Emmanuel Dagher: January 2013 Energy Forecast – The In Between Stage

HJ: I am a big fan of Emmanuel Dagher.  His words deeply resonate with me and it is obvious that he is speaking from a place of wisdom and deep caring for all.  I think that can generally be said about the vast majority of authors that appear on this website, because that is the whole point of this website!  As a community of authors and ‘guides’, if you will, we genuinely want to offer what we have learned in the hopes that you may find something of value and use that information to raise yourself up to higher levels of existence and awareness.

Why else would we freely offer this information, spending countless hours of our valuable time working to maintain these resources of higher spiritual information?  It comes from a place of genuine caring and desire to see humanity rise to its highest potential.  We hope that you will find something that resonates with you — that will spur you to grow spiritually.  We have all undergone this experience ourselves and I can say that my gratitude for my teachers thus far is immense.  And so I, like Emmanuel, turn to offer our knowledge and guidance to all who feel drawn to this information.

When I started this site, I poured my heart and soul into it and always strived to present the highest quality information and guidance to the best of my knowledge at the time.  I spent literally 100’s of hours working on and growing the site, without earning a single cent.  Now as the site becomes more expensive to run and it takes up even more of  my time, it became obvious that I needed to earn some sort of compensation from my efforts.  This is simply to make sure I am able to earn a fair living for my work, as that is a basic human right we are all entitled to.  The same thing goes for Emmanuel.  He gives out so much value freely — if you benefit from it and feel compelled to do so, then please send him a donation or schedule a reading with him.

Blessings to you all going forward into 2013.

– Truth

By Emmanuel Dagher | Magnified Manifesting

Peace & Blessings,

It’s such an honor to connect with you today from the expanded space of Oneness we have co-created together. We did it!

It brings me great joy to welcome you back to this sacred space that has been within each of us since the beginning of time. Thank you for choosing to usher in this Divine Love consciousness with billions of kindred spirits across the Universe, knowing prior to entering this experience it would be a big undertaking just to arrive at this point.

Together, we have pierced through the veils of illusion and called forth the time our great ancestors dreamt for us thousands of years ago. It’s time to release the identity that we are just small Earth beings, and remember that we are vast Galactic beings.

We have now firmly planted a solid foundation for Divine love to emerge and become the default setting of our planet. What we have co-created is immune to anything that may have attempted to alter this course, because our Divine will has made it so. As these waves of Divine Love continue to sweep through every fiber of Earth and her inhabitants, a golden age unlike anything we’ve experienced for eons of linear time is rising.

The ‘In Between’ Stage

So where are we now? We are currently moving through an ‘in between’ stage. These stages usually follow cycles of completion and precede cycles of new beginnings. These stages allow us to pause and reflect on all that has brought us to where we are today. They also give us an opportunity to rest and recharge, so that when it comes time for us to experience great movement again, we are ready.

Sometimes during these reflective periods, the mind may use the quiet time to conjure up belief systems that complicate or distract; it may try to convince itself of things like ‘I should be doing …’  In the case of the recent completion of the 26,000 cycle, the mind may try to convince itself that “Nothing has really changed,” or “My specific expectations didn’t show up, so now I have to be disappointed.”

During ‘in between’ stages people may feel lost, disappointed, alone, disconnected, empty, tired, confused, sad, doubtful, resentful or anything that vibrates at a similar frequency. If you are someone who may be experiencing something along these lines, know first of all that you are not alone. Sometimes these energies come to the surface because the mind doesn’t know what to do when the older patterns of being less than our truest selves, patterns that it was so used to, simply no longer work. Also, know that these emotions are simply a result of the mind’s way of protecting itself, which I speak of often. The mind likes to also compartmentalize and analyze to keep itself busy. So now that we know that the mind does these things, we can choose to be easy on ourselves and to simply release anything that may take us away from the truth of who we really are.

To expand a bit more on this, if we are still finding ourselves reacting to some of the old patterns the mind had identified itself with for so long, let’s be willing to just look at it as feedback providing clarity about what we do or do not want to create more of. Then, we can use that feedback and empower ourselves to choose otherwise.

Perhaps, we can choose to enter our hearts. The mind cannot feel the way the heart feels. By going into our hearts, we transcend all structures the mind may have created. From here, we can most definitely ‘feel’ that something in the world has changed, even if we haven’t ‘seen’ it materialize yet. When we are in our hearts, we bypass all outside distractions and move into knowing that all is unfolding as it is meant to.

The energies at this time are ripe for healing and letting go of all past stories we had created for ourselves that had us believing we are anything less than the sacred and holy beings that we truly are.

Transcending Time

Time as we have known it to be is quickening to such a degree that all structures we’ve built around it are collapsing. This is allowing us to return back to real time, which I like to call ‘no time.’ The only real time is the present time. We are at our most powerful when we align ourselves in the present moment. It is in the present moment that we are able to defy logic and move mountains like we recently have. It is in the present moment that we are able to manifest into the physical from the invisible realms.


As we transcend the illusion of time, we will have much easier access to higher insights, actions, wisdom, feelings and ways of being that will ultimately allow us to witness first hand in our physical realities the powerful co-creators we really are. As this occurs, we will also begin to feel even more connected to everything within and all around us, allowing us to communicate with the Universe in a much easier way.

In closing, I am reminded of a quote by Albert Einstein that states: “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Let’s be willing to enter this new golden age knowing that everything around us is truly a gift and a miracle.

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,


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