HJ: With the release of the film ‘The Secret’ in 2006, manifestation suddenly went mainstream.  However, many became quite frustrated and skeptical of the concept due to the lack of results they were seeing in their lives.  This primarily stems from a fundamental lack of true understanding of the mechanics of manifestation, the law of attraction, and creation.  Although we are all engaging these abilities at the unconscious level (at the very least), very few have actually achieved conscious mastery of the art.  Films such as The Secret and other pop-culture spirituality books on the subject often fail to adress many of the core esoteric/metaphysical concepts that are critical to mastery of the law of attraction and manifestation.  In a 3rd density, dualistic reality, the instant manifestation of thoughts by one and all would wreak utter havoc on the planet.  The lack of spiritual awareness, discipline and understanding of the masses would result in the constant creation of many unwanted scenarios, realities and physical objects.  In essence, the delayed time to manifestation is a ‘protection mechanism’ so that we do not become victims of our lack of focus, spiritual understanding and mental discipline.

As one begins to gain control of the ego and begins to develop spiritually, increased manifestation abilities come as a natural byproduct of a deeper understanding of the cosmic laws and flows governing our universe.  As we allow our connection to spirit and the divine to deepen, so too do our inherent creator abilities.  It is the natural progression of spiritual advancement in this universe.  Higher densities (4th, 5th, 6th and so on) are essentially higher levels of conscious spiritual awareness and are all accompanied by a shorter time from thought to creation.  Furthermore, each density requires the initiate to achieve a higher level of awareness in order to be vibrating at the necessary frequency requisite for existence in the said density.

Exactly what concepts are necessary to master the law of attraction, manifestation, and creation?  The quotes from Seth below should give you great insight into the true mechanics of these practices.

– Truth

Seth via Jane Roberts | Educate Yourself

Seth says that this is something we all do.

“You form the camouflage world or appearances with the same part of you that breathes.” Session 23, p.167 , The Early Sessions, Book 1 “The physical world that you recognize is made up of invisible patterns. These patterns are “plastic,” in that while they exist, their final form is a matter of probabilities directed by consciousness. Your senses perceive these patterns in their own ways.” Session 803, p.29 , The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events

“Emotions, instead of propelling a physical rocket, for example, send thoughts from this interior reality through the barrier between nonphysical and physical into the “objective” world — no small feat, and one that is constantly repeated.” Session 625, p.95 , The Nature of Personal Reality

The intensity of a feeling or thought or mental image is, therefore, the important element in determining its subsequent physical materialization.” Session 525, p.66, Seth Speaks

“The inner senses were always paramount in evolutionary development, being the impetus behind the physical formations; and themselves, through the use of mental enzymes, imprinting the data contained in the mental genes onto the physical camouflage material.” Session 26, p.198 , The Early Sessions, Book 1

“Suggestion is no more and no less than an inner willingness and consent to allow a particular action to occur; and this consent is the trigger which sets off the subconscious mechanisms that allow you to construct inner data into physical reality.” Session 68, p.215, The Early Sessions, Book 2

“A primary construction is a psychic gestalt, formed into matter by a consciousness of itself. Such a primary construction is an attempt to create, in the world of matter, a replica of the inner psychic construction of the whole self.” Session 71, p.239, The Early Sessions, Book 2

“Secondary physical constructions are those created by a consciousness of its conception of other consciousnesses, from data received through telepathy and other means.” Session 71, p.240, The Early Sessions, Book 2

“In all cases consciousness is first, and it forms its physical constructions according to its abilities, first of all forming its own primary construction, and then brancing outward, constucting secondary images of other ocnsciousnesses with whom it comes in contact.” Session 71, p.241, The Early Sessions, Book 2

“These simple remarks will themselves be the basis for further rather involved discussions, as the mechanisms that are set into motion in such mental or psychic manipulation of matter have never really been explained. Remember however that such psychic manipulation of matter is the normal occurrence. It is however usually operating at subconscious levels, and without either knowledge or intent as far as the conscious mind is concerned. To be able to bring these natural but subconscious forces at all under any domination by the conscious mind is a terrific task. Such domination will never be habitual, but conscious awareness of subconscious manipulation of matter may become habitual, and may often of its own accord follow the desires of the conscious mind, if certain conditions are met. First of all, the conscious desires must be in league with, and unopposed by, subconscious expectations. Two, sufficient emotional impetus must be discharged, and this will be on or from subconscious levels. And three, communication between the conscious and subconscious, or the inner and so-called outer parts of the whole self, must be excellent.” Session 81, p.305, The Early Sessions, Book 2

Prayer has been extremely successful in enabling individuals to manipulate matter through use of their psychic abilities.” Session 81, p.307, The Early Sessions, Book 2

“There are certain points in time and space, therefore, (again in your terms), that are more conducive than others, where both ideas and matter will more be highly charged. Practically speaking, this means that buildings will last longer, in your context, that ideas wedded to form will be relatively eternal. The pyramids, for example, are a case in point.” Session 524, p.64, Seth Speaks

“To make this clearer, look at any table in the room before you. It is physical, solid, and you perceive it easily. Now for an analogy, imagine if you can that behind the table is another just like it, but not quite as physical, and behind that one another, and another behind that — each one more difficult to perceive, fading into invisibility. And in front of the table is a table just like it, only a bit less physical appearing than the “real” table — it also having a succession of even less physical tables extending outward. And tghe same for each side of the table. Now anything that appears in physical terms also exists in other terms that you do not perceive. You only perceive realities when they achieve a certain “pitch”, when they seem to coalesce into matter. But they actually exist, and quite validly at other levels.” Session 530, p.87, Seth Speaks

“Emotions then, in their own realm unperceived by the outer senses, have their own solidity, shape, and it is from these that your expectations are formed. The emotions indeed do form the expectations, and it is not the other way around. As physical objects can be manipulated, so can the emotions be manipulated, so can they be combined into various shapes and psychic constructions, A man”s expectations are the result of his emotional heritage, and his own ability to understand and manipulate that heritage.” Session 76, p. 275, The Early Sessions, Book 2

“Again, expectations are not only vital in the formation of physical constructions, but they also determine what inner data of all available, will be received by the individual; and then the individual interprets the data in terms of the same expectations. The core of individuality, then, is the individual”s expectations, for he will truly get what he wants, individually and collectively. If a man wants to change his fate, desire is not enough, but expectation is. Desire may grow into expectation, but alone it is not enough. Expectation is actually the main trigger that switches inner data into the realm of physical construction. Without it, no physical construction results.” Session 76, p.276, The Early Sessions, Book 2

“Expectation is the force, then, that triggers psychic realities into physical construction.” Session 76, p.276, The Early Sessions, Book 2

“Expectations are formed by the emotions then, it is obviously the basic emotions themselves that must be manipulated, since the expectations are the frameworks formed by the emotions. This is the starting point” Session 76, p.277, The Early Sessions, Book 2

Emotional power behind your expectations powers your expectations into physical reality.” Session 76, p.278, The Early Sessions, Book 2

“What you call suggestion is indeed expectation.” Session 160, p.70, The Early Sessions, Book 4

“…you construct your physical universe and your private environment in line with your inner expectations, for they mirror perfectly the deepest areas of your own inner reality.” Session 253, p.114, The Early Sessions, Book 6

“So your soul, that which you are, constructs your physical daily reality for you from the nature of your thoughts and expectations. You can readily see, therefore how important your subjective feelings really are.” Session 527, p.79, Seth Speaks

“We have spoken of expectations. These, you see, are electrical realities which may explain their importance; for you not only sometimes predict so called future events, but you create their actuality within the electrical field, and therefore insure their existence one way or another within the physical field.” Session 127, p.240, The Early Sessions, Book 3

“If you direct your inner self with confidence to steer you through your physical existence, it will do so. If you concentrate upon difficulties you will not allow it to do so.” Session 220, p.189, The Early Sessions, Book 5

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