HJ: As a child, I was acutely aware of the distinction between the spiritual reality and ‘everyday’ or ‘practical’ reality which seemed to exist simultaneously, but still somewhat separately   At the time, I could not reconcile the two as I did not yet have the necessary level of perception to be able to understand how they balanced and interacted with each other in an ongoing basis.  Although I can see much more clearly now the role both play in the creation of reality as we experience it, there is most definitely unique qualities to each which require different faculties at any given time, which creates the illusion that they are in fact separate in some way.

This is an important distinction and one that Cosmic Awareness acknowledges in the discourse below, especially as it relates to accessing expanded states of consciousness and connection to the divine energies.  The ability to disconnect, at least temporarily, from the  mind, emotion and feeling is a necessary step in learning to experience higher realities and dimensions that are accessible in the expanded conscious state.  That being said, the two are not mutually exclusive.  Remember, all originates from spirit.  The sensate experience of the mind/emotion/feeling states are simply a subset of higher awareness and experience.  Instead of viewing them as separate it may be more helpful and accurate to view them as gradients of a spectrum of reality originating from the divine energies that create the universe.  When one can clearly see the place each of these states have in everyday consciousness and awareness, we can begin to access them as needed based on the given situation.

– Truth


Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff | Cosmic Awareness


A question from K.G. in Chicago. He writes: “I find it a little hard to put into words, but I believe that the following might be worth asking about. There was a psychic in the early 1970s named Olaf Johnson, who
was reputed to have used his mind-concentrated energy to make others do his will. For example, making a bus driver make a U-turn or drive around the block; and further, that he could move objects with his mind, even
to the point of levitating another person. He said that his power is all latent within each of us and that to do these things that he would first momentarily think of the universe outside of earth, outside of this
perceived reality, and then, when he felt himself in the “now” (my word, not his), when he felt a blissful peacefulness within himself, that he could then focus upon our perceived reality, and seeing it as an
illusion, he could manipulate it at will, as if his world was his own dream that he could alter with his own mind. Awareness mentioned the “Meditation of the Now.” Is this meditation the key to achieving a higher consciousness, and if so, are we to put ourselves in the blissful feeling the meditation brings and to “remember” throughout the day the vibration associated with this kind of meditation? If this is not exactly correct, please advise us of what we must do to achieve a continual sense of Samadhi (love) and to be able to flow into the higher realms of consciousness that Awareness says is now available to us.”


This Awareness indicates that this is indeed a way of attuning to the Divine Energies of the Universe. This Awareness does not suggest that entities can stay totally in tune and still continue doing mundane
activities, for the action of attuning to the Divine Energies of the Universe requires that entities give their attention to the higher frequencies, recognize the vast domain of these higher frequencies and surrender to these Universal Energies.

This Awareness indicates in doing so, you would not be able to conduct certain mundane activities that require focus and thought. In order to enter into the higher energies of the Eternal Now and attune to the Universal Consciousness, you have to set aside that which is mind, emotion, and feeling.

Mind, Emotion & Feeling Are Defined

Mind equates to thought; emotions equate to things you are attached to; and feeling is that which is aware of and attentive to those things about you, whether it be texture or touch or simply the awareness of things occurring nearby.

This Awareness indicates any of these actions mind, emotion, and feeling, if given attention, will tend to bring you out of the Samadhi, or the attunement to Universal Consciousness.

This Awareness indicates, however, the more you meditate in that which is called the Eternal Now, the easier it becomes to enter that as your domain and think of the world in which you reside as being an excursion from your home or domain into a different reality of the 3rd dimension.

In this 3rd dimensional reality, which you are already familiar with, things require a different mind set, a different way of relating, and therefore as you move into the 3rd dimensional reality, you may need to let go of, for the most part, the 4th and 5th dimensional reality, at least temporarily.

This Awareness indicates that gradually you will find you are spending much of your time in the higher levels of consciousness, moving into 3rd dimensional reality only when required. This Awareness indicates that
one must be very discerning about this, for you don’t want to be, for example, traveling in heavy traffic while shifting from higher reality into 3rd dimension without being able to complete your entry into 3rd dimension, or you don’t want to be shifting into higher frequencies at a time when 3rd dimensional attention is essential to safety.


This Awareness indicates that in other words, there are times for 3rd dimensional experience in the world, and there are times for 4th or 5th dimensional experience, being in the realm of the spiritual. This Awareness indicates that one must discern the proper timing and proper placement of your experiential levels, according to the proper environment in which you are required to operate.

This Awareness indicates that moving into spiritual levels requires a certain amount of preparation. It is not something you would do while climbing a mountain, for example, in which you might find yourself in a
precarious position. In other words, you do not want to attune to a Samadhi state deliberately, while climbing a cliff, for you might forget the urgency of the reality demands on you from the cliff-climbing activities, if you are attuned excessively to the spiritual energies amounting to a Samadhi experience.

This Awareness indicates that when you seek to move into a higher spiritual experience, make sure your setting is secure and safe, giving you correct time, and a necessary environment for such a movement and
effort. In other words, you may wish to unplug the phones or lock your doors so there will not be any sudden uninvited interruptions, and set the setting or stage for your journey into higher states of consciousness as you meditate in the Eternal Now or the Ever-Present Now, going into higher levels of consciousness, focusing on the expansion of the here and now.

ED’s Note: For information on how to enter into the “Eternal Now” please refer to “Revelations of Awareness” issue No. 94-07, “How to Experience the Eternal Moment of Now and Begin to Stop the Aging Process
Immediately”; $3.00 from CAC. Also, a tape recording of the actual trance session is available where Cosmic Awareness Itself guides you through the steps. Please refer to issue 94-09 for further information on this tape.


(The Secret of Levitation is Explained)


This psychic mentioned, Olaf Johnson, who was reputed to use his mind- concentrated energy to make other people do his will, and so forth: Is that information valid?


This Awareness indicates that the entity explained quite clearly the method by which he moved energies in this manner; however, it is easier explained than accomplished.

Entities following his explanation may find the distraction in the experience is preventing them from accomplishing the results, or they may find that even if they do focus, they do not seem to have the sufficient kind of mentality to discern or distinguish between a higher level of consciousness and that which is being moved or to be manipulated in the reality level.

Moving Into a God’s Eye View of The World

Their higher levels of consciousness may simply shift down into 3rd dimensional reality when they try to focus on levitating a particular object. This Awareness suggests that it appears that to do such an
action, one needs to keep their consciousness in a higher reality and look at the object to be levitated as though it was in this new world, new realm down below that is controlled by the higher levels of consciousness, the higher frequencies of that Eternal Now, the infinite Present, the energies of Divinity.

This Awareness indicates that if you can hold your God’s Eye View and look at the world as a small dot in the cosmic universe from which you observe the dot of the world, and if you can look more closely into that
dot and magnify a portion in which the object you wish to levitate rests, it is possible from your God’s Eye View to see that object as a kind of image like on a screen, and see the whole picture as being something created in your mind as part of your mind, because you are attuned to Cosmic Consciousness, and your attunement and surrender into Cosmic Consciousness allows you to have access to that Universal Consciousness, and you can, in looking at an image in Universal Consciousness, you can, as Universal Consciousness, move the object that is in the image which is itself a part of Universal Consciousness, This Awareness indicates, of course, when you do this, you must remain attuned to the Divine Mind. In so doing, it is an act of surrender of self to the Divine Mind.

Therefore, while it is an intended willful action of yours, at the time you enter into the Divine Mind, your personal identity must be set aside so that you become part of the Mind of Divinity Itself, and from the action of that Divine Mind, the movement of the object can occur.

But you can’t, at the same time, think of it as yourself, the human being doing it. You must think of it solely as the Divine Mind which you have attuned to as doing this, levitating this object. This Awareness
indicates that it is not something that can simply be done by following rules or words; it is something that must be experienced by an entity, and the experience must reach into the experience of unity with the
Divine Consciousness or Divine Mind, and from there, you must experience attunement with the object of your focus which you wish to levitate, and you must, while remaining in Divine Mind, look at the object as though
it was almost an insignificant image in your Divine Mind that can be moved by your Divine Mind, just as you can move an image in a dream, in your personal mind.

This Awareness indicates it is something that will take practice on an experiential level, and thinking about it will not do it. Experiencing it will do it.

This Awareness indicates there are not many people who can operate their minds outside the realm of thought in experiential observation. Therefore, not too many people will be successful in this action. This Awareness indicates, however, the practice and the effort will be of benefit to every entity, but the results may not be astounding or noteworthy.

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