HJ: It has been a while since the last Metatron via James Tyberonn update.  However, it is probably necessary to space these messages out quite a bit due to the level of information they contain.  If one chooses to do so, integrating of information of this caliber would take quite a while to penetrate deeply to the point where one can understand the true nature of what is being said.  Like all great channels, the message contained herein does not pander to the zeitgeist of the time, but rather challenges individuals to rise to higher levels of conscious awareness and understanding.  And so it is that many may feel attacked or challenged by the ideas and concepts that have been elucidated.  As always, the universe presents us with situations and experiences that mirror our own level of understanding.  Therefore, the emotions that are triggered by such messages as this are simply reflections of your current state of awareness and understanding.  If the message angers you, you are being presented with an opportunity to transcend this anger.  And likewise, if this message provides you with great upliftment and confirmation, then congratulations, for you have reached a level where you are vibrating at the necessary rate to be able to understand and integrate higher dimensional information, letting in nourish and propel you to greater heights.

Each and everyone of us is entitled to their current level of understanding and it should be noted that there is no judgement and that no level is more ‘right or wrong’ than any other.  It simply is what it is and must be understood from the larger picture, wherein everyone is indeed creating their own reality.  If someone chooses to not believe this information, then they are creating a reality in which they are not yet ready for higher level information and so for them, it is true and indeed this information is incorrect in their perception and hence manifest in their reality.  However, that does not mean that simultaneously many will find this information to be of great value and propel them to higher levels of spiritual awareness and achievement.  For it is these souls whose reality is such that they are open to such higher concepts and therefore are able to access and work with the powerful truths and energies contained therein, which then furthers and fuels their spiritual advancement.  These individuals have created realities in which they are able to consciously work with higher dimensional energies and concepts and so that is what they experience.  These messages find them (or vice versa) and they are successfully used for greater understanding and wellbeing.

[A quick note here: Archangel Metatron is a vetted source for accurate information.  There are many channels currently putting out messages who are disseminating information that is inaccurate or distorted in some way.  One must use their intuition to guide them and always remember to never accept information at face value, but examine and work with it deeper levels to ascertain whether or not there is truth,  benefit and pure motive contained therein.]

The point here is simple.  If you believe it is so, then it is so and if you believe it is not, that indeed, it is not.  Both realities exist simultaneously and both are true for the individuals that hold them.

– Truth

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn | Earth Keeper

Greetings Masters ! I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I greet you in a vector of Unconditional Love !

It is 2013 , and we assure you that there is a new sun dawning, and it is indeed the sun of change. It brings the coherent crystalline light of the magnificent New Earth. And we do mean magnificent.

Dear Ones, we tell you again the Ascension of the Planet did occur, and humanity made it so. Even if much of humanity does not recognize it in 3d consciousness, the Earth has indeed changed, graduated into a new paradigm. The savant among you realize this.

And so we speak on the Aquarian Shift…

The Aquarian Shift / Anthropocene Radiation

Your scientist are aware of a unique phase of the earth in which most of your present biological life emerged. It is called the Cambrian Radiation. The Cambrian phase was one of great plasmic influx onto your earth, and it brought new life forms to your planet. Darwin, the renowned evolutionist, admitted that the Cambrian Radiation was the most valid argument against his theory of evolution. ( Darwin, the renowned evolutionist, admitted that the Cambrian Radiation was the most valid argument against his theory of evolution.)

This is also happening now. The current solar radiation became turbo-charged in 1989 and will continue. Incredible numbers of coronal mass ejections bombarded the earth with unimaginable radiation, ions and electrons.

The ionic radiation will absolutely up-shift your biology, change your DNA. You will become less dense.

The primary source of new energy on the earth is the massive injection of cosmic radiation on the planet from solar winds. We will term this the Aquarian Shift, although the channel prefers geologic vernacular , referring to it as the’Anthropocene Radiation’.

The Root Catalyst

The Cosmic ionization of the ‘Aquarian Radiation’ while perplexing to you, is the engine of change, and plays a requisite and benevolent role in the transition of the Ascension. It is not to be feared.

The radiation has done far more than rattle your magnetosphere and influence the tectonics and weather of the Earth. But we will add that it is this ionic penetration which is the absolute core catalyst for weather change, super-storms, earthquakes and the root cause of global warming.

Many of your conspiracy theorists may wish to place the cause of weather shift on humanity. We tell you it is simply not the case. Billions of tons of plasma has been bombarding the earth in the past 2+ decades, far more than any time in recorded history. To think the changes on the planet are caused by the relatively small atmospheric heater called HAARP is illogical. The technology to do so is simply not there. It is Solar Plasma ! It has shifted your earth and its biology previously, in that era termed the Cambrian Radiation.

We tell you that the ionic inrush is also going to affect your biology. It is the catalyst that will shift you from carbon base to silicon base beings.

DNA & New Life Forms

The Aquarian Shift, or Anthropocene Radiation will bring about new life just as radiation did so in the Cambrian Radiation some 580 million years ago.

What is occurring is not unprecedented, although it is unrecorded and not as yet understood. What differentiates the current radiation influx is that it is now in symbiotic relationship to the Crystalline (Ascension) Grid. (Windows 2012 !)

Higher dimensional life forms are becoming visible. These are new to the earth only in terms of being more ‘tangible’. .. but they have been referenced in some of your religious texts. Ancient scribes have written in several of your sacred ideologies that life occurred in 3 formats: As clay ( Earth biology) , fire (devic electrical) and light (angelic) .

Within the synergy of the Aquarian -Cosmic Radiation and the Crystalline 144 Grid, parallel dimensions are now more accessible to you. The life forms, the beings referred to, exist in these dimensions as bio-plasmic, electrical and photonic. Does your bible not refer to Angels as Beings of Light ?

Certain of the orbs, lightning sprites, elves and photonic ‘jellyfish’ phenomena that began quickening in the past years are in fact conscious life forms of other dimensions and construct. Some of these have communicated to you in various means, including crop-circles.

The more advanced extra terrestrials are nonphysical light beings.

The Radiation Influx & Genesis

Two years after the 1987 Harmonic Convergence, a massive magnetic storm bombarded the Earth with billions of tons of charged plasma.

Your scientists and geophysicists have noted the effect. They recorded over 200 solar flares in 36 Coronal Mass ejections over a 2 week period. Eleven of these were X-Class. The Earths Aura, the magnetosphere was flattened to half its normal size, appearing something like a plasmic jellyfish.

The great magnetic storm created havoc. NASA lost track of space objects they were tracking, sophisticated computer systems crashed, oil platforms stopped drilling, global positioning systems failed, compasses failed, electrical grids shorted out leaving millions of people in Canada and North America without power. The MIR space station was abandoned.

This influx continued. The largest flare ever recorded to date took place in 2001, followed by 150 storms in 2003. More X-Class flares have taken place in the past 2 decades than at any other time in recorded history.

Unusual light phenomena began to occur. Rare red auroras were noted, auroras became visible during daylight, interesting phenomena of lightning called jellyfish, sprites and elves were reported more often than ever before. Crop circles evolved into far more complex designs, easily differentiated from the purported ‘manmade’ constructs.

The 6:1 Ratio Opens the Pineal

The astonishing ionic influx is symbiotic with the dimensional shift, and works in synergy with the Crystalline Grid. The new ionic resonance will allow you to more easily open the pineal.

Your academics have been aware for some time that shifting the magnetics of the ionic ratio has a powerful effect on human consciousness. The French scientist, Mesmer, was the first to stumble across this knowledge. He found that by placing subjects in a strong anionic (magnetic) field, the subjects were able to achieve incredible states of consciousness which facilitate communication with the ‘Universal Mind’. We tell you this was done by ionic induction that opened the pineal.

Your indigenous societies often were attracted to areas they termed ‘Holy Ground’ specifically because they discovered visions could occur more easily in certain powersites. The reason is the mineralogy and telluric energies in these rare and special locales create an ionic ratio that is different, and allows for the opening of the pineal.

In recent studies, some of your researchers in universities have discovered that by using ion generators to shift the ratio of anionic to cationic to 6:1 , test subjects have ‘out of body’ experiences. Again the induction opened the pineal.

Ratio & Theta Creation

The bombardment of anions onto your planet is shifting the ratio in the same way, and this is working with and through the Crystalline Grid to allow the shift in your consciousness and indeed your biology.Your scientists and biologists are becoming increasingly aware of this. The recent ‘Human Genome’ project contends that that human DNA will alter/mutate according to not only environmental conditions but also belief cultural ‘programs’.

Last year an utterly astonishing experiment took place that has shaken main stream science. It is opening new levels of potential, and it was conducted by a main stream academic, a Nobel Prize recipient, Dr Luc Montagnier. Two hermetically sealed test tubes, one of which contained a tiny piece of DNA, the other pure sterilized distilled water were placed side by side. Both were surrounded by an electromagnetic field of 7Hz. In the test a fragment of the DNA appeared to teleport, spontaneously form in the tube of the distilled water. The test was repeated without projecting the 7 Hz field, and the ‘teleportation did not take place.

What does this mean? It means that the codes of life are coded in the ‘Unified Harmonic Field’ and can create life within a theta coherent vibration.

Take note of this. Study the nuances of theta and delta vibratory rates ! It is very important to note that creation occurs in coherent theta field.

The objective world you see has ever been the end result of consciousness. But up until the present, it has been projected haphazardly; for humanity has not recognized nor mastered their divine potentials. Thoughts and images can indeed be utilized for the creation of a ‘New World’, a world of Peace, Harmony & Love. ‘Coherent Theta’, crystalline resonant thought, can be harmonically utilized to form physical reality and become physical fact. Your Ascension, that of humanity can be propelled mentally into manifestation from a frequencial state termed theta-coherency.

Exploring Theta Coherency

Humanity in the present culture has placed great importance on the consciousness state of the ‘Beta Frequency’. It is now time to begin exploring other states of mind. It is time to utilize the theta state for co creation of your reality. The Aquarian Radiation is the mechanism and indeed the result of the Planetary Ascension. It will offer to humanity the tools for the Ascension of Mankind.

The benevolent mechanism of what has taken place, and what will continue to occur, especially through 2013 solar maximum, is the massive injection of Cosmic Plasma into and onto the Earth. Billions of tons of ionic energy has been projected into your plane, and it is an incredible energy.

Your astrophysicists are now aware of collective jet streams of plasma that have begun in recent years to circle the Earth. This plasma is not only changing the ionic ratio, it is doing so in the theta coherent field. Theta is the doorway to divine creativity. Standing waves, standing pools of coherent theta energy are now being drawn to specific nodes on the planet. These can be utilized for ‘creation centers’, as the need for Spiritual Warriors to meditate in groups toward the manifestation of a harmonic planet becomes more viable !

Your planet has always been charged body orbiting in a plasmic field. The recent influx of solar radiation is exponentially increasing the influence and interaction of this radiation with both the earth and humanity. You academics now have scientific data to take a deeper look into Earth and Cosmic changes occurring, and reconsider their extent and their role . We tell you that not only do these changes have an impact on virtually the entire volume of the Earth, from its core to the atmosphere and magnetosphere. But it does not stop there, the ionic shift changes frequencies at which humanity’s minds operate. They provide the interface to higher dimensional access.

How does this work? The energy that comes from the coronal mass ejections is being absorbed into the tectonic plates of the earth and increasing the vibratory resonance of the earth through that method. These work uniquely with certain power points and sacred sites, particularly those of geometric crystalline overlay. These changes from Cosmic radiation move through the entire node systems of the earth. If the plasma from coronal mass ejections create such a vibration, then the entire electromagnetic flow of the earth is affected. The collective mind & paradigm of humanity is also affected, how humanity creates the reality in which it lives as well as the credibility of the verisimilitude it believes. All of this is affected by that which comes from the sun, that which comes from the solar wind.


Closing of Part One:

Effects of the Plasmic Shift:

* Changing ionic ratio which will allow for easier access into coherent theta state
* Allows for easier opening of the pineal
* The tool for creative harmony manifestation
* Catalyst for shifting DNA and Biological Transition to Silicon Crystalline Biology (Quartz is silicon dioxide)

In Correlation with the Crystalline Grid the Plasma Shift:

* Assists in the expansion of the planet into 12 dimensions
* Allows for greater access into multidimensionality ( Photonic & Plasmic Life)
* Key role in requisite earth-changes
* Coherency acceleration
* Key role in formation of the New Firmament
* Enhanced Vibrancy of Powernodes, Vortexial Portal Sites
* Ability of Humanity to co create the New Earth

Dear Ones, we tell you again the Ascension of the Planet did occur, and humanity has made it so. Even if much of humanity does not recognize it in 3d consciousness, the Earth has indeed changed, graduated into a new paradigm. So it is time to let go of old energy, of FEAR. Our message is to tell you of your Divinity, and to tell you as a matter of fact, as a point of truth, that the planet is now in Year ONE of the New Earth.

Indeed humanity will follow and in rapid time, will also Ascend. You are absolutely on track for that to happen.

In this new era, it is incumbent upon the seekers to project joy, to project light, for in the expansion to Crystalline Harmonics, every photon of mental light you project is amplified. And this occurs more rapidly in the New Energy. So your roles take on a new benevolence, as your creation powers increase.

Many humans on the path of light contend that everything happens for reason. This is oft extrapolated to ‘everything that happens is meant to happen….that all is as it should be.’

We tell you that from the higher stance, everything does lead to greater understanding, but the ‘University of Earth’ is purposed for learning responsible creativity. The leading professor is the doctor of ’cause and effect’, and this doctor makes house calls.

If everything happened in the highest order on the first ‘go-round’ there would be no need for the learning and growth cycle of reincarnation. So there is indeed a learning curve and apprenticeship that allows for repeating the process. Humanity will continue to take the course until responsible creation is mastered.

Not every action, not every decision passes the test.

Your new matrix of 2013 and beyond offers a more concentrated matriculation criteria for humanity. In this advanced regimen more action is required for graduation.

It is now the time for focal co-creation. We tell you that individual and group coherent thought can and will change the reality of your planet. But you must understand that the most potent, most effective creative manifestation does not occur in 3-d brain, but in the theta frequency of higher dimensional mind.

There are so many things that you realize must be changed. So many mindsets are still focused in the erroneous trappings of the 3-d plane, including greed, man’s inhumanity to fellow beings, and the seeking of power over love. In 2013 you can begin to unite and create a harmonic earth. Effort is needed, the clarion calls !

I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You Are Beloved.”

…And so it is…And it is so…

Read part 2 in the series here: Archangel Metatron: 2013 – The Aquarian Shift & Anthropocene Radiation Part 2

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  1. If the channels for Metatron and Cosmic Awareness are indeed accurate as the HJ and Truth say they are, then they should be consistent. Truth is universal right? Since I have been reading these I can see that they are not in many ways. For example Metatron here says many believe “humanity” is to blame for the weather and climate changes on earth. However he says no and caused by the sun. Cosmic Awareness buys into HAARP and the “good guy aliens” battling for this control with the aliens keeping the upper hand. Which is it? Even if at odds there will be rationale coming for both and that my pointing it out somehow makes me a dense evil troll. If I was not interested in the spiritual aspects of life I would not be reading these. Plus my actions and life would not make me a very good troll 🙂

    • The galactics are going to find themselves in a bit of a pickle as the Terrans stop hanging on their every word. They’re going to have to put up (disclose,) shut up, or give up and go home. 3D, 5D, doesn’t matter, at some point you have ask, WTF? I believe we have been visited by aliens for thousands of years and we are the product of those interventions. That evidence is pretty conclusive, so what are they so afraid of now? Even Jesus showed up and performed a few miracles to convince the pagan heathens he had something concrete to offer mankind.

  2. Oh, come on!

  3. Throughout the entire ascension process, upon even the most cursory use of logic and comparison, we find numerous conflicting and confusing messages between the many channeled beings. They tell us it isn’t they who are confused but us because we are simple-minded 3D dualists, and that if we don’t accept the concepts they present in absentia that we are simply not advanced enough to get it.

    To top that off, Admin proposes his belief that the emotion we feel upon hearing new information is based on how advanced we are. The emotion I feel most strongly is skepticism, which we have been told is “healthy.” Interestingly, I feel great! I have no problem with the fact that I think all this stuff presented by Metatron is not credible. Were I to meet a being called Metatron face to face I might be persuaded, but until that time he is just a disembodied voice from beyond the magnetosphere. Call me skeptical, but I don’t feel the least bit intimidated, inferior or unenlightened.

  4. I’m that guy that posts all those criticisms under the anonymous name. I feel that the Admin is a bit confused, most likely just as confused as we all are about these changelings.

    I criticize not to hurt any feelings or turn anyone against these changelings but to make sure everyone maintains a healthy skeptic mind when reading these. There are many good natured people who are gullible. Don’t believe all the excuses they give you about these confusing articles, they are just that…..excuses.

    What aliens would give us information only to tell us that we can’t fully comprehend it from our perspective? what is the point then? are they intending for the information to people who are more enlightenment-prone?

    Give us a break, please.

    I like this site but I feel you

  5. I also want to say I appreciate the admin for providing these articles to us, thank you for taking the time. I enjoy reading, and my intentions for reading these are for a better humanity. I am not thinking selfishly at all. I do not seek to ascend into the higher realms myself as much as I seek to find humanity progressing into better ways here on mother earth. I feel these articles mislead a lot of people who were looking for the big changes in humanity.

    I understand that you must “be the change” that you want. That is truth. So why would cosmic awareness and all these “aliens” hint about all these things happening in the coming months?? To teach us not to hold attachments? At least tell us then.

  6. I agree wholeheartedly with anonymous. I understand that we are evolving, there is an influx of new energies but ultimately we are responsible for our own evolution as free will is sacrosanct. I believe we are getting help but many spiritual people seem obsessed with ascension and I feel this is a somewhat narcissistic vision. If you don’t have a vision of love in action then it isn’t spirituality at all. Thinking of Ghandi and the Dalai Lama obviously living in enlightened consciousness but using it for the betterment of society. The suffering we see is real (very real to those watching their children die of hunger in a world of plenty). There seems to be no guidance about having compassion and helping these people and enabling our evolution. Awakening to me is witnessses these atrocities and acting on them. Is there any guidance on this?

    Love and light x

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