How to Bring Your Life Into Greater Harmony By Reconnecting Your High and Low Self

HJ: Life is about balance.  Within us we contain various aspects of the self (our consciousness) that are responsible for different functions and levels of awareness, such as maintaining the physical functioning of the body (low self) or facilitating our intuition and connection to spirit (high self).  Before we reach higher levels of consciousness, these aspects of the self are somewhat disconnected and we tend to only be aware of our lower nature.  As we awaken to our full self-expression, we become aware of our higher self and strengthen our connection with it.  At this point, we are ready to begin reconnecting the high, low and middle self for the greatest possible harmony in our lives.  These three aspects need not be independent of each other, but rather can and should operate synergistically, which allows for incredible healing and awareness to occur.

For example, we can use information from the higher self to heal the body (low self) or to facilitate the resolution of a limiting belief (middle self).  Without this interconnection, we tend to only focus on one of the selves in isolation, which does not allow us to benefit from the ‘extra data’ offered by our intuition, which will always guide us to exactly what is appropriate for the ‘problem’ or challenge we face at that given moment.  These are but a few of the many benefits of reconnection.  The article below offers greater detail and insight into who this operates in our life and how we can cultivate greater harmony between the high, low and middle self.

– Truth

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff | Cosmic Awareness


QUESTIONER: Thank you. The first one is from PE. There are six questions in all and all are interrelated. The first one concerns the middle self and the low self. He writes “When an entity goes to sleep and the middle self travels in the astral, are there two sets of memories being generated, those of the middle self and those of the low self which is still in the body? If so, what happens to those memories? In other words, where are they stored and why can’t the middle self access them when it awakens? I seem to remember Awareness saying that an entity can ask to remember astral travel in the same way it can ask to remember dreams, but is it asking the low self? Does the low self store two sets of memories after each period of sleep? Or do the memories of the middle self somehow become discarded when it reenters the body, unless the middle self has previously asked the low self to retain them.” Your thoughts please?

The Way the Low Self Dreams

COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness would start by first stating that the low self does not dream in the same way, for it is responsible for the maintenance of the body during the sleep cycle. Therefore it regulates the autonomic nervous system; it keeps the body breathing, it keeps the heart pumping, it takes care of the elimination needs of the digestive system and whatever else the body needs to do during a sleep cycle. The sleep cycle for the low self is a restoration period where the body can restore its vitality and its energies, can do repairs where possible and on the whole the low self does not sleep in the same way as the body, as it is monitoring the body but it is also a period when it does rest, even though it has the many functions it has to take care of. The middle self does leave the body in the sense that it does not need to stay in the form of the body that houses it during the waking state. What has been called astral projection by the questioner is actually the body’s journeying outside of physicality, where it is no longer contained or constrained by physical rules and laws. In the interpretation of this Awareness, astral projecting is that which most people know as dreaming, for they do not distinguish their experiences once the middle self has left the body as to that which is astral projection and that which is dreaming.

For most who are unaware, they simply think that when the sleep cycle begins and they dream it is all simply fantasy. All human beings, and this Awareness will emphasize and repeat this; all human beings dream, and all middle selves leave the physical body for a space of time. It is not the entire period of the dream sleep cycle where they leave. Scientists have even proven when dreaming occurs through Rapid Eye Movement that is traced under the eyelids of one who is asleep.

It is during those periods of time when REM sleep is attained that the middle self is most disconnected from the body, and it is somewhat reflective of the body’s attempt to view what is being seen by the mind of the middle self. Thus there still is a link between REM sleep experiences that the middle self is having, which are at lower levels of the dimensional states of consciousness to the body itself. Hence the movements of the eyes, as the scenes are being scanned that are being viewed by the middle-self mind consciousness. The deeper experience of going back into 5th dimensional consciousness, or 5th dimensionality, is experi- enced beyond REM sleep at the level of consciousness known as Delta consciousness. Scientists largely believe that nothing is occurring at that deep state of sleep and that there is no activity of the mind, but this Awareness suggests that it is exactly during Delta sleep when the middle-self mind consciousness exceeds the lower strata of experience that is relevant during REM sleep that it is still in connection to the body somewhat.

At this deep state is when the middle self truly reconnects with its spiritual group soul, where it has experiences of being reunited with the soul family, where education and instruction occur, where work is done that is the soul’ s work. But because this is at such a deep level very few remember these experi- ences. Therefore this Awareness would agree somewhat that there are two levels of dreaming; but not the low self having one type of dreaming experience and the0 middle self another. It is rather that the middle-self mind consciousness can move between two levels of consciousness when it is outside of the body.

Many may remember the lower strata dreams for they are closer to the surface, especially upon awakening and these are those that most consider as one’s dreams. It is harder to remember the experiences that the middle self has in the Delta state of consciousness when it is back in its 5th dimensional form partaking in the 5th dimensional activities that it is party to and part of. These would be the two layers or levels of dreaming that this Awareness suggests happen versus what the suggestion was from the questioner. Does this somewhat explain the situation?

QUESTIONER: Yes it does, definitely. I often wondered! Thank you, he’ll be pleased with that one.

The Deeper Delta Levels of Dreaming

COSMIC AWARENESS: There is more. This Awareness does then say that as the middle-self mind consciousness returns from the deeper experiences outside of the body, outside of physicality, it must return back into a limited and constrained container, the container that is the physical body. The deep layer of the Delta dreaming/Delta experiencing is not necessarily brought back but occasionally it is. Furthermore, the experiences of the dream state are also brought back more often than not and they are contained in the subconscious capacity to remember experiences and events.

These experiences are those experiences often known as dreams and dreaming, and as this Awareness has said, all do dream upon leaving the physical host body. But what also happens is that the low self is taught at an early stage whether or not to grant access to the remembrance of the experience that is now stored at the low self conscious level. It is like a super computer that takes in all manner of data, but a program is erected that may limit one from accessing certain data, even though that data is still contained within the memory banks of the supercomputer. This often occurs in childhood when a child has nightmares. These nightmares often are of such a nature that the child is frightened by them and does not wish to remember them. The low self takes this as a
command and therefore learns not to cycle the dreams back to the individual. Thus it is that a majority of human beings at this time do not remember their dreams, not because they are not dreaming, but because their programming is such that the dreams are not elected to be exhibited for review later upon awakening.

Dreams Are Considered Fanciful by Society

Yet there are many who do not have this type of programming. There are those who review the dream with the family at breakfast, for example, and remem- brance of the dream is then encouraged. Societal standards are not such that dreaming is given any large priority in one’s life – dreams are considered fanciful thoughts and memories occurring while one is sleeping, and thus are not encouraged to be remembered by the majority of individuals nor the institutes that would support or deny such dreaming experiences. Therefore the majority of individuals do not work with the dream, do not acknowledge the dream as anything significant at all.

Yet it is truly during the deep dreaming process and the light dreaming process that many answers are delivered and that one can teach the low self, as this Awareness has in the past suggested, how to remem- ber the dreams. One can ask that the low self be open to restoring the dreams in the morning, and retrieving them. One takes some time in the morning, not to
simply jump out of bed and get the day started but to rest, to review and try to remember the dream and dreams of the night. This may take some time but as long as one asks each and every night for the dreams to be remembered and in the morning takes time to reflect on what they can remember, they will indeed start to retrieve the dreams, both those that this Awareness would call light dreams as well even as some of the deeper level dreams, especially if the deep level dreams were experienced just before awakening.


QUESTIONER: Thank you, that was going to be my next question, that’s good. I do recall that you had mentioned that before. Thank you. His next question: “Awareness has stated in issue 93-7 that for an entity to become integrated – high, middle and low selves working together – this is one of the most important things that and entity can do. Awareness has also suggested that hypnosis is one method of achieving this, issue 80-22. It seems to me that this would be such a major achievement that the use of hypnotism is almost too easy a solution. Could Awareness please expand on
this?” Your thoughts please?

COSMIC AWARENESS: Hypnosis could indeed be a way that the low self is instructed to cooperate with the middle self and the High Self, but the process and procedure of hypnosis
is not one that works with each and every being in the same way. Many think of hypnosis as that which is often considered stage hypnosis or hypnotism. Individuals can be made to do many silly things while in a hypnotized state, not remembering anything when they are brought out of this hypnotized condition. But in truth this level of hypnosis is only effective for approximately 5% of the human population, for the low self is always a monitor of this type of experience. Thus it is for those who have had the experience of a stage hypnotist, that they will recall that the hypnotist first and foremost does a series of small tests on the audience to find those in the audience that would be open to being hypnotized deeper, part of the 5% of those who will suspend their low self’s objection to being hypnotized. These are the ones that then will come onto the stage for the delight and pleasure of the audience, but the majority will not be part of the show. They will enjoy the show but their low selves would not allow them to give over complete and total control. Therefore when the use of hypnotism is suggested as a way of uniting the low self, the middle self and the High Self, it must be remembered that it must still go through the low self in the first place, and it may object to giving up its power as it sees it and just following the suggestions, the hypnotic, deep suggestion from hypnosis to unite the low self and the High Self with the middle self. This is why, although hypnosis can be of assistance in this matter, it will never be 100% effective for all individuals.

There are more who will start to be open to hyp- notic suggestions and may with time allow the process of unification of the three parts to come to fruition but it may not at all be instantaneous. Therefore one does need to work with other procedures to educate the low self and not simply rely on hypnosis as the way of achieving this. The Reeducation of the Low Self The educational process is a very important aspect of the reeducation of the low self to a higher understanding of itself, and as it becomes more compliant to this elevated understanding of its role and its capacity, it can be persuaded more and more to release its guardianship of the life of each being, each and every being who has a low self, which are all humans, all human beings.

It is a slow process for many and often the low self will simply not cooperate, for it sees this as that which would be the destruction of itself and of the low self ego. One must be diligent in the process and strong and firm as well. This portion of that which is the strength and determination is the middle-self con- sciousness, as it is the mind-consciousness. It too must go through its own process of dissemination of beliefs and attitudes that are held at the level of the mind, and as it is somewhat asleep in the physical body, awakening when it departs the physical form, it often is misled in the beliefs held in consciousness.

It must be stated here again that the middle self is somewhat asleep in physicality, for to be in the physical form is indeed a very soporific, very heavy and dense experience, and often the true consciousness of the middle self is not fully awake and aware in the waking state, during the daylight state of conscious- ness, or that which is for most the daytime state of waking consciousness. Why So Many Think they Are Only Physical Beings The middle self must also begin to release objections to the higher beliefs and truths that the High Self is continually trying to present to the middle self. The problem is that the High Self must present these new beliefs and these higher beliefs through the low self, which is the gatekeeper to higher consciousness. If the low self is in resistance and denial, if the low self objects and is not instructed by the middle self to be open to the High Self, to open the gateway to the High Self, then often it will not do so and the High Self cannot effectively awaken the middle self or introduce the higher spiritual truths to the middle self.

This is why so many simply think they are physi- cal beings with no understanding or awareness of their higher spiritual nature. They are asleep at the controls and that which is the engine of the ship, and the low self is frozen as well into a belief system that it was programmed to accept and runs automatically through the life of the individual. Luckily this can be altered, it can be changed, and it often occurs when the middle-self mind consciousness becomes aware of other realities, other possibilities and begins to seek them out.

There is often a subconscious process where the low self becomes aware of the need to expand, to open the gates to the High Self, and this begins to occur and the information and design of the High Self begins to trickle through the low self to the middle self. This of course encourages even more search and it becomes the paramount issue for the spiritual seeker to discover more and more spiritual truth, and to become spiritu- ally aware and enlightened.

Along the way there starts to be an awareness that the low self consciousness also needs to be reeducated and reprogrammed, and thus begins the process of the unification of the High Self, low self and middle self. Without instruction or models upon which to base this journey it is a very difficult journey indeed, but luckily again there is the spiritual component and plan that has been laid down for each and every individual—their purpose, and if it is their purpose to truly awaken to one’s higher spiritual being then the three aspects of consciousness that constitute each and every human being become activated and work toward attaining the spiritual unification that is the ultimate goal for each and every human being, somewhere along the long, long path of spiritual experience in 3rd dimensionality.

If Often Takes Many Lifetimes of Spiritual Seeking

It is often the accumulation of several lifetimes of such spiritual seeking that truly leads one into the higher experiences of spiritual awakening that are sought by the soul in the physical. Therefore this Awareness can say to one and all that are hearing these words or reading these words, that you are spiritual seekers. Your low self has opened to the awareness that it is the gatekeeper, that it is part of a Triunal composition in consciousness that is a human being. It allows the High Self to communicate through it to the middle self. The middle self is seeking more under- standing, awareness and enlightenment and the three aspects are at least unified in intent enough to proceed and progress in spiritual comprehension. As one becomes even more clear on this, that process can accelerate.

The Kahunas Achieved Total Unification of the 3 Selves and Could Do Many Magical Things

At this time, where Divine Consciousness has descended into physicality and is more available, this process of unification, this process of proceeding into higher even more enlightened states of functional awareness is also advancing at this time. Those who are known as Kahunas—those who were the practitio- ners of the ancient philosophy and alchemical practice that is known as Huna—did achieve total unification of the low self, middle self and High Self and as a result could do many marvelous and miraculous things.

They practiced instant healing, they could walk on lava and embers, they could summon the elements, they could communicate with the creatures around them, and they could do magical things. The state of human consciousness is moving toward such a condition. Many will become what was known as a Kahuna, and many are becoming aware that they can unite these three elements of consciousness: the low self, the High Self, the middle self. In this unified state they can then be open to their higher spiritual nature, become awakened spiritual beings of 5th dimensional consciousness that are playing in 3rd dimensionality. The rules of 3rd dimensionality will fall aside for those who attain this level of heightened awareness or ascended consciousness. This is that which is occurring at this time, albeit very slowly, even too slowly for many. Still this Awareness sees this event from outside the time/space continuum that you find yourself in and It sees it progressing rapidly and even can say It sees it as an accomplished event, even though you are still on the route to experience this accomplishment. The High Self, the low self and the middle self are those parts of your being that this Awareness asks you to get more familiar with, to be open to and to trust.

In this process lies the very core of the Ascension experience and you are all ascended in consciousness at the highest levels, and through the High Self this understanding and awareness is rapidly trickling into the low-self consciousness itself as well as the middle- self consciousness. This completes the answer at this time unless you have more questions for this Aware- ness.

Various Methods for Communicating With the Low Self

QUESTIONER: Yes, there are three more. “Awareness has sug- gested at various times that an entity can communicate with the low self by means of a pendulum, but how does one initiate a verbal conversation with something that has no name? Max Freedom Long suggests you give it a name such as ‘George’. The writer Lobsang Rampa also suggests you call it ‘George’. But Max Freedom Long also says the low self can object to the name you give it and can refuse to cooperate. Does Awareness have any suggestions as to how to address
the low self without causing it to be upset?” Your thoughts, please?

Accepting That You Actually HAVE a Low Self

COSMIC AWARENESS: The first step here is to even accept that one has what is known as the low self in Huna terminology. The low self is also known as the subconscious, and while many are familiar with the term ‘subconscious’, few think of it as a personality that coexists within them. Therefore from the onset it is a hurdle or obstacle that stops many from ever trying to commu- nicate with the low self. Further to this, the current educational practices around the world and especially in Western nations, do not at all acknowledge that the low self or subconscious can be accessed or that it is of critical importance, and therefore it is not taught in the schools and educational institutes that the low self needs to be considered as particularly important in understanding one’s true being. This of course is both by design and plan as well as due to an arrogant ignorance that exists in human- controlled consciousness at this time. However if one can go beyond this and through one’s own journey toward self-realization and awareness one comes to understand that there is the low self or subconscious and that it is important to acknowledge the low self, then one can begin this process of communication.

The Use of the Pendulum For Communicating

The low self itself may not at first respond but one must hold to the course and continue to communicate with the low self. The use of a pendulum was mentioned and this can be a vehicle of communication with the low self and it is a process that this Aware- ness would recommend for some, even for many without any experience of the low self, as a starting point. One can acquire a pendulum easily enough. One can make such a pendulum using a heavy object on a necklace or string if one wishes. One can buy a crystal pendulum at most metaphysical bookstores, but the point is that one does start with the pendulum as an initial way of communication with the low self if so inclined.

One can ask the low self to establish a yes/no response. By holding the pendulum loosely so that it falls unimpeded and is held with the hand above, the “yes” or “no” answer can be shown by the movement of the pendulum. However even this is fraught with difficulty, in that for some who may think while they are holding the pendulum that it is foolishness, that it is silly, that they will not get an answer – they are already engaging in a blocking activity. One must be totally open and available to the process. Otherwise the low self will not respond.

A typical way is that the low self, in the movement of the fingers and hand ever so slightly, will cause the pendulum to swing back and forward or back side to side. One asks the question to be shown a “yes” answer or movement and then a “no” answer or movement and then perhaps a movement that indicates that a “maybe” is the answer. This is very basic indeed and a very basic process to communicate with the low self. But for many it will be a revelation that they actually can use the pendulum, that there may actually be a response. This is the initial procedure for many if they are so inclined, but this Awareness does ask one and all to realize it is but a beginning step, it is not the complete step or a permanent way of dealing with the low self. For those who are more interested in working with a pendulum there are many books available, information on the internet, that would explain how to work with the pendulum, and what type of pendulum to purchase, etc. etc. But this Awareness simply wishes more to indicate that this is one way of starting to communicate with the low self.

Speaking To the Low Self and Acknowledging It

Another way is to simply speak to it, to talk to your low self, to acknowledge it, to suggest to it that you are aware and would appreciate communication with the low self. There are several ways here also to proceed. The Interpreter in his counseling capacity often leads the client into a deep relaxed state of mind, where the client can then meet with the low self and visualizes this or experiences in an empathetic way a connection to the low self.

Often the low self is reticent in presenting itself. This is because in a way it has been ignored for so long. Imagine, if you will, an inner guardian of your being that has protected you, that has created coping mechanisms so that you can survive, that is the manifestor of physicality all around you, that retains all of your memories and thoughts at the deep level of
its memory, and that is the librarian to these memories, these teachings, this knowledge and much more. It is also the maintainer of the body and the bodily functions. It maintains health and well-being or illness and disease.

There is so much that the low self is responsible for and yet it is never acknowledged or recognized by the majority of human beings. That is why often it is reticent to present itself, simply because the middle- self mind consciousness comes traipsing into its lair, its domain, its place of residence. Thus it is that in the regression experience it is often the case that one must communicate with the low self, not for a short while but continuously thereafter, for it does need to know that it is accepted and acknowledged before it really opens up and begins to cooperate.
This is of course an individual matter based on each and every low self of each and every human being, but for those who are truly intending to establish communication and contact, it is imperative that one perseveres and is consistent in their attempts at working with the low self, and in communicating with the low self. When the low self truly believes it is so
and opens up, then major developments and major events can unfold in the communication process between the middle self and the low self.

The middle self is that which could be understood to be the adult parent. The low self is that which is the child consciousness and it does seek to be led and protected by the adult level of consciousness. That is why consistency is required when one begins truly to work with the low self, to push back the parameters and boundaries that the low self has established, the programming it has adopted, especially negative programming; but the rewards are immense indeed and well worth the effort.

Naming The Low Self

Finally, as to the question of the naming of the
low self, that it is absurd to simply call the low self “George”, especially if the low self is really “Geor- gina”. The experience of the Interpreter in his regres- sion work and the knowing of this Awareness is that each and every low self has its own name and that when communication truly begins with the low self, at some point one can ask the low self what its name is. If it is willing to share, a name will be presented that is unique and novel to the low self. It may be a very mundane, ordinary name such as “George” but it may be an exotic name such as “Petunia” or “Hiram” or any other name that the low self feels identifies it. The task for the middle mind or the middle con- sciousness is simply to be open to what comes forward and not then to begin to question the name that has been presented. Names can be changed but the low self is using this as a way of testing the middle self as well, for if the low self is accepted then the name will be accepted and used. Thus it is that when you have established the communication you can use the name that has been received. Indeed, it is imperative in this process to be open to the communication and not be closed to it.

Being Open To What Is Received

Thus it is, if one is interested in communicating with
the low self, one must always be open to what is received, even if one is skeptical or doubting of what one receives. Openness will provide the means to advance the communication, to improve the communication; but if the middle self, the mind consciousness shuts down the low self while it is communicating, it will very quickly withdraw and you will not proceed to establish unified consciousness. Furthermore it will not open the gate for higher levels of consciousness from the High Self to come through and thus the unification of the total, triunal being will be blocked. These warnings aside, this Awareness does em- phasize that at this time, working with the low self would be the best way forward to open up one’s fullest consciousness, to investigate those areas of negativity where one is blocked – those dark sides of one’s character that so restrict one or ensnare one. The use of the low self in this process is mandatory to advance the higher consciousness and allow it to come through as the true guide and mentor it truly is. Thus the greatest teacher is the High Self within you, and when one has established a true and pure connection to the High Self through the low self, then one can indeed advance quickly—for the greatest teacher of all, the High Self and thus Spirit, is then available to each and
every human who seeks this connection of High Self, low self and middle self. This completes the answer of this question at this time.


QUESTIONER: Thank you. The next one is, “If an entity is trying to contact the High Self by means of a Kahuna prayer or some such ritual and the low self is blocking the communication, is the High Self aware of this? If so, can it do something to unblock the channel? Is this because of the free will of the low self? What action can the middle self do to assist? “ Your thoughts please? COSMIC AWARENESS: It can be said that the High Self always hears the prayers of the middle self, even if the low self is blocking this. A curious situation is actually in place here. The High Self—as the monitor of the being that it is the Oversoul to, the Guardian and mentor to—is aware of that individual’s journey through life, and in some ways It does not require that the information and communication that is being requested by the middle self need go through the low self for the High Self to hear it. Thus it is that the High Self as a continual monitor of the middle self and low self is always projecting messages to the middle self. For those whose soul purpose is not to become spiritually aware, to stay asleep, for the soul’ s purpose is only to have a physical experience without gaining spiritual understanding or spiritual awakening – the projections of the High Self come through at an unconscious level or are obtained when the middle self departs the body during the sleep cycles during the dreaming state. At that time the High Self does engage in one-on-one communication, if you will, although this is not exactly how it occurs. It is more that there can be a merging of the High Self and middle self outside of the physical parameters of the body that the middle-self mind consciousness resides in during waking hours. Messages and
information from the High Self do reach the middle self, but when that structure that is the structure of communication through the low self is blocked it is hard to achieve this communication in a conscious manner. The middle self can somewhat directly communicate to the High Self, but the most effective communication is with the cooperation of the low self and the more direct communication often happens at an unconscious level, if it occurs at all.
It is somewhat complex but this Awareness would suggest that there is still communication from the High Self to the middle self, even without the full cooperation of the gatekeeper, especially in those states of union that occur outside the waking state during the dreaming cycles. Once the low self does become cooperative and aware that it has a responsibility of being a gatekeeper and agrees to this and to work at it and be cooperative in its responsibilities to open the gate to the High Self, then the low self is brought into the process and itself can acquire new understanding and awareness of its role and its purpose. This constitutes the true intent of the soul: to awaken all three parts to their highest potential and to their highest purpose. This Awareness asks if further explanation is required, and if It has fully answered the question.


QUESTIONER: Yes, this one has been very explicit, thank you. The final question, “Awareness has recommended that entities look into the work of Eric Pearl, issue 2013-2. In the book called The Reconnection it says that a person will become connected to this new type of energy just by holding and reading the book. Is this just a marketing ploy or is there any truth in it?” Your comment please?

COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness would say it is both. It is a marketing ploy or truth, but the individual himself does believe that such is the power of the script, the words, that by holding the book one will automatically be open to accessing the higher spiritual levels and connections. But what is really occurring is that if one believes that holding a book will connect one, then the low self in its acceptance of this belief, will open up and allow this to occur. This is the same process that occurs for all items and religious relics that many empower as being miraculous, many holding that if one holds a crucifix, for example, while one prays that their prayers will be heard or that if one holds an object, that by holding it there will be results. One could even say that one who believes, for example, a copper bracelet will cure their arthritis and thus wears it, sends a message to the low self that the wearing of the copper bracelet in this case will cure the arthritis.

In other words, when it is conveyed to the low self that something will occur when one holds an object, a book, or performs a ritual or does something in a way that is thought to guarantee success, such as sports personalities who will always wear the same socks because they won a game wearing those socks then the low self may actualize this event, and may make connections to the higher levels of consciousness because one is holding Eric Pearl’s book or is holding an object or is performing a ritual. But it is not that the book itself, the object or the rituals by themselves will create this result. For example, if the low self does not accept that holding Eric Pearl’s book will connect one to the higher forms and levels of consciousness, it will not occur. If one does not believe when they go to a healer that this healer will heal them, then the healing will not occur. If one does not believe that a ritual will actually work, it will not work. It is that simple.

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  1. Thank you Awareness, I am particularly heartened by your comment that I am a spiritual seeker which is something that has only happened recently.

    I am now more than ever, conscious of the duplicity and mind control which exists at the very top of our society and the dirty tricks they will resort to in an effort to gain world domination.

    I am also aware that because of the Ascension process which occurred on 21/12/12 that such an endeavour shall not prevail. More and more of us are becoming awakened to what is happening in the world and the would be controllers will fall one by one until goodness and kindness and the God consciousness restores love and peace.

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