The Art, Experience and Science of Shifting Your Personal Timeline

By Truth | The Healers Journal

While responding to comments on an article that was recently posted on the Healers Journal, I mentioned the fact that I have consciously experienced the process of shifting timelines on a number of occasions.  Sure enough, later that day I began to receive comments asking just what the process of shifting timelines is like.  Understanding the nature of timelines, I assumed that most of my readers did as well.  However, these comments made me realize that perhaps this concept and experience were not as readily understood as I had previously thought.  With that being said, I would like to take this opportunity to explain what timelines are and what it feels like to shift between them.

What Exactly Are Timelines?

This is a very difficult concept to explain because it is truly multidimensional in nature.  The mind has a difficult time grasping concepts that are outside of its direct conscious experience — in this case, that we cannot consciously be aware of experiencing two different timelines simultaneously (at least in our current state of awareness).  That being said, I will take a shot at making sense of it all.

In order to understand what a timeline is, I will present you with a scenario that will help elucidate the concept.  Imagine you live an entire lifetime from birth to death, with all its myriad choices and experiences that contribute to the sum total of one life experience.  Then, imagine you were going to reincarnate and experience that exact same life all over again.  You are born once more and everything is going fine, exactly the same as the first time, however, instead of getting married at age 25, you decide not to.  This will create an entirely different set of experiences and essentially a totally different life.  This is essentially what a timeline shift is — a major turning point, shift in belief or choice that causes life to be fundamentally altered from its current course from that point onward.  Although we are only ever consciously experiencing the timeline that we are engaged in, in our waking state (known as the ‘focal timeline’), in reality our soul is experiencing every possible variation of timelines that could exist in this lifetime.

There are an infinite number of timelines, all occurring simultaneously that account for every possible variation of decision one could make in a given lifetime.  An aspect of the soul is experiencing each one of the multitude of timelines, however, your conscious experience is only aware of the events on the ‘focal timeline’, or the one you are now aware of.

This is an extremely simplified explanation of what a timeline actually is, but essentially, every time you make a new choice, you shift a timeline.  That being said, most of the time these choices are small and ‘insignificant’ (everything, always, has significance, this is just used for illustrative purposes) enough that it it does not alter the larger themes of your current timeline and therefor does not shift you off of your current timeline in any meaningful way.  For instance, most of the time, choosing one item to eat at a restaurant versus another will not impact your life in a significant way that would alter the course of events dramatically and so you remain on the same timeline.

However, there are indeed instances when choosing one thing off the menu over another can alter your timeline, for example, if you got seriously ill, or because the food took longer to come out you ended up in a car accident later that day.  These situations do occur, but more often than not, such small decisions have no significant effect on your current focal timeline.  And in fact, when the above examples do occur, you are most likely still on the same timeline because these are not conscious decisions where you aware that such a small, normally insignificant choice will have a major impact on your life.  These types of events are often planned or called in by the higher self for various reasons, however, this concept is beyond the scope of this article.

The important distinction here is that ‘true’ timeline shifts occur when you have a profound conscious and/or spiritual realization that shifts the direction of your life.  That is why you hear people tell stories where they say things like, “…suddenly I had this incredible realization that changed my life forever…”.  When we have a profound (often times spiritual) realization about ourselves or the way we perceive reality, we undergo a shift so dramatic that it fundamentally alters the course of our life.  It causes us to radically change the way we approach our decision making and life in general and hence a radically different set of possibilities open up to us.  Again, conscious timeline shifts happen when we have a conscious spiritual realization.

I think that gets us to the point where I can begin to explain what it feels like to have undergone one of these shifts.  I also think that if you followed my logic and truly understand what I have described, you are realizing that you too have also undergone personal timeline shifts (although you may not have recognized them as such when they happened) and can began to remember how you felt.  It is a profound feeling that you never really forget.

The Experience of Shifting Timelines

Timeline shifts can be minor or major experiences.

Timeline shifts usually come without advance warning, although immediately preceding them (we’re talking minutes to seconds here), there tends to be a sharp rise in energetic vibration/frequency.  Depending on how large the shift is, this can be barely perceptible or quite profound in nature.  I have had timeline shifts (in which I was not meditating) where I was literally euphoric for an extended period of time as I began to realize the limitless potential I now had access to by shifting to a new, creative timeline in which I was open to the true unlimited potential we all embody.  These shifts were initiated by profound spiritual realizations that had been in the gestation period for some time and finally manifested in a coherent way into my life.  They were the result of extended, disciplined efforts at self improvement and spiritual advancement through a variety of means (meditation, yoga, pranayama [breathing techniques], reading, researching, communicating with my guides, work performed in the dream state, intention, diet  and mental discipline).

To contrast that, I have also had many minor timeline shifts while meditating where I can feel myself elevating to higher levels of consciousness, perception and creative expression.  These types of shifts tend to happen during or immediately following a fast or during portal/alignment dates such as 11-11-11 and 12-12-12 as well as profound cosmic alignments like the recent Ascension and various other unique celestial alignments.  These timeline shifts are due to the incoming energies shifting me to higher levels of spiritual awareness and consciousness.  I set my intention, I begin to meditate and then tune into in the sacred nature and energetic frequencies of the alignment and almost always I experience a minor to moderate timeline shift.  This is simply like a ‘free upgrade’ of sorts.  Essentially, it happens because I am open to it and have reached the level of spiritual advancement where these things begin to happen.  Also, due to years of practice and development of perceptual sensitivity, I do notice these subtle energetic shifts.

What do they actually feel like?  I personally have a physical sensation of becoming lighter and rising up, almost as if I were floating up to the next floor in a tall building.  There is a slight dizziness associated with it as if I have become a bit lightheaded and disoriented.  Sometimes there is a slight spinning, however, this all lasts for a very short period, on the order of seconds.  The energy I feel after the shift is usually euphoric in nature and of varying intensity (the bigger the shift, the more euphoric it tends to be).  All in all it is a very pleasurable experience and I always come out of it feeling much lighter and generally at peace with everything around me.

In the context of the recent Ascension, I have experienced multiple timeline shifts which began in earnest on Dec. 20th, 2012.  The first of the shifts (which are still occurring as of this writing) happened during a gorgeous hike I took with close friends and was quite unique in nature.  Normally, I feel myself shift but not the world around me.  In this particular instance, I could feel that not only was I shifting timelines, but that Gaia was shifting with me or rather that I was shifting with her.  This was nearly imperceptible due to the somewhat gradual nature of the shift that unfolded over the course of the 2 hour hike.  However, once it had locked in, the energetic upgrade was palpable and it was obvious that something big had ‘changed’.

The second timeline shift I experienced was at 11:11am on Dec. 21st, 2012, the day of Ascension.  This occurred during a long, unusual and intense meditation and was the first time I experienced a back to back timeline shift.  Essentially, I felt the initial shift (which was moderate in intensity) and then before I could even adjust to it, I immediately sensed another of the same strength.

Since Dec. 21st, 2012, I have noticed small, barely perceptible shifts occurring rather frequently throughout the day.  Instead of a major shift, these seem to be nearly constant smaller shifts.  There are ‘plateaus’  where I am given a ‘breather’ of sorts, but this only lasts a few hours or so before the shifts continue.  These minor shifts vary in intensity, sometimes to the point where I will be compelled to stop what I am doing and bask in the energy for a few minutes.  From the feel of it, this will only be continuing from this point forward.  That is the Ascension.  We are being blessed with nearly constant energetic upgrades, shifting us to timelines of greater spiritual awareness, health, peace, harmony, abundance and manifestation.  At least, this is what is happening to those who have energized these timelines and truly want such a thing.  We all get what we truly want and are ready for at the soul level, dictated purely by our higher selves.

If the Ascension were to be experienced as one major timeline shift, I don’t think most people would be able to handle it.  It would be very disorienting and frankly, most are not ready for it save for a small (percentage wise) group of spiritually awakened souls on the planet.  Even for them it would be very intense and almost unbearable simply because the reality shifted to would be so different than what was previously experienced, that even if it were a ‘better’ timeline, the sheer ‘culture shock’ of transitioning to a life so drastically different from current 3D reality would be traumatic.  Those who Ascended and stayed in the 5th dimension were there energetically before the shift.  Now they are there physically in their ‘focal’ timelines, although at that level they have full control of the timelines they choose to create.


When You Become Conscious of Timeline Shifts, You Can Begin to Consciously Shift Timelines

Becoming conscious of the ability to shift timelines allows one to have greater control over the experience in the sense that they can begin to initiate it consciously by shifting their belief structure and level of perception at will or through mental/physical/spiritual discipline.  Essentially a timeline shift is a shift in what you currently believe and think is possible to a more expansive and inclusive worldview encompassing higher spiritual awareness.  This changes the potential possibilities in your life and essentially shifts the direction of it completely, hence the name ‘shifting of timelines’.

Thus it is so that those strongly linked into a belief system that does not allow for alternate explanations and growth are not able to easily shift timelines.  Those who are constantly examining their personally held beliefs and assumptions and are always open to new information that may lift them to higher levels of spiritual realization tend to experience frequent timeline shifts, as this is the mindset necessary for consistent spiritual advancement.  When we stop learning, we stop growing and hence stop shifting.


Hopefully this essay has helped you to better understand the nature of timeline shifts and their part in the overall framework of your life.  By meditating on and working with this concept further, you will be able to gain varying levels of mastery and begin to notice incredible changes in your life.  This is something everyone is capable of.  The only thing limiting one’s ability to capitalize on the techniques mention herein is their personal beliefs.  Whatever it is you believe, it is so.

– Truth

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  1. I believe you described the process of timeline shifts very, very well. I have had many of these also, actually many pretty major ones over the last few years. I find that dreams can be a big catalyst for them as well.

    I tell people close to me that I believe we should all “grow our lives”. Some agree and others don’t seem to have any interest. Just the way it is I guess.


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