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This Awareness suggests that entities, while reading this message, pause frequently to experience what is being given so that this can be a kind of meditation. This Awareness indicates that when pausing, this Awareness suggests you close your eyes for a few moments to experience what has been said in a way that allows you to experience and comprehend beyond the mere words into the reality of what the words attempt to explain.

This Awareness indicates that you have been told that you will live a certain length of time if there are no accidents or early violations, that your life span is basically around 70 to 80 years, give or take a few. This Awareness wishes entities to understand that such a statement is a hypnotic suggestion and it does not have to be accepted. You can live a much longer life with good health and good vitality if you can break the hypnotic suggestion that has been given.

This Awareness suggests that you temporarily, at this time, on completion of this next sentence, close your eyes and experience what is being given to you.

Experience Eternity

This Awareness suggests that you close your eyes and experience eternity, forgetting years, forgetting time as you know it, experience eternity reaching out from you in all directions: past, present, future; above and below, experience eternity in terms of time.

This Awareness suggests that during that experience there was no need for clocks, there was no need for years; all of these things are simply artificial or manmade creations and have nothing to do with reality. The experience of eternity was yours, and you can hold that experience for as long as you so desire before returning back to the artificial reality that is the hypnosis of society that has been put upon nearly all of its members.

This Awareness indicates you may again close your eyes after this sentence and experience what is being said.

Re-Experiencing Eternity

This Awareness suggests re-experiencing eternity with the understanding that it is always this way in spite of the hypnotic suggestion of days, hours, months and years that often is placed in your mind, recognizing that the eternity always is this way in reality and that you have believed a lie by accepting minutes, hours, months, years and decades as an artificial chopping up of time.

This Awareness asks you now to look at this eternity and realize there is no end in time. There is no time-line. There are simply things in motion in space with certain cycles or certain duration of their own and it has no real connection to time in the eternal sense, for time is no more than an artificial creation by man. Meditate on this for a few moments.

This Awareness suggests that you look at that moment or few moments of meditation in which you recognize the eternal time, how time can be eternal and understood as eternal even in but a brief moment of meditation so that you understand the eternalness is a reality; even in the brief moment, if you do not corrupt it with artificial time segments.

Experience the Eternal Moment of “Now”

This Awareness suggests in your brief moments of meditation, if you can stop the mind from thinking, from acting, from jerking here and there, focusing here and there, and instead, let it spread outward in future, spread backward in the past, spread in all directions, experiencing the Now, the Now that is everywhere present, throughout the eternal universe, so that you see the Now as also encompassing the future and the past. This Awareness indicates that in doing this, you place your being in a state of consciousness that allows you to experience the oneness of all eternity as part of your own environment so that you reprogram your self through your new awareness of eternity, to experience immortality, to experience the reaching into the future, into an ever expanding Now, in all directions, forward and backward.

Visualize Perfect Health

This Awareness suggests that in so doing, you also place yourself in a state of consciousness that allows you to visualize perfect health so that the intrusions upon your health by the ravages of artificial time begin to fall away, fall off of your being, and your being starts to rejuvenate into its own pure essence, and its own true vitality, so that it can become its perfect self, as the hypnosis of artificial time is cast off.

This Awareness suggests this kind of meditation on a daily basis will create a rejuvenated body out of your consciousness, of eternal vitality. This Awareness suggests this kind of meditation wherein you experience the eternal Now and let it go further and further into the future, while recognizing its roots in the past, or recognizing that in the past, it was also in the eternal Now, and that during some course of its state of consciousness, it began to accept the hypnotic suggestion of a line of time being put upon it, so that it began to accept the hypnosis of aging.

This Awareness suggests that you see yourself now as no longer hypnotized by the concept of time and instead, able to live in an eternal moment of Now, repeat, an Eternal Moment of Now in which you can have your own focus of rejuvenating the body eternally Now, so as to become immortal.

By visualizing a healthy, vibrant, vigorous, youthful, strong body of your own creation, the body reflecting the images that you place upon it so that as you image health, beauty, strength, vitality, the body conforms to those images that you present it in this Eternal Moment

Visualize the Arteries and Veins Being Cleaned

This Awareness suggests you visualize the arteries and veins throughout your body, the blood flowing through these veins, cleaning them, clearing them of debris. Visualize a magic something that your focus rings toward the heart, which creates within the blood something that is like a cleanser, and that your blood as a cleanser, with this new chemical in it runs through the veins cleaning them as it moves, as the heart pumps, so that the circulation throughout your body improves and so that the toxins within the bloodstream, within the veins and arteries, break loose and go back into the digestive system and are eliminated from the body, leaving a clean circulatory system.

Visualize this being initiated, each time you meditate, and within days, or moments, over repeated meditations, you will notice that indeed you are growing healthier, your vitality is increasing. Your blood circulation seems to be much better. Your energy levels are improving. You are growing healthier with each attunement to the Eternal Now.

This Awareness indicates that each of these meditative moments in the Eternal Moment of Now becomes greater in quality, a greater experience to you. It does not matter whether the moment lasts 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or only 5 seconds or 30 seconds, because the moment is within the Eternal Now, and you can hold it, or you can let it go, but the attunement to it and the quality of the attunement is most important.

Experience it fully, as a moment of Now. Experience it fully and it will seem as though it was experienced for a great period of time, that split second of attunement with great quality will be carried into your non-meditative daily life as an experience of great importance. It will carry over into your other mundane routines, giving you greater vitality, a greater sense of eternal youth and immortality.

The Beginning of Your Ability to Heal Yourself

This Awareness indicates that you will be amazed at how much these momentary experiences can help your general well-being and help your vitality and under standing of Who, In Fact, You Really Are.

That indeed, you are an immortal being who has been hypnotized into thinking you are mortal, but who now awakens to your true self. This Awareness indicates this may be seen as the beginning of your own ability to heal your self as a spiritual and cosmic being discovering your own deity.

This Awareness indicates that as you move more and more into the quantum-type reality which this Awareness in future readings will assist you with, you shall become more and more able to look at those little blemishes, those little diseases, those little physical problems that tend to plague humanity in its hypnotized state, and you will find yourself able to squeeze them into non-existence by simply visualizing them being made smaller and smaller and smaller, whereby they simply become a mere point in a field of enlightenment and vitality, and then
they fade away entirely, leaving only health, vitality and a field of good energy.

The Great Lie You Were Hypnotized to Believe

This Awareness indicates this new energy then becomes your Self, your living body, your Body of Light. This Awareness indicates that it will, in future readings give more of this kind of meditative activity for you to work with in your daily visualizations and meditations so that you can more easily attune to the quantum reality and enjoy becoming a conscious being rather than a mere physical being with some consciousness as an outgrowth.

This Awareness indicates that indeed, your essence in reality as a conscious being that developed a physical body is the truth, for you have been made to believe you are a physical body brought into existence by some physical quirk of accident which by some further accidental quirk, developed consciousness because of some chemical reaction in the physical accident called the body and that this consciousness ceases to continue when the body receives sufficient insult or damage.

This Awareness indicates that this is the Great Lie, and the Great Truth is that you are a consciousness creation, a creation born in consciousness that has learned to create a physical housing called the body, in which the consciousness can rest and find a home in which the consciousness can park itself, to find some kind of anchor in this dimension so that it can have an effect on the dimension through the use of that physical body, but that this consciousness is not trapped in the physical body and can come and go at will, as long as it realizes it has the freedom to come and go.

This Awareness indicates the consciousness is the owner and creator of the physical body. It has been given help by certain entities to attend and care for the physical body so that it can grow strong enough to become responsible for the care and maintenance of the physical body.

More Out-of-Body Experiences Will Occur

This consciousness, in becoming more and more aware of the use and maintenance of the physical body, can also reach a point of understanding that allows it to park the physical body somewhere and go exploring outside of the body itself, as a conscious being, so that out of body experiences can become more common and can become a useful part of one’s life and behavior.


There is no reason to become trapped in a physical body, any more than there is cause to be trapped inside an automobile. If a driver is hypnotized into believing that he cannot get out of his automobile, for fear that in doing so he will be killed, the driver is likely to cling to the automobile in such a way as to become imprisoned within the automobile. Some entities have the same attitude toward their bodies. They think they cannot get out until they die. This Awareness indicates that it is important for entities to realize that the automobile was
created by yourself as a conscious being; the automobile of your body, and that you do have the ability to enter and reside therein, or to leave, to park it and leave and go outside your body, traveling to other places, to other dimensions, to other planets in other galaxies if you so desire.

This Awareness wishes entities to understand that in the quantum reality, that is the reality into which science is now finally moving, toward a quantum reality; you are a conscious being first and foremost and you are a physical being secondarily and perhaps temporarily. This Awareness indicates that it is possible for you to keep the physical being going for long periods of time, much longer than ever imagined, if you care for it in the me way that an entity might care for an old automobile, restoring, repairing, maintaining, to keep it healthy and alive, to use it with respect, not to abuse it, not to misuse it, but to use it respectfully and keep it restored, repaired and maintained with proper fuel, proper nutrients, proper cleanliness and proper repairs when needed.

To Heal You Must Focus Your Attention

This Awareness suggests that entities look over this message daily when meditating, and meditate on these concepts, experiencing the Eternal Moment of Now, while also attuning to that moment and going into the body to repair with the intent and focus of consciousness to repair any damage found, to repair any areas in which pain or pollution or stagnation or weakness might be seen, by giving focus of attention, which is energy, a healing energy, to that area.

You simply focus on the area within your body that appears weak or not vibrant, that appears polluted or damaged, and by focusing on that area with your consciousness, as though you were shining a light of consciousness into that area, you will find that it is gradually being healed, while you reside in this moment of the Eternal Now.

By attuning to that moment of Now, first expanding your consciousness outward to allow that moment to become eternal, you pick up a cosmic energy. You then focus that energy toward those areas of the body that appear to be weak or inadequate or lacking in energy, and in so doing, healing begins to occur.

Practice This Meditation Daily for Rejuvenation

This Awareness indicates doing this daily, even if it is only for a few seconds will gradually begin to create a reversal of the aging destructive process that entities have been hypnotized into accepting, and you will find rejuvenation taking place. This Awareness suggests also the use of good vitamins, minerals, supplements of all kinds, enzymes, and a good healthy diet will assist in this rejuvenation, but the greater activity of rejuvenating will come from this meditation.

This Awareness suggests this meditation be practiced regularly, daily. It only requires a few seconds, 15 seconds of good quality attunement and visualization, 30 seconds, two minutes; whatever is comfortable for you, whatever allows you to do the focus and healing that is necessary.

Forget about artificial time when meditating. Attune to the Eternal Now, the moment of Now. Spread it out into the future and past in all directions. Feel yourself floating in time, floating in the Eternal Now as an immortal being.

You are immortal because there is no death. There is no end. There is only the Now, and the Now reaches forever, into infinity. And while in that floating state, focus on repairing, restoring, maintaining and nurturing your physical form. In doing this, you will reverse the aging process. You will reverse the deterioration of the body, and give new strength and new life to the cells. You may speak to the cells of your body, directing them to get rid of the poisons and toxins within themselves, and make repairs, clean house and “fix yourself up to be perfect cells within my body.” Giving these directions to the cells informs them that they are to stop aging and start rejuvenating.

The Hypnosis Put Upon Mankind For Aging

They have their own consciousness and their consciousness is obedient to your higher commands. They will do that which you tell them to do. In the past you have told them to age slowly: “At 20 you are to look like ‘this’, to be like ‘this’. At 30 you are slowing down some, but you are strong. At 40 you are becoming more weak, but you are still strong.”

At 50, 60 and 70, your consciousness in the past would have told them to start shutting down. “Life is almost over. Don’t do too much. It is time to begin resting.” This Awareness indicates this is the hypnosis that has been put upon mankind through society, through the collective consciousness of humanity, but you are no longer part of that. You are becoming the New Being.

You Are the New Being Awakening

You are the New Being awakening, and you must tell your cells to awaken and to become something new; to become rejuvenated, vital, full of energy, cleaning up themselves inside and out. Getting rid of any toxins that have attached themselves within or without, so that the areas between the cells also are cleaned. Give these directions to the cells of your body and you will find yourself in an overall state becoming stronger, healthier and more vigorous, with youthful energies that you may not have felt for many years.

This Awareness indicates when this begins to happen, you will find also a new kind of enthusiasm. The word “enthusiasm” means “God within.” The enthusiasm is because there is more life within yourself and the enthusiasm can inspire you to do things you haven’t had the energy to do, or never thought you had the time to do. You will find yourself looking further into the future because you will know that you can live longer and do those things that you have given up on.

This Awareness indicates that It wishes to awaken the youth, the rejuvenating being that you truly are, providing you can turn off the hypnotic suggestion that has been given to you by society over so many years. And this Awareness sees this can be done, and It sees that this must be done by the year 2013 so that you can move into the higher dimension with others who shall develop their own New Being and their own Light Bodies.

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  1. Fantastic !!!….Floating in the Eternal Now…Yessss !
    I am doing the meditation , for a while , using other
    Visualizations, but similar, and i can tell that really

  2. No wonder all the B.S. about what life was supposed to look like, what I should accept never sat right. This has got to be the first time I’ve ever really gotten any sense of what I can do to stop, or reverse the aging process. I’ve read about similar things numerous techniques but this is the first time I’ve really gotten a sense of the peice that’s really important (aparently the peice I’ve been missing). Thank you

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