Why You Should Trust the Wisdom of the Heart: Your Intuitive Connection to Your Higher Self

HJ: The heart is in every way as powerful an organ as the brain and is the source through which we receive intuitive guidance from our higher self, which is directly connected to the divine source energies.  The wisdom of the heart will never lead one astray — only the mind can do so.  Most of us have quelled this inner heart-centered intuitive wisdom in order to better operate in a society that is dominated by the intellect, however, these energies are always accessible and like a dying fire, must be rekindled in order to reap their full benefit.  Indeed this is one of the essences of the shift in consciousness which is currently unfolding  — we are learning to re-establish a connection to our higher selves through cultivating and trusting the wisdom of the heart.

This is not terribly difficult to do and it is a natural state which we all have soul memory of, however, it does require us to quiet the conscious, intellectual mind, which many struggle with.  One of the best ways to overcome the intellect is through meditation.  A deep trust in the self is needed as well.  Doubt only serves to sever the connection between the mind and the heart — one must fully trust in the wisdom they are receiving.  As one practices the art of listening to this intuitive voice, it will undoubtedly strengthen until it can no longer be ignored, gently guiding you through any and all situations in which you find yourself.  Indeed it is the compass that points you down the spiritual path in life.

We highly recommend this meditation for learning to connect and listen to the heart and the intuitive wisdom it is always offering: Meditation for Experiencing Eternity and Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit

– Truth

Trusting the Wisdom of Your Heart

By Dorothy Ratusny, PhD | Dorothy Ratusny

Your ‘Highest Self’ is your soul consciousness. Your soul consciousness is the densest matter of energy that has been with you since your conception. Your soul is a sacred part of the Universal Soul that we often refer to as God. In ancient religious texts and scriptures, we find general agreement that the soul as dense matter (energy) resides within the physical body as long as we breathe life. The soul energy is believed to be located in the area of the heart centre. It’s so wonder that we feel the greatest source of power and love in this same region.

Modern science confirms that the heart has more than forty thousand sensory neurons; the same kind of neurons that are also found in the brain. Over the past twenty years, researchers in the emerging field of neurocardiology have discovered that the heart really is a specialized brain; it can feel, sense, learn, and remember; generating sensory information as it senses the physical world outside of us.

The emotional language of the heart is intuitive and three dimensional in processing, experiencing the deep spiritual mysteries that are not accessible by our brain nor any of our two-dimensional sensory modalities.

Many of the emotional experiences that flow through the heart are stored as memories; much as memories are stored in the brain. The heart literally learns from the emotional experiences it has and begins to act in certain ways on the basis of what it learns.

More recently, I began teaching clients how to connect with the wisdom of their heart for making decisions from a compassionate and intuitive place of knowing. When you quiet the busy nature of the mind and simply let the heart lead you, its gentle guidance always honors your highest truth – what you will always experience as ‘right’ and ‘best’ for you at any moment. I’ve had the precious gift of watching more than one client overcome with tears of joy as they realized their inherent ability to find their own ‘right’ answers. The devout inner power and confidence that rises up from within them is palpable each time they ask and receive guiding wisdom from their heart.

Your truth is a combination of the ‘felt’ experience of your heart (and its 40,000 sensory neurons of intelligence) and the wisdom of your soul speaking to you. Your soul consciousness is your highest Self – it is the energy consciousness of the infinite universe that is within you and within all things.

The ‘voice’ of the heart is experienced as a certainty – a deep inner knowing. It allows us to be unwavering in our confidence the more we follow it’s truth. I refer to the heart as an infinite source of truth since it responds with intuitive wisdom unaffected by the entanglement of the mind’s endless slew of thoughts. While the mind tends to cloud our decisions, creating confusion and uncertainty (even when the ‘right’ answer is obvious to us), our heart remains clear. With the knowledge of your heart as guiding wisdom, you can take a few breaths, close your eyes, and simply ask your heart for guidance. Trust that the answer will always be of your highest truth.

Because of the soul’s ability to communicate with us on multidimensional levels, we receive felt sense impressions, images and emotional linguistics (both in our waking moments and in our dream state). One of the ways you can merge your consciousness as a being of energy with your Highest Self is through Meditation. As you relax in the quiet stillness of your meditation practice, imagine yourself meeting and communicating with your ‘Highest Self’. Your Highest Self is your ideal nature, and one of Divine love. In your meditation, imagine that you can ask your Highest Self for guidance, counsel, and anything at all. Your Highest Self (your soul consciousness) will always provide you with ‘right’ information and truth. Following your soul’s guidance is how you experience your sacred path and living fulfilled and ‘in joy’.

Allow the infinite wisdom of the heart to guide you. Let its sacred communication be how you live in truth. Continue to seek and follow your soul’s guidance as your Highest Self; knowing that this is how you live simultaneously as a spiritual being and a physical one.

Dorothy Ratusny is a Psychotherapist specializing in Cognitive therapy in private practice in Toronto, Canada. She is the Author of ‘The Purpose of Love‘ (Insomniac Press, 2007),’ Live Your Life’s Purpose‘ (Insomniac Press, 2008), ‘WISDOM: Divine Guidance for your Spiritual Journey‘ (2013), and her NEW Meditation CD, ‘Being Love'(2013). Dorothy integrates teachings from Eastern Doctrines, Metaphysics, and World Religions in her work with clients and as a teacher of Meditation. For more information please visit: www.dorothyratusny.com

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