Aisha North: The Ascension Energies Are Still Pouring In

HJ: Post Ascension, I can still feel the energies ratcheting up daily.  Every morning, upon waking, the energetic shift is palpable.  It feels to me like there is somewhat of a blockage being worked out as humanity is forced to ‘rise to the occasion’, so to speak.  Those who were not consciously ready are being pushed to greater heights, and as such, there is some resistance which is causing the energy flow to be somewhat stifled.  However, it is definitely working itself through in waves, which can clearly be felt everyday.

Despite the disappointment of many that there were not ‘fireworks’ per se, the Ascension energies are most definitely here and palpably working.  I will be releasing much new material over the coming weeks and months that will help those who are compelled to do so access powerful ancient and modern techniques to rapidly awaken their spiritual awareness and abilities to sense and work with the incoming energies.  It is time for a new spiritual awakening on this planet.  I will do my part to facilitate that.

Anyways, Aisha’s message for today serves as a sort of ‘compass’ helping us to navigate through the incoming energies and unfolding reality of a post-Ascension Earth.

– Truth

By Aisha North | The Manuscript of Survival (Part 243)

It has already started to become lighter, and we do not mean that just in the sense of the lengthening of the days in the northern hemisphere. The light quotient on your planet has increased manyfold these last few days, as the portal that you were all instrumental in opening on the days surrounding December 21. has already been successful in delivering enormous amounts of energy down to your little planet. It has been likened to an enormous waterfall, and rightly so, as this incessant stream of light is just like those gigantic waterfalls you can witness out in the nature on your beautiful little planet. And just like those waterfalls, so too will this stream of light continue to replenish you all incessantly and abundantly in the times ahead.

For now, you have all been connected to this unending stream of light, and even if the information carried within all of this light cannot yet be detected clearly, it has already started to work its magic. Not only on you, but on your whole planet, and as such, it can be likened to a second coming to use a phrase many of you are familiar with. We do not refer to any single entity here, quite the opposite, as what has arrived on your shores is for all, no exclusions will be made. For this force is an indiscriminate one, for this is from the source of love, and love knows no boundaries. We will not go into any length describing what the outcome of all of this love will be, suffice it to say you have entered a new time for mankind, when the weight of love will continue to increase, day by day, hour by hour. And even if many will feel the heavy burden of the dark still pulling them down, know that this is only a temporary feeling, as soon you too will feel how the weight will shift and the light from the love will ease this burden more and more off your shoulders.


We will leave it at that today, and return with more at a later date. In the interim, please know that you are all within the boundaries defined as ”normal”. In other words, you are not veering off your designated course in any way. And even if this stage is more than a little painful for some of you, know that you too will soon find that the pressure will ease off and you will begin to breathe more freely like some of your fellow brethren are doing already. After all, this is not an obstacle course designed to keep you indefinitely wandering in the dark, seemingly without the ability to find your way to the exit. For you all know fully well just where that exit is, you just need to finish a few more chores you have given yourselves to complete whilst travelling through this dark tunnel towards the ever brightening light. So know that you will take exactly the time you need to finish it all off, not a second more, not a second less. And know that when you too emerge, it will indeed be into a sunshine even more brilliant than the one you witnessed just before you entered into this tunnel of completion.

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  1. I resonate with what has been said here. I suspect that many of us feel incomplete–I certainly do. However, I cannot deny the brightness of the sun on December 22nd. The sun was indeed bright and the sky, amazingly clear and blue. And then, the next day, cloudy both in and out. The image of a tunnel is compelling–being born is no small matter. We can apparently take the dark and the squeeze as we have done it before. I long for the sunshine on the other end though, and a world even brighter and more wonderful than that which we have only glimpsed.

  2. When will the energies stop????

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