High Council of Orion: The Multidimensional Nature of Your Existence

HJ: One of the defining characteristics of authentic, quality channelings is the fact that they do not pander to the general level of human consciousness at this time, but instead encourage one to reach a higher level of spiritual awareness.  This typically results in messages that are less ‘accessible’ and more challenging — often times filled with more complex ideas, metaphors and advanced spiritual topics.  These are not hard and fast rules, but a general guideline to be used along with properly developed personal intuition.

In the High Council of Orions latest channeling, many thought processes that have perhaps led to fallacious ideas and concepts regarding Ascension (many of which have been pedaled by less experienced channels/channelers in their naivete) are challenged and analyzed to help one learn and transcend the levels of consciousness that perpetuated them.

The Council also highlights a point which I have always known and understood and that is there are much larger forces at work on the planet at this time (and frankly, always have been).  Due to our limited nature and not-yet-full levels of awareness, we are not always perceptually/consciously aware of these energies and workings and so it is easy for many to dismiss them, which happens frequently.  However, this does not mean they are not at play.  I think that anyone with an above average level of sensitivity to the planetary/collective energies can sense that indeed major shifts have occurred and are still unfolding.

Anyone pointing fingers at which article or channeler was ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ about Ascension has surely missed the point.  The point being that these messages are food for thought and may also contain wisdom and guidance for those ready to receive it.  However, I would not put my faith wholeheartedly in events manifesting exactly as stated as this is disempowering and you will often be disappointed.  This is not because the messages are incorrect, misleading or wrong.  This is partially because your own timeline may vary substantially from the more general ones being described.  The richest information that comes through the various channels has nothing to do with what may or may not happen, but the spiritual guidance that is offered.  These messages offer one a roadmap for higher consciousness and tried and true methods for stepping into our true creatorship.  If one has indeed reached the level where they are truly creating their own reality, what happens next suddenly becomes of less concern because we realize that we can create whatever scenario we want!

I was asked by many friends, family and strangers what would happen on Ascension and my reply was always the same:  I am not sure what you are going to create, but I choose peace, calm, ease and happiness  (and, that is exactly what I got!).

– Truth

High Council of Orion message for 22nd Dec 2012

High Council of Orion via

Greetings dear ones we are the High Council of Orion and we come to guide and support as many of you now move into a higher level of consciousness. All that IS will BE and we are here to support YOU as YOU now move into the new timelines and dimensions that are now available to SELF in this the new earth vibration on planet earth.

Many are unable to move out of the denser lower energetic frequencies and many are struggling with this, dear ones we again guide clearly that change comes from within and is not something that can be “given” to another. Many are now falling or see-sawing in vibration tending to the fears and the anxieties of those around them. We guide in TRUTH dear ones that this helps no one least of all SELF for the see-sawing of the energy signature is what is causing the distortion in YOUr vision. How can you dream YOUr dream into creation if you are not sure what the dream you are dreaming is?

We fully accept and understand that our words may be challenging for many at this time and we guide for YOU to process all of our guidance through the heart for the heart KNOWS TRUTH. As you look about YOU out onto the world dear ones realize that not all is as it appears to BE. Once more we guide on the role of the human logical brain and its ability to interpret information in a distorted way.

Let us give an example to further clarify our guidance around how the logical human brain can assume and then invent scenarios that are not TRUTH. We are aware of the puzzles that you have on planet earth that are termed “optical illusions”, these are where a picture appears to be something that it is not. The ability of the logical human brain to be able to be fooled by these illusions is vast and we guide that many are not understanding and accepting that what is shown to them by their logical human brain is in fact illusionary. Those who sought to contain and suppress the human race knew this would work to lower vibrations and have played to this quirk of the human logical brain for aeons. This is why dear ones we guide for you to be in the heart, for to read the energy signature of all that is presented to SELF will see you FEEL TRUTH. Then it matters not what the logical human brain interprets as TRUTH for the heart will have chosen. Do you understand our analogy?

Much is now unfolding across and within planet earth and many are still not understanding and accepting the multi dimensional aspect of their existence here on what appears to be a solid planet that exists in multi dimensional timelines all at once, there is only NOW yet this concept is one that will have the logical human brain in knots trying to work out how all can exist now when all is linear according to the logical human brain.

We understand how challenging this concept is to understand but we are not guiding dear ones for you to move into the logical human brain to work this out, that would further deepen the conundrum for SELF, we are asking that you process this concept through the heart and allow the heart to then filter it from the unconscious SOUL level through to the sub conscious and then conscious waking mind. There is no other method of allowing this as the human logical brain was never created to understand the concept of multi dimensionality at the outset.

We are here to support ALL at this time and we guide that YOU create the existence that you are experiencing, many are unable to let go of logic so they will begin to experience chaos and more chaos as the energies of the new earth do not support logic as a foundation. ALL in the new earth is supported by the LOVE that IS and this is processed with the heart. HEART centred living is not just allowing all to pass by and be in a state of bliss dear ones, that would be the logical brains interpretation of a concept it cannot understand. To live from the heart is to understand that the LOVE that IS is the creation of the human life experience, to create from the heart creates the experience of living on this planet in TRUTH. This will be overlaid for many with the old 3D earth energies as they are being created from the logical human brain, this is why we guide for all to work to clear the heart. When you have cleared and cleansed the heart you are then able to create from the heart and process from the brain. At the moment on 3D earth the creation is from the mind and the storage is to the heart. This constricts YOUr energy in TRUTH dear ones for the logical mind cannot connect to the LOVE that IS and to YOUr SOUL. It can only connect to the information that appears around it in the 3D earth. Do our words resonate dear ones? Do you understand why it is important to disconnect from the 3D earth reality in full to create from the heart to then experience the creations of the heart in TRUTH in the waking reality?

The period of adjustment when YOU are able to move from logical brain to heart is the harmonisation process and many are now deep within this process. It is vital that you TRUST and have FAITH in SELF during this process as the logical brain will try to hold on for as long as it can trying to teach you that somehow you are incorrect in what you are doing. Then dear ones YOU move into the ascension process where you are able to connect to the heart, dream and then create in the new earth energies. Ascension is then a process that continues, it is not a one time event that happens once and never again. Ascension is the unfolding of the dream that resides within the heart and is then created in the waking life from the dreaming that is dreamt. Do our words resonate dear ones? Can you understand the need to be in alignment with YOUr SOUL and to be in the heart space?

We fully acknowledge how challenging this concept may be to you at this time, disconnecting from anything that appears in your waking human life experience that gives out a lower energetic signature will help YOU to move through the harmonisation process more smoothly. For aeons the human race has been taught to distrust SELF and we ask why? Who did this serve? It may seem “alien” to have total TRUST and FAITH in SELF but we ask why would you not? Why would you incarnate onto this planet, in this timeline and dimension if it was not for this expansion?

As YOU begin to work with the new earth energies, as you begin to align with the dimensions and timelines in which your dream resides then the energies that YOU are able to anchor and to balance within YOUr human vehicle deepen and expand. YOU are then able to dream at ever deepening levels and create at faster and faster rates, this is fuelled by the FAITH and TRUST in SELF dear ones, it is not fuelled by the logical human brain for it has no information that will make sense to it at this time from the 3D world around it. It was not designed to operate the way you have been taught it has. This is why the heart space was created and this is the role of the heart dear ones? Do our words resonate dear ones? Do you understand our words?


We send a call out to the heart, for the heart KNOWS TRUTH, all that is shown to YOU as your waking life experience is a reflection of that which is dreamt in the heart space. We guide for YOU to begin to acknowledge the power that is YOU, for YOU are a vast BEing of light, shine that light out across the world and breathe in the LOVE that IS, this is the fuel of choice for the heart, the heart is the key to the new earth and the new earth energies. We are the High Council of Orion and we are with YOU as YOU now walk in TRUTH upon planet earth in all the timelines and dimensional frequencies that are now open to SELF. BREATHE and BE dear ones for YOU cannot fail at what YOU came here to BE.

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  1. Dear Truth, I really enjoyed your intro to Karen Doonan;s article above and your summation of the expectations, disappointments and Veritable shifts of the 21st December gateway.
    And, I do agree with you. I can only say I feel , personally, better than I have ever felt in my life. I feel more peaceful, present, safe, content, happy, even blissful and joyous than before. This is what I have been praying for, for myself and all humanity. WE ARE ALL ONE.
    With Many Blessings and Gratitude,

  2. This is coming from a negative source.

  3. This is indeed coming from a negative source……my heart say so & the truth comes from the heart !

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