The Role of Diet and Food In The Activation and Maintenance of the Light Body

HJ:  I cannot overstate the importance of diet in the maintenance of the light body.  Eating in a way that shows great respect for the body temple is simply requisite discipline for higher spiritual awareness.  There are innumerable benefits to eating organic, whole, unprocessed foods, not the least of which is the ability to operate at higher levels of vibration and awareness.  This is a major stumbling block for many individuals.  Quite simply, eating a pure diet greatly enhances all spiritual abilities, energetic sensitivity, clarity of mind, mood, energy, sleep… the list goes on and on.  All of these benefits that come along with a pure diet and body make spiritual awareness and manifestation 100x easier.  It is hard to understand the benefits that radiant health can have in ones life until one has personally experienced it.  So many individuals who would otherwise make every effort to reach these heights do not do so because they are ignorant of the effect it would have on themselves save for the words of those who have experienced these states.  I am here to tell you that it is truly an incredible experience.  If you ever take one thing away from this site, let it be this:  Do everything in your power to get your health to the highest level possible and the experience and process of doing so will transform your consciousness beyond your wildest dreams.  When you can literally sense the energy of the food you are eating and understand how it nourishes your body on an energetic level, it is truly an incredible state to be in.  That level of sensitivity soon spreads to every aspect of your life and you can be operating at higher levels of awareness and further any abilities you may already have.

Besides, processed, toxic food only tastes good while your toxic.  It truly is a good way to measure how far along the path of health you are.  If processed food still tastes good to you, then indeed you have work to do.  You may be saying now, ‘But I only eat organic, whole foods and I stil like the taste of some processed foods!”  First congratulations on eating a quality diet, however, this is only half the battle.  You must also remove the accumulated toxins in your body from years of poor eating habits.  When you also address this aspect of improving your health, you will also notice that processed foods no longer taste good.  That in fact, they taste toxic and make you feel ill nearly immediately upon consumption.  When you have reached this point, you are truly beginning to experience the effects of what it is like to have your health in excellent order.

Like anything worth doing in life, it takes discipline and will and again, like anything in life worth doing, the benefits FAR outweigh any sacrifices made.  Good health is a treasure, and as Cosmic Awareness explains in this missive, keeping your body and mind pure can greatly facilitate your spiritual progress.

– Truth

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff | Cosmic Awareness


The Toxic Nature of Foods in Our Modern Society


QUESTIONER: Yes definitely. We have one from J of LNW. It concerns a book, Revolution of Biology and Medical Science by Professor Kukuo Chishima. He writes, “The findings of Prof. Chishima simplified the role of our food changing into our blood cells and our blood cells into our body cells. According to modern medical science, the main role of the red blood cell is considered to be the transfer of oxygen and carbon dioxide. In other words, a red blood cell carries oxygen to a cell and carries carbon dioxide back from the cell to the blood. However, in reality it is not so simple.    He discovered that in our body, the digested food (which is organic matter) transforms itself into the simplest life (like a red blood cell), and this simple life transforms to a higher stage of life– a body cell.  The red blood cells are the pre-cell stage of our body cells produced from the food we intake.”


Could you comment on that please?


COSMIC AWARENESS: This is so. The body does acquire from the foods that are eaten the basic building material for the construction of the physical body at all levels and all stages. As the food is absorbed through the digestion, it breaks down into the chemical components needed to create the blood. The blood then is used to build the cells of the body as the information suggests.


What is not followed up on after the point of cells being made, is that the process in actuality continues, and that from the life cells of the body, other cells that are non-corporeal, not physical, are then produced. These are cells of the Light Body.  The Light Body process is two-way in a manner of speaking.


The physical creates through the energetics of the digestion of food, the building of blood cells, the building of body cells, the energies to also help the maintenance of the Light Body and the creation of the Light Body, in a manner of speaking. This is a two-way street and thus the Light Body, which is already in existence, can also stimulate the growth of the body cells and organs and all parts of the body can infuse the blood with the properties of life itself, and can even go back into a lower state where foods taken in can be energized for maximum effect and efficiency.


It is also for this reason why food is so important to the whole process. Modern society engages in the practice of eating basically dead food or highly toxic food. This creates a problem at the digestive level, for the colon, the small intestine, the large intestine, the bowels and other organs of digestion are affected by the food one eats.


The Problem with Dead Contaminated Toxic Food


Thus if one eats dead food, contaminated food, toxic food, de-energized food, then one is not absorbing from living fresh organic food the substances needed for health and vitality, for the creation of healthy blood cells and healthy body cells and in a way, although this does not affect the Light Body, it does create a difficulty in that step between the physical organism and the non-physical organism that is the Light Body.


Thus it would perhaps be more accurate to say that as one eats good food, the Light Body has a stronger affinity and assimilation into the body and there is greater access to the Light Body. It is not so much that the eating of food creates the Light Body, but makes the bond between the physical body and the Light Body a greater, stronger bond; and when food that is eaten is not of a great quality, as is the norm for most in North America, especially in the United States of America at this time, then the capacity and capability of finding the spiritual body, the Light Body, is greatly affected and even diminished.


When one eats fresh food, live food, real food, minus the toxic sprays and chemicals that are now used profusely in America and the world– for America is not alone; this is occurring around the world, and is part of the plan of the Powers That Be to prevent spiritual awakening– individuals do not derive full benefits from this food. In fact, it is quite the opposite.


They eat poison, they eat junk; they eat food that is detrimental to them– rancid, rotting, toxic, bits and blobs of the food unseen that would never be consumed if they could see the parts of the animals’ bodies that were being used to provide the meat. Furthermore, such is the lack of awareness on this matter that the majority think that when they eat the food they eat without question, without knowing, that they are doing the right thing. There are many ways of thinking about health now that are so wrong and erroneous, but still totally accepted, that they have become a true problem.


For example, low fats are considered as being healthy foods, but they are denatured foods. They are chemically altered foods. They are genetically modified foods, and they are not at all healthy foods. And yet such is the present belief that to eat the foods that provide high levels of fat, such as butter, milk and cream are considered as not only being bad for you, but are taboo now, for such has been the brainwashing of society that only those foods that are being told to the populace as being good for you are accepted, and yet they are not good. They are not the foods that will increase health and vitality and give the body a chance to have good digestion, good absorption, and good nutrients.


Most of the Food Available in Supermarkets is Not Fit for a Human Being


Thus, in the end it is crucial to be aware of such matters and to understand that the Powers That Be have intervened to the point where most of the food that is sold in the supermarkets and bought in the fast-food places and is consumed regularly around the world is not food that is fit for a human being, but rather is food that will imprison and debase and deter one’s spiritual growth and development.


A final matter this Awareness will speak on is the matter of cleansing the colon. It is important to understand that by ingesting such foods that create such problems, such buildups of plaque and mucus and parasites, that the actual digestive tract is severely compromised. This again prevents the absorption of the nutrients of the food that would build up the blood, and this not only takes oxygen from the body’s system, but also takes carbon dioxide away that lends itself to the process of building body cells, and lends itself to the process of creating a strong bond to the Light Body—all of this is seriously impaired and limited because of a blocked or plugged colon, a coated bowel and intestines that cannot absorb food.


Therefore, as this Awareness has done in the past, It recommends that individuals cleanse this system regularly through those cleanses available that help clean out the system. There are herbs available to help cleanse the small intestine. Colonics or colonic hydration is something that could benefit many with blocked colons and intestines.


This is of course something that for many is taboo, and they are uncomfortable with the thought of using colonics, and yet as the intestines are cleansed and the bowels cleared, the food that one takes in can be truly absorbed instead of being stored as fat, as is now the case, hence many have extreme obesity and are overweight, even though they are eating all of the right foods.


Ironically, even though they think they are eating the right foods, because they do not realize how the system works, how digestion is important, how the colon is the most important area to bring health and well-being to, they are doing themselves a great disservice and then to avoid concepts of colon cleansing or parasite treatment etc, as being distasteful to them simply promotes further their unhealthy lifestyles.


This Awareness does ask that individuals who are not upset with such thoughts as colonics, consider this also, for to cleanse the intestines, to remove the layers of material that block proper absorption will do much to restore natural health and well-being. Using herbs and cleanses that are available will also help, and this would allow the proper absorption of good nutritional organic and fresh food, and would bring much greater health and well-being and promote the absorption of the nutrients into the body, the creation of the cells of the body, and even promote a spiritual connection to the Light Body. This Awareness is complete.




QUESTIONER: Thank you. His next one, “The bone marrow is not the main organ producing blood. The blood production normally happens in our intestines; but by fasting, the bone marrow changes


into blood cells in order to maintain the needed number of the red blood cells. This is a compensatory blood production or reverse transformation. Modern medical science has misunderstood this important phenomenon.” Is there any comment on that one?




COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness supports this and confirms this to be so. It is also similar to the fat that is stored in and around the body that is created for the purpose of providing energy when the body might need energy. It too is reconverted back into energy when needed. The body is a very complex self-regulating organism if it is allowed to be in its most natural condition. When one introduces toxins and poisons as a regular diet to the body, the body is thrown into states of confusion. When fasting, which often was a normal situation in times when there was not the gross abundance of fast foods and prepared foods and food generally, this was not the case.


Humans of those periods when food was not available naturally fasted because they had no choice, and their bodies generally were much healthier, not only for the fasting, but for the fact that none of their foods were contaminated, sprayed, poisoned, genetically modified, irradiated, etcetera. The body has the capacity to heal itself when provided with the natural materials needed.


The production of the red blood cells in the marrow is as suggested in this report, but also the body itself has the capacity to produce what is needed when it is needed, if it is in a healthy state. It has the capacity to rid itself of toxins if it is allowed to, and is assisted by such techniques as colonics and supplements and herbal remedies and fasting, etcetera. The body is a most magical organism and one that is a true work of art.

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  1. wow, I was so surprised you have so many articles posted each day. Then I realized all you are doing is copy pasting what other people have worked hard on writing, likely without their permission. Did you know that google penalizes sites that have replicated text, which means you are pushing the sites you copy/paste from further down from being found. What do you think that’s justified because You post a link to their site. Writing articles is no easy task and takes a lot of work, and you’re capitalizing by putting ads on your site from stealing other people’s work. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • As Seth said, the websites I work with all encourage sharing of their material. I always include Authorship and Website credit which actually builds backlinks and authority to the website hosting the article as well. Furthermore, I add original commentary and advice to the articles, sometimes to the point where it is longer than the article itself! This website model is called an Aggregator and it is very common. When you add original commentary to articles, it no longer is duplicated content, but is seen as an aggregator.

      I also do publish original material on this site and that has been taken and syndicated by others without my permission, and you know what? I am ok with that! (It would be hypocritical not to).

      Before you come around here waving your righteous flag, please be aware that the goal of this site and the messages posted herein is to reach as many people as possible and that is generally understood by members of the community. This is not about stealing peoples work as it is about helping as many people as possible to awaken and grow spiritual as quickly as possible.

      I hope now you have a better understanding of the site.


  2. Wou…What really matters is sharing, the arrogance keeps on, and yes
    Surely no many “ascended “( or whatever word, brothers !!!)
    I do enjoy reading and learning and pratice…
    Who write first, who did, who have………..goodbye !!!
    Wou……I do love what you share today… Thank you !

  3. I pity the judgmental mindset you project, Celt. What is accomplished with this site is extraordinary and beautiful, and has served in aiding the progression of numerous people’s growth by sharing the freely-given wisdom of some of the best channeled sources available. An investigation into the parent websites of these articles will reveal that they encourage such sharing of their material, because they genuinely intend to spread the joyous wisdom of the universe. They are much less concerned with their location on a Google search, and much more concerned with your own spiritual advancement and development; for they simply love you that much. I wish you the very best in your personal journey.


    • Thank you for the support, Seth. Hopefully now they understand what I am trying to accomplish with the site. It is not about ‘stealing’ others work, but bringing it to a large audience and giving them due credit while adding insight.


  4. Hello Admin….I wanted to express my support for what you do also!!

    The amount of effort it takes to collect all of this information in one place and to have the articles be concise and well organized takes a bit of work. Plus, as you stated, your thoughts and many nuggets of wisdom and research are added all the time.

    If it were not for this website, I may not have found so many treasures of information.

    Thank You for All You Do!



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