Cosmic Awareness: To Those Who Think That Nothing Happened During Ascension

HJ: For what it is worth, to those who care, Cosmic Awareness sheds light on what actually happened during Ascension and, specifically, for those who think that nothing happened.  I would imagine that some would scoff at these ideas and thats fine, as Cosmic Awarness and this site are not intending to promote a populist attitude in any way shape or form.  This is simply offered as the most succinct and advanced explanation of what has truly transpired for many during the Ascension period that we have just passed through.

Hopefully this message will provide some closure for individuals currently experiencing disappointment or frustation of varying degrees over what happened last week.  This is an empowering, uplifting and timely message and offers serious insight into a complex multidimensional event that has just occurred.  My experience and intuition tells me this event is nowhere near over and we have not yet even begun to see its true effects on the physical plane.

2013 is going to be an incredible, eventful year and those who are ready for higher levels of awareness and spiritual advancement will be getting a major boost.

– Truth

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff | Cosmic Awareness

COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness welcomes one and all to this brave new world, the world that is now the reality of one’s experience. There have been many shifts in energies, many events that have occurred: upheaval, confusion; many will not even remember this, for in their new reality it will be the same reality that they were experiencing previously. Many may even wonder if anything at all happened–what the buzz was about, what the flap was about.


This is because, for many they successfully transversed the timelines, creating for themselves a continuance in their consciousness, one where events and circumstances have supported the realities they are experiencing in a manner that they did not seemingly experience any events that created for them an ending of the old and a beginning of the new.


For those on such timelines who do not know any difference between what was and what is, for those who are experiencing a continuance of their lives, having gone through some perplexing times, some changes, but not any of a nature that were so damaging, so devastating, that their worlds came unglued and the shift happened in the most obvious way, a way they cannot deny; for those ones this Awareness says, “Your reality is that which you have created in continuance with what you were holding before.”


Many are to continue now, still moving forward in their life’s journey, still seeking experiences that will teach them and guide them, and that will give them the opportunity for growth and development, or not. Not all learn from the lessons that they receive in life. Not all learn from the experiences they undertake. They still will need to learn.


You Have Successfully Created Your Own Reality


   For those who have experienced continuance with no understanding or visible awareness of extreme changes that were promised, do not think that changes did not take place. Do not think that on other timelines, events were not of such magnitude that the worlds of those who had such timelines were utterly and completely destroyed, altered and changed in the most outstanding of ways.


Simply understand that you have successfully created your own reality and have forwarded your own timeline in such a way that you can continue with your life’s journey after the energies of the past few months and years that did not seemingly manifest as you might have thought they would. The objective is still the same in that you are still a spirit having a physical experience whereby you can grow, whereby you can learn, whereby you can come to higher levels of understanding and consciousness.


It is just that certain energies will not be as present anymore in your life, and it will be of a subtle nature, one that may not even gain your attention. Thus, you will continue experiencing many of the things you were once experiencing, that you were experiencing during the time of shift and upheaval, and it may even appear that all the players are still in place, those who were on the stage before that period of Ascension that has occurred on many timelines.


With time you will begin to truly see that the world is not the same place, that more and more sanity has returned and that the world is a better place, one where it seems now people are genuine and truly concerned with creating a more harmonious future. You need always to make this so in your own life. This is why information that this Awareness will present will still be valuable in learning how to do this, learning how to cooperate between the low self and the High Self.


There was a buildup of energies leading to the event that was Ascension and this has completed itself and now you are in the settling down period. As there was a buildup to the completion of the Ascension process, so will there be a general gradual letdown and therefore, there will be a period of several years at least before those old forces are completely neutralized and no longer the Powers That Be.


It Takes Time for Petty Dictators to Change


The majority of those who were the Elite, those who were the Powers That Be, have departed but some of their minions have not, nor will they be of a nature where they will simply take over those roles, for it is a new reality that you are experiencing, and it does take some time for bureaucracies to change, for petty dictators within a bureaucratic system to change and come away from the old ways

into the new ways. But almost immediately, one will find that it is not as bad as it once was, and as the new energies of Planet A/B start to truly assert themselves and the shifts start to go to new levels, those that were catalyzed by the Ascension process will awaken and society will  begin its subtle transformation.


This Awareness is primarily now speaking to those who are reading these words at a time of aftermath, after all of these events are completed. It is not addressing those who are not any longer available to these new timelines where this Awareness will continue Its work of teaching and informing, and of presenting information that will benefit individuals at different levels.


Therefore, this Awareness is still available, even to those ones who may be disappointed that they did not experience the grand predictions that were made by so many, and even this Awareness spoke of events that would happen for those who needed to experience those events, those whose destinies were to undergo them and to undergo the transformational process that went hand in hand.


This Awareness speaks now to those who have shifted their reality in a way that they did not even realize that they had done so, but this Awareness has always said that if one successfully creates the timeline, or moves oneself into a timeline where they do not experience the upheavals or the corruptions, then they are truly creator beings. This Awareness would add that they lack the conscious awareness of how they have done this.



How You Managed to Shift Your Timeline


By having stayed positive and hopeful, and holding to the highest perception that change was coming; this is how many have shifted their timelines and are now experiencing the brave new world, the new potential Planet A/B of balance and harmony that this Awareness has long talked about, and it is those that are now reading these words of Awareness. It will continue to be a voice and to guide, and to assist all those coming forward in their journey toward higher awareness and

higher understanding.


This Awareness will continue. This Awareness also says that the old format where a forecast was made will not be followed at this time for this new month and this new year for much is still unfolding, and while this Awareness is addressing those who may be reading these words in the new year of 2013, as this Awareness is giving this message, It is also straddling many timelines that have not yet manifested themselves, many different events that may still occur on the many timelines, and

the many futures seen and known by this Awareness.


It is only addressing the one set of timelines which is that of continuance, that which was a transition from old to new without extreme upheaval or even apparent notice of any great shifts, or anything major happening, but at this time, as this Awareness presents this information, It sees so many timelines, that until things have settled down substantially after the completion of the Ascension process, that It chooses at this time not to present forecasts, not to deviate at this time from the energies that are presenting themselves as multiple futures. When the time is appropriate and things have settled, then this Awareness may again present forecasts, but not at this time.


Therefore, to conclude this opening message, this Awareness says to those who are reading these words, who have gone through their shift apparently without the upheavals so often spoken of: Congratulations! You have, in the most economical of ways, gotten yourself through a period of extreme change and shift and are now moving forward on a new timeline, a new planetary consciousness that has just been given birth to and is at the very beginning of a new experience, a new experiment in consciousness.


This Awareness will have much more to say over the months and years ahead, but at this time It simply wishes to congratulate one and all for having gotten to this moment in time and in space. This completes the opening message for the January 2013 newsletter. This Awareness asks now for the energizer Joan Mills to present the questions that you have.

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  1. I felt the energies, but i saw no corridors and life reviews. I saw no planet a. I saw no portals.

    Are you familiar with anybody that did? Anybody who went to planet a, whatever that is? Anybody who has amnesia for the 3 days of darkness?

    I believe that the harvest didn’t happen. We are being held back by the sleeping masses. This is still a 3rd density planet, we are waiting for them to wake up.

    For me it’s ridiculous that the cabal is still in charge. If there exist high energies now then how these people still exist?

    Politics and economy look like not improving soon. I don’t know where i will find the strenght to continue living in a planet where people are sleeping and do not want to wake up. They will continue voting for the wrong people, the racists that tell them that foreigners are responsible for the crisis. Those that tell them more capitalism is the answer.

    2012 was a hope. Channeled messages gave me hope.

    Now i think it’s all a deception. The masses will not wake up.

    I hope you didn’t find this message too depressing. 🙂

    • How do you know this is so…

  2. Sounds like CA/Will is trying to make reasons for nothing happening. Maybe because he continues to be inconsistent and inaccurate with what is said. What you may see is an attack on me as a troll or satan. Just remember The Lord does not attack. He is patient, loving, forgiving, and compassionate. No enlightened being would comment in any other way. As said in Bible, by their fruits you shall know them. What do we see here?

  3. Why are people unable to admit that channeled information is unreliable? Something may have happened on 12/21, but a lot of the stuff we were told was wrong. Come to grips with it.

  4. Ah… so now it’s “the potential Planet A/B.” Yep, that’s a subtle shift all right. So we didn’t actually ascend, and our new timeline is really the same thing as “your life yesterday is the same as it is today.” This cosmic awareness is profound stuff.

    All-is-One: I didn’t have amnesia but I was zapped hard by either incoming energies or HAARP on steroids. On 12/20, one moment I was fine, the next I was dizzy and my head felt like a buzz saw. I was that way for three days, out for the count. I don’t know anyone who ascended or experienced anything other than “some energies.” So instead of this great promise of a new earth, I got slapped in the head and told it was my fault for not expecting it. Feels like the same old 3D to me.

  5. For those feeling let down or disappointed, I feel ya. I’ve had a day or two of feeling disappointed also, that the changes are not yet more drastic. However, I do know things are and have been happening. On more than one occasion a few days before and sense the 21st, I’ve not only felt the energies, but I’ve experienced reality slips. Small things, like cars being parked in different places, lighters being a different color than the one in the same place the night before, commercials with a different focus, all very subtle or seemingly crazy things that most tend to blow off or explain away. Pay Attention to the “little things” they add up to much more.
    I was given a choice… a choice to leave the physical existence in this ascension or not. We ALL were, in some way. Even if it was just the full realization that it could be. I, as most of you probably also did, chose to stay and create a better existence. The transitions take time, yes, even a separation of liner time, and many changes we will continue to see as we progress. Those around me are still there, but we have all changed in ways, even if it is just in having a rejuvenation of hope for the changes to come over the next few months and years. We are here because we have chosen to be responsible in making these changes.
    People in that “planet B” density really don’t exist around me, and seem to find me almost invisible. It’s been stated by this same awareness that many things can and have happened. In knowing I am a multidimensional being, and having communicated with the lower and higher vibrational levels of myself, I have no doubt that these things are also true, even if they are not my personal experience.
    I do see a different world, I see one that is evolving instead of self destructing, I see one that has potential to correct the wrongful acts of the self so that we police ourselves. I see that all things are possible, IF we as Creators choose to create them. Stand, and make a difference by continuing to reinforce the lifting of the Earth Spirit into its complete separation from the lower vibrations. That is when the greater things we were hoping to see over night will fully develop. Many things are yet to occur for those of us here for this Creation Process. The spring solstice will be a great time of spiritual evolution as well. Activate your DNA, continue your meditation and higher vibrational levels, and CREATE this world to be what we all want for it to be. Do the things necessary to MAKE the changes. CHANGE the governmental structure. We are no longer one voice in the darkness, but a voice of Unity for the Light. Stand, and claim your places OUTSIDE of subjugation. I am still researching solutions from NASARA, and the Thrive Movement, but so far, they have offered the most hope and information for restructuring the economic system.
    I CHOSE not to sleep through this part of the experience, so for those feeling disheartened or duped, just remember you also made that choice, so CREATE and do your part in making this “planet A” ride as fun as possible. THIS IS OUR TIME TO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. So, What are YOU going to make happen in this new world of possibilities?

  6. Thank you everyone for expressing your opinions and experiences of the Ascension.

    Like Samantha, I have been experiencing reality shifts and dimensional slippage since as early as 12-12-12 (and occasionally before that time on powerful dates as well).

    The energetic shift to me is absolutely palpable and I can feel it growing stronger by the day. If you cannot feel this, then you have not yet developed that level of energetic sensitivity.

    I definitely shifted timelines on the 21st of Dec. and on 12-12-12. It is a peculiar experience and I am only able to identify it due to the fact that I have been meditating daily for many years.

    I think a big problem is that everyone just assumes they are at these high levels of spiritual awareness and advancement because they ‘understand’ (or think they do…) the concepts being discussed by CA and a select few other Channels… or maybe they just put too much bling trust in them. The fact is, most people are not at the level of advancement they think they are at. It requires great discipline and brutal honesty with yourself to reach the higher levels of awareness, which is rare these days, although it does occur. There is so much more to the Cosmic Awareness message than what you see on the Healers Journal. I can only post a small amount of it due to the nature of the site and the sheer volume of information that is archived for CA. The CA archives stretch back to the late 1950’s and are still perfectly preserved and accessible online for FREE. CA also channeled a 1000 page book (also available for free online) that is some of the most advanced spiritual material ever published.

    Case in point, that if you think CA is wrong, you probably don’t understand what it is saying or are only choosing to selectively focus on specific parts of the message. Furthermore, you have probably only read the messages on this site which are less than .1% of the material ever published by CA. What you find here is a mere glimpse of CA’s message and overarching philosophy justice. Do your due diligence and comprehensive research before tossing around off hand remarks and criticisms based only on a small selection of work.

    I am sure this message will ruffle plenty of peoples feathers, but quite frankly its the truth. I question and challenge every idea CA presents, but more often than not, after serious consideration, introspection and meditation, I find that what is presented is nearly always spot on.

    I most definitely had many of the experiences CA mentioned in his messages (thought not all) that were released immediately preceding Ascension. Then again, I have been working on myself spiritually, physically, and mentally with intense discipline and conviction for years, everyday, without fail. This is the kind of commitment it takes to reach higher levels of awareness. I am not bragging and I am not claiming to be better than anyone, I am just trying to elucidate that this is not something you just start reading about and understand at the mental level and suddenly you are ‘enlightened’ and will ascend. This is not joining the lightworker community and getting caught up in the zeitgeist and airy fairy messages. This path takes true commitment, true discipline, true action and constant introspection and questioning, 24/7. I it is hard, but pleasurable work and its payoffs are incredible and greater than one could ever imagine — and include the ability to sense energetic shifts like that one that occurred during Ascension.

    All I can say is that people are very quick to judge. I understand everyones frustration on one level but on another, I can see that most of you were probably not ready to have the higher level of experiences CA spoke of. And furthermore, to believe that you were at that level when in fact you were not is what is disappointing, not that ‘nothing’ happend (because something most definitely did happen and many can sense it and are living it). I’ll admit I overestimated where I thought I was at, however, I am at a place in my life where I have transcended the emotion of disappointment so even though I didn’t wake up in the 5th dimension on Dec. 21st, I didn’t run around looking for someone or something to blame. I understood it for what it was — I chose to stay in this dimension to help humanity advance. And maybe I wasn’t energetically ready for permanent 5th dimensional existence. Either way, I don’t really care because I my spiritual foundation is solid and I know this is all a grand process and its beautiful to watch as it unfolds, no matter what dimension I am in. This is all a grand learning experience and we can choose to love and accept where we’re at or be disappointed with our progress. It’s up to you.

    – Truth

  7. admin, so you are on planet A? Have you ascended? Have you transformed and come back to the planet A/B? Do you know anyone that has ascended? Anyone here know of anyone that ascended?

    • Anasazi,

      I am most definitely on planet A/B, although I am experiencing it at the higher levels of awareness. We are Ascending as we speak. I have visited the 5th dimension many times in the dream and bindu state. I personally do not know anyone closely who has Ascended and stayed in the 5th dimension. I can intuit that many have visited and returned, however. Most who are ready for the 5th dimension choose to return to planet A/B to continue to be of service to humanity at this time. To guide through example while constantly straddling the line between this and higher dimensions.

      – Truth

  8. Admin, while you’re explaining that, why don’t you tell us what it feels like to shift timelines.

    • Debra,

      Thank you for your comment. In fact, what you suggest has inspired me to write an article explaining timelines and my experience with them, which will include a detailed description of what it feels like to shift timelines. I have written most of it already and it is quite long — already at over 2,000 words! I will publish it the day after new years if not sooner.

      In the meantime I will send you a copy to read before it is published as I would like to answer your question while it is still fresh. Thank you for the inspiration, I feel as though many people will get a lot out of this piece and it will demystify a somewhat advanced concept.

      Be Well,


  9. All in all, this channel as many others surfing on the 2012 wave just kept announcing for months and years a revolution, not a smooth and subtle transition. Remember all this noise last summer about massive arrests of the so-called “dark cabal” and so on. What a joke!
    At the end of THE day (12.21.12) it finally became cristal clear that all this was just a massive brainwash orchestrated to make us fall deeply asleep nurturing our fantasies of a new Golden Age under the fallacy of waking us up…

    I think it is now time to really wake up and kick all this new age stuff in the ….!

    • Not so fast, Magik. I hear you and felt the same way for several days, but let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water. Some of the stuff we read was downright silly, like they’re going to take all those gold bars and give them out! Not in this life or any life would that happen and everyone with a shred of brain knew that. Most people called bunk on this months ago.

      There were other more subtle clues that many of us “enlightened” (Hello ego, where have you been hiding?) beings totally missed. Many of the channels said, “Good job! You did it! Celebrate!” while on 12/21/12 I was knocked flat by energies that I can only describe as debilitating and mind-blowing. I have picked myself off, dusted off my ass, and come back stronger. This is what lightworkers do. If it was easy, they would have sent newbie souls instead. It’s not all bunk if you use your intuition. Intuition is not infallible but it gets better with practice. Onward and upward, because the only other option is psychic and spiritual death and that’s not such a pleasant planet.

  10. You did not mention that this message was given in November, well before the Ascension date of 12/21.
    We are still waiting for a message given after December 21, other the one about the “Interim” period of three days of darkness.

  11. You did not mention that this message was given in November, well before the Ascension date of 12/21.
    We are still waiting for a message given after December 21, other the one about the “Interim” period of three days of darkness.

  12. You did not mention that this message was given in November, well before the Ascension date of 12/21.
    We are still waiting for a message given after December 21, other than the one about the “Interim” period of three days of darkness.

  13. Come on fo;ks, nothing happened. And nothing is happening now? Millions of people worldwide wanted something to happen, a movement to a 5D life and the ending of the struggle, aging and poverty of 3D. Yet what have we got? More war, more debt, less work, more strain, more cruelty, more idiocy in government and a hell of a lot of people wandering around, feeling empty. I suppose next we’ll be told that the time is coming – still! – and we need to wake up more. Seems to me most people ARE aware of the hypocrisy of our system and still don;t know what to do about it. It’s almost like the Universe wants this nonsense to continue. WHEN is this going to change, and change dramatically?

    • TJ,

      I know exactly where you are coming from. Tired of being patient and waiting for things that mean we are truly evolving. I had to go through my own disenchantment after 12/21. I get messages from Sheldon Nidel about the things coming into truth and light, and the undeniable awareness of contact from those beings that are our “extraterrestrial cousins” and because of my disillusion of the illusion I find I take it all with a grain of salt now, though not without still holding the hope it really is SOON, in EARTH TIME. The frustration and aggravation of the continuing downward spiral can be appalling at times. I do know I experienced some things around the end of last year that let me know something was changing, different, in ways. And since then have been watching and waiting for more. I still know what I know, but have changed my perception of belief, as it was the only way to resolve some of my anger with the Divine. Time in their dimensions is completely irreverent, everything is based more on events and coinciding factors. 12/21/2 was more of a gateway, an opening of an energy flow that was stunted, as it were. I still like to hope that we are all still here creating that separation of the A & B planet, so I live accordingly in my thoughts and perceptions, but as for the rest… I believe it when I see it or experience it for myself. Otherwise.. it’s just an interesting perception. The society we live in WILL change, because it is already self destructing. I guess the best we can do is choose what part we want to play in that and do what we can as individuals to facilitate the changes we wish to see.
      May you find your own peace and clarity for understanding. ( I’m still disappointed in it also) The changes have not been drastic, but little by little, they are occurring. Evolution has never happened in an instant. We WILL evolve, or devolve, even if not with instantaneous gratification.

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