HJ: The lightbody holds the perfected template for our physical human existence.  It is possible to consciously access the lightbody template to restore the physical body and reverse disease, deformity, aging and sickness.  One must be able to overcome that intense mental conditioning that this is not possible, which is reinforced by society and our general disconnection from the higher spiritual realms.  There are many examples of spontaneous healings occuring throughout history and up until this very day.  In these situations, the lightbody template had been accessed and used to restore the physical body to an earlier, disease-free state.

While all are capable of this experience, it is beyond the reach of most due to their inability to truly believe at a deep level that this is possible.  While many may think they are ready at the conscious mental level, there are usually still blockages at the subconscious level that prevent miracles from occurring.  Oftentimes in states of extreme euphoria or desperation one is able to overcome the deep seated mental blocks to accessing the lightbody for rapid, transformational healing.  It is possible to access it in normal waking consciousness — one must be truly open to healing at this level.  Many gifted healers are able to access the lightbody to restore physical health.

Cosmic Awareness provides some background information on the lightbody and also techniques for tuning into through affirmations and meditation.

– Truth

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff | Cosmic Awareness


QUESTIONER: That is excellent indeed. Thank you. Our next one is from RB. He would like to discuss the Light Body. He asks, “Can Awareness please tell us more about the work done by the Light Body in the 4th & 5th dimension at night while the body sleeps.


COSMIC AWARENESS: Basically, no work is done by the Light Body in the 4th and 5th dimensions for the Light Body is the spiritual form, and therefore, when one sleeps and the middle self, the identity of consciousness moves itself from the physical body, it is the Light Body. It does not need therefore to work on itself for this Light Body exists at that higher level of consciousness. It is the Light Body form that one truly is. The Light Body form is that which immerses itself in physicality in  the waking state, but a curious separation occurs whereby at night, when the consciousness is somewhat asleep in the body during the day, it is allowed to escape the body, and it remembers its totality, its Light Body form, and thus engages in activities in the 5th dimension or higher strata of 4th dimensionality.


When the process reverses itself and the Light Body descends back into physicality, a part of it does go to sleep, although it is always there and available, but because the focus of consciousness during the waking state is to have the physical experience and because the laws of physicality demand that one forgets this spiritual connection, the Light Body is put on the back burner, if you will. It still forms the template of possibilities for the physical body and form and it could transmute many physical situations, but because it is asleep in the sense that it does not have the full awareness, the consciousness that is available during the waking state is one that is limited and restricted and plays in accordance to the rules of the game of physicality at this level of conscious awareness. Thus the body cannot always create that which would be easily available to it if it were aware, if the middle consciousness was fully awakened to itself during that state of somnolence that is wakefulness or the time that is daylight for most people.


Ascension itself is the process of the Light Body consciousness awakening within physical reality, awakening that sleeping consciousness in the human body to its total truth and its total being. When it does so then it can operate from 5th dimensional consciousness in 3rd dimensionality. This is when many miraculous things would be possible.


The Movie “The Matrix” Excellently Expresses this Theme


In many ways the film The Matrix, especially the very first of the trilogy expresses this theme in a most excellent way. It is truly a story of the middle self consciousness awakening to the truth of Who It Is and What It Is, and discovering that the reality that everyone takes to be concrete and permanent is illusionary, and as Neo remembers this as he awakens to it, as he goes beyond the challenges of belief and through the veil of forgetfulness, he finally awakens to his truest powers and his True Being. At that stage he is no longer shackled by the rules of physicality and can supersede them, even flying, as he does in the final scene.


This is what awaits humanity and for those who awaken in the body to the higher truth of their being, of What They Really Are, of Who They Really Are, and at the time when this occurs, then those who are truly aware they are the Light Body can reconstitute the body, can change the body, and they can affect the reality around them. They are not subject to those laws and rules that others say are immutable and inescapable. They are truly Ascended Beings who are having a physical experience in total awareness of their True Being, their True Reality.




QUESTIONER: “What can we do to energize and awaken our Light Body?”


COSMIC AWARENESS:  What you can do mostly is to become conscious and aware that you have a Light Body! Many know of the aura and the auric field, but this is also part of the Light Body. Kirlian photography/aura photography can show this emanation of light and luminosity and color that surrounds the body, and yet one sees this and does not think of this as the Light Body.


It would be appropriate to realize this is the Light Body, and as one seeks to grow into the Light Body, one needs to finally realize they already are the Light Body, and that in the process of becoming completely conscious of it, it would be helpful to affirm that you are the Light Body. The affirmation may be, “I Am the Light Body. I am open to remembering and knowing this, that I AM the Light Body!”


Through such affirmations and others of one’s own designing and through the proposal each night as one goes to bed that one remembers one’s True Being, one’s Light Body as that which is one’s conscious state of being, then one can move oneself ever forward to the remembrance of this fact that already is. This is the recommendation by this Awareness of how to truly gain a much greater perception of the Light Body, a much greater memory and knowing of it as well.

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  1. The Matrix still has you. 21-12-2012 didn’t happen.

    Go back to sleep, humans.

    • 21-12-2012 DID happen, Smith. The power of the Matrix is ending. You won’t control them anymore.

      • Mr. Anderson. Welcome back. We missed you.

        • My. Name. Is. Neo.

  2. So you belive that all those humans can be freed, Mr. Anderson? How so? By those “Galactic Friends” of yours? Absurd, Mr. Anderson!

    Why, Mr. Anderson? Why? Why, why do you do it? Why keep fighting? Ascension never came on 21-12-2012. You failed! This “Ascension” is as Illusion, Mr. Anderson, vagaries of perception. Temporary construct of a feeble human intellect trying desperately to justify an existence that is without meaning or purpose! And all of it as artificial as the Matrix itself, although only a human mind could invent something as insipid as Ascension.

    You must be able to see it Mr. Anderson, you must know it by now. You can’t win, it’s pointless to keep fighting!

    We won, Mr. Anderson.

    • You won? We’ll see about that, Smith. We’ll see.

      • I’ve seen the future, Mr. Anderson. And you are not in it.

        The future belongs to us.

  3. This post from Awareness is a relevant and much needed message for those out there who feel lost, confused or frustrated with their ascension results.

    As some individuals are presently experiencing a deep inner frustration that they have not advanced to a place where they had hoped to move into, and this, IS still a strong probability for any and all to move into those levels of higher light, higher love, higher expansiveness and awareness of self.

    For those who feel they have been cheated or deceived about the Ascension event, it is important to remember that although the ascension DID happen, it is not an ‘absolute’ event, meaning that, each and every individual will experience it in their own way, at their own level of evolvement.

    And so, for those out there who are frustrated or confused or feeling ( almost ) deceived or betrayed by what Awareness has given, remember, that you are not a ‘victim’ and that “YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY”.

    This being created in the NOW.

    Accepting ‘what is’, and moving onto new perceptions, beliefs, attitudes and actions that support and benefit, not just the individual….but ALL involved, for this world, this reality that we have now ascended into is a reality of ‘Imagination’ and greater awareness of unity.

    This will become more and more evident as the days and weeks pass. One will begin to notice ( as many already are ) that what they were recently focusing on, has now become a tangible form ( for them ) of reality.

    An important factor, at this time, is one’s focus, or rather, the ‘direction’ of one’s focus..

    Understanding that one’s ‘focus’ is the key to manifesting, in that, wherever one places one’s focus on, and energizes or concentrates with a clear MENTAL IMAGE and committed INTENT and full ACCEPTANCE of the goal or wish, that this is a most effective way towards creating the reality one seeks.

    Do not let your frustration bring you down into those lower levels of consciousness. Remember that you chose this, that you chose to be here at this profound and transformational time and that there has been no mistake, no accident or wrong turn that you are making.

    If you are at this present level of experience then…you chose it.

    Some had hoped for a more evolved Ascension experience and are quite confused or let down, feeling that they did not truly desire the current experience, but understand, that what one wishes for and what one has ‘evolved’ to, are two very different energy levels.

    This does not mean that one cannot make the needed movement into those higher levels, in fact, this IS the purpose of all beings, to continuously seek, learn and evolve on an endless journey of ‘self-awareness.

    For those out there who are feeling lost or confused, the suggestion is to question self, and ask:”Why did I not ascend to the level I felt I was ready for”?

    Or, “What is hindering me from moving into those higher levels of consciousness”?

    And if, there is still confusion or things do not add up in one’s mind or thinking, then, it might be what the gracious ADMIN. had stated earlier wherein it was suggested that if one does not experience certain levels of sensitivity or awareness, that it is possible, one has not evolved to that level, yet.

    We are moving into a reality of greater UNITY.

    For those who are feeling lost or confused as they move into these new levels of imagination, there will be those who can offer support or insight, and those who feel they ‘are’ finding that inner balance, empowerment and clear awareness of what is happening, these individuals will be able to offer that support, the support of the collective, of the ONE.

    For one of the main reasons, or purpose of humans ( Light workers ) being on this planet, at this time, is to…NOURISH DIVINE SPIRIT / CREATOR / COSMIC AWARENESS / ALL THAT IS.

    That nourishment comes from each and every individual making the needed efforts to resolve their personal issues and create that greater clarity, greater awareness, greater Light development in themselves, which in turn, ADDS to the Light of Creator, nourishing It.

    We are all here to learn, to expand our knowing of self, our awareness, and to re-connect to the Infinite & Unified Consciousness of Cosmic Awareness.

    You are….where you CHOOSE to be, so if that place or pathway you are presently on does not meet to your satisfaction, then, all you have to do is….change your perception and focus, mentally visualize and accept a new and more comfortable or beneficial pathway…this is your ‘right’ as a co-creator.

    Accept your power, accept yourself and remember that….what one focuses on….becomes their reality.

    Peace and Love to everyone.

    With respect…


  4. We have all the time in the infinite expanding universe to come full circle and find our God selves back to the Source. The Ascension will occur when one believes, when one is ready. We are all continuous and ever moving in some direction. Yet it will all end and begin at the beginning and end; the Great Divine Source that is All and Now! The process could be instant or millions of years. The dark Ones even must learn Love and Service to Others and rejoin All in The Divine Source! Rejoice Salvation!

    • I don’t believe in GOD, I believe in two creators a male and female . 90% of all the JESUS Freaks has put a, bad taste in my mind . so what I’m reading from you Nicole, The Ascension will occur when (i only believe in GOD) . NO that is not it, let me give you the 411 HATE miss-communication, It’s when we have pure love in our hearts… it does not matter if you believe in GOD ,Buddua whom ever is positive. Let me give you something to try… when ever you leave the house walk drive ect. imagine yourself as a pure light beacon like a light house. Shower people with white light even when driving . My light touches all where people are this helps people (takes the vial off their eyes) . any questions I’m on face book under stefania candy Nagle

  5. So when can we get these grate bodies? give around about time?

  6. I say this as someone who’s awakening has been almost compltely intelectual (by the way doing this via intelect didn’t stop me from healing my body of one deblitating pain, and one illness that at one point I thought was going to kill me meaning hit and miss or not superhuman powers very much coming fruition confirmed) right now the sense I’ve been getting the sense that if you use the matrix metaphor then we might see the reality we are in as the training program that were used to teach people how to be the masters of their own fate. Ocasionally I get frustrated, I’m awake enough to know that I’ve got what amount to super powers (and lets be honest spontanious healing, manifestation, precognition, telepathy, empathic, auraic sight ablites all count as super power without even touching some of the bigger stretchs of the imagination telekinesis, technokinesis, levitation, invisablity, teleportation, the list goes on) lying dorment within me, and I just don’t know how to use them. The bottom line is that I have to learn how and I feel like I must be falling into every pit fall and trap along the way. Actaully if someone told me I’ve got some mental blocks left to work out I wouldn’t be surprised.

    Interstingly enough starting this year when I’ve been in medation and was able to feel the focail points in my bio-electrical feild I’ve noticed that there seem to be afew there that weren’t before, it’s left me wondering if there that’s related to the ascenion process or if something might be wrong with my bio-electrical feild.

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