Pragito Dove: 5 Keys to Stay Positive in Challenging Times

HJ:  There are many people struggling with staying positive at the moment.  Positivity and hope are two of the most powerful concepts one can master on the spiritual path and are critical for developing ones ability to manifest.  Even when circumstances do not mesh with personal expectation, it is incredibly important ro readjust and maintain positivity and hope.  Resignation and doubt only hinder ones spiritual progress and ability to manifest.  I do not mean to say that one should never question those things they have chosen to believe in or continue to do so after they no longer feel any kind of draw or call to particular ideas/concepts, etc.  What is meant, is that despite being ‘let down’ one must still maintain a positive, hopeful view for the direction of  their life and the larger planetary collective.  Doing so enables one to access the higher spiritual energies available to all when they are living in alignment.  Doubt, anger, and other similar emotions cut one off from the ability to call in those events and circumstances which support and nurture higher awareness and abundance.

To maintain positivity and hope one may need to redefine their entire concept of being or how they understand reality to operate.  This is something I have experienced on various occasions, although it was usually due to a misunderstanding of the higher spiritual concepts and universal laws which govern all existence in the universe.  However, when adjustments were needed, I did not let the experience of doubt overcome me and simply continued my search for the truth.  By maintaining a positive vision for myself and humanity, I have aligned with higher dimensional timelines and have continued to experience happiness, calm, ease and greater and greater levels of abundance in all aspects of my life.  It is an awe inspiring experience and is directly proportional to my ability to maintain a positive vision at the core of my reality.

Again, staying positive does not mean denying whatever reality is for you.  It simply means to always see the best in any given circumstances or event.  After all, this life is nothing but a grand learning experience.  When one truly understands that and begins to see all experiences within that context, there really is no circumstance that should be able to shake your foundation of positivity.  It is only getting caught up in the illusions of 3rd dimensional existence that has the power to throw one off their center, if they let it.

– Truth

by Pragito Dove | All Things Healing

Are you having trouble staying in a positive state of mind when challenging circumstances present themselves? The Universal Laws state: so without, so within. Everything is a mirror. We cannot change the reflection, but we can change the original (ourselves), and then, automatically, the reflection changes.

Here are my top 5 Keys that can help you cultivate not only a positive mindset but also the feeling state necessary for the positive Law of Attraction. The more you focus on bringing awareness to accepting and loving yourself, the more your inner beauty, and harmony is reflected in your outer circumstances. The Sufi master who designed the Taj Mahal based his work on meditation. It shows, doesn’t it?

1. Relax and Accept

Relax and accept the challenging situation. Don’t fight it because that will make it worse. The more relaxed you are, the more productive you are. Creativity arises out of a relaxed state. And it’s creativity that you need to come up with solutions to the situation you are in. Notice that I use the word “situation” and not the word “problem.” There is no such thing as a problem, only a situation. When you shift your perspective and see the situation as it is, without negative commentary, then you come up with creative solutions, and/or you find the right person to help you.

2. Watch the Mind

Make a practice of watching the thoughts of the mind with non-judgment and compassion for you. It is not the thoughts that are the problem; it is our identification with them that creates stress and anxiety.

For 5 minutes a day sit with eyes closed, bodies relaxed, and observe the thoughts of the mind. You don’t have to censor them, or force them to be other than they are, simply observe with non-judgment, and let them pass by.

Over time, you become less identified with the thoughts, and more connected to your creativity, wisdom, and clarity.

3. Create Positive Thoughts

A powerful way to undermine the influence of negative thoughts on your well-being is to create a practice of saying positive thoughts to yourself. At the beginning these might seem tedious or silly, but believe me, it works! The easiest way to break a bad habit of self-judgment and criticism is to create positive phrases that you repeat to yourself as often as possible. Even if you don’t really believe them in the beginning, say them anyway! Over time, they become a habit and the negative thoughts simply dissolve.

4. Surround Yourself with Positive People

Be alert to people who like to complain, bad-mouth others, and/or have a depressed outlook on life. AVOID THEM. Keep yourself in the company of positive thinking people. This is a powerful way to keep yourself in a positive energy field which will LIFT YOU, rather than bring you down. Your life is not determined by outside circumstances, but rather by how you respond to those outside circumstances.

Remember that all things are possible, there is a lot going on that is unseen to you.

The more you keep yourself on a positive vibrational level, the greater your chances of having positive outcomes to challenging situations.

5. Be Grateful, Laugh, Celebrate

Be grateful for what you have. If things are really bad, be grateful for being able to breathe, get out of bed in the morning, use your legs. Be grateful for the sunrise and sunset, for the beauty of the sky, the trees, the birds and flowers. There is always something to be grateful for. Put your focus there and celebrate what you have. Laughter is a powerful attractor factor. Seek out ways to bring more laughter into your life. You will be amazed at the miracles that occur.

Meditation: Befriending the Mind


When you befriend the mind you are surprised how radically life can change. It becomes much easier to disidentify from the mind’s constant chattering and see yourself, and life’s situations, with more clarity and objectivity. You see life’s dramas with perspective and compassion, and insights and understandings arise naturally.

Find ways to befriend your mind. The mind is our bridge from the subconscious to the conscious, our gateway of expression to the outer world. Be grateful for it. Find ways to appreciate the insights, understandings, and creativity it brings. See it not as an enemy but as a friend.

As this friendship with the mind deepens, your mind no longer disturbs you. You are not fighting it; you are simply letting it’s thoughts pass by. The mind and the ego want to make it complicated, but it is not. Life sings a different tune when you are not controlled by the mind. Your natural joy, spontaneity, self-acceptance, love, and compassion arise quickly and easily.

About the Author
Pragito Dove is a master trainer, international speaker, and meditation expert who teaches people how to transform pain and fear into joy and inner peace in order to achieve real world success. A best-selling author and thought leader on visionary thinking, she is dedicated to re-igniting passion and vision in people’s lives, and making abundance accessible to all. Learn more

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