, is simply a metaphor, an analogy, for the idea of the Christ consciousness recognizing within itself the potential to give in to the negative side, but recognizing that that is not the positive idea it is, or chose to be.

And so recognizing that there is the positive side, the negative side, and then what you would call the in-between state,  the balanced point, you can understand that creation, in a sense, is actually slightly biased to the positive side.  Because the center point is a point of balance, and balance is inherently positive. Understand?  Yes.

So the idea basically is that again remember you are aspects of the Infinite. What you imagine to be real, you actually give life to. So the idea of what you may call a negative entity: they can have lives of their own, they can have existence and self-awareness; but the only way you can interact with any negative consciousness is by being of that frequency and attracting it.  And one of the easiest ways to be of that frequency and attract it is to buy into the idea that you have to fear it. Because you really believe it’s more powerful than you are.

It isn’t.  It would like you to think so, because that’s what generates the fear it needs to feed off of.  But you aren’t less powerful. Whatever you decide is what you are, and whatever you are is what you attract.  And if you know you decide to be a reflection of the positive manifestation, then you may be able to be aware of the fact that there may be negative manifestations, but they can never interact with you in an effectual way. You will become, literally, invisible to them. Understand?

Q:  Yes.

B:  Does this assist you?

Q:  Yes, thank you.

B:  Well, thank you very much.