HJ: Each Chakra can be activated and cleansed with powerful Bija Mantra’s or ‘seed mantras’.  A mantra is a sacred sound or phrase that has specific transformative effects on the mind-body-spirit triad.  Simply toning and repeating these sacred sounds can profoundly alter consciousness and instigate deep healing.  All true sound healings are, in essence based on the concept of the mantra, or sacred sound.  They create specific frequencies and resonances via a variety of means (tuning forks, bowls, chanting, etc.) in order to facilitate healing of the mind-body-spirit triad.  These tend to be more general in nature, but can be quite specific depending on the instrument and technique being used.

Seed (Bija) mantras, however, are innate within us.  No instruments are needed.  Our own voice contains the greatest healing potential for our unique makeup because it is specifically tailored to our own unique constitution.  Furthermore, I find it has a very strong internal resonance due to the fact that the sound originates from within us, which is often a quality lacking in physical instrumentation.  We can instantly tune and adjust our voice to hit specific frequencies and can easily access our intuition when doing so, facilitating a great connection between the mind and spirit in the process.

Case in point:  These mantras, which correspond with the Chakras, can be used for profound self healing at any time.  Chant them throughout the day whenever you need a pick me up or for extended periods for powerful centering and alteration of consciousness.  I find it very powerful to combine their use with the placing of crystals on specific chakras.

– Truth

Sounds Of The Chakras: Bija Mantras

From The Daily Om

Within each human being lies the power to affect change through the power of a chant, the spoken words, or even a gentle whisper. The body’s chakras or energy centers, so closely intertwined with their corresponding regions of the body, can be represented in sound, which parallels the energy pattern of the chakras and is symbolic of their essences. These unique sounds are the bija, or seed, mantras. The mantras are the one-syllable seed sounds that, when said aloud, activate the energy of the chakras in order to purify and balance the mind and body. When you speak the bija mantras, you resonate with the energy of the associated chakra, helping you focus upon your own instinctive awareness of your body and its needs.

OM is the most renowned and expansive of the bija mantras. It is the mantra of assent and the form of creation, causing energy to surge upward and outward.

KRIM (pronounced as ‘kreem’) stimulates and transforms the lower chakras, awakening and purifying the body.

SHRIM (pronounced ‘shreem’) is associated with the head and third eye and, while promoting health, can be used to flood the senses with delight and beauty.

HRIM (pronounced ‘hreem’) holds creativity and healing powers. Speaking it has the power to awaken and purify the heart.

HUM (pronounced ‘hoom’) destroys negativity and inspires vitality throughout the body.


chakra chart

In traditional Hatha Yoga, the seven cleansing bija mantras associated with the chakras are: 

LAM for the earth chakra (1)
VAM for the water chakra (2)
RAM for the fire chakra (3)
YAM for the heart chakra (4)
HAM for the throat chakra (5)
AUM for the third eye (6)
AH for the crown chakra (7)

But the seed mantras, which are vessels of a self-generating power, are by no means truly rigid. The meaning of each seed mantra can be subtly changed through their intonation and the intention of those who speak them. When you chant the bija mantras, either one at a time or in sequences most often beginning with OM, your mind will be gradually become attuned to the mantras’ finer frequencies until the source energy is reached and the mantra becomes the seed of spiritual energy of the chakras.

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