Powerpath Guidance For Solstice Rituals and Ascension

HJ: Lena from the Powerpath offers some sage advice and guidance for the 2012 Winter Solstice and Ascension.  These are profound times and a energetic preparation and clearing is indeed wise.  These simple but powerful suggestions will help prepare you and your living space for tomorrows ‘main event’. Stay centered, stay calm and most importantly — meditate!

– Truth

By Lena | Ascension For All

Dear Friends,

Wishing you a Blessed Solstice and a Wondrous Holiday Season from all of us at the Power Path!

The Winter Solstice is exact on Friday, December 21 at 4:11 AM Mountain Standard Time. This is one of the most important time frames in our history. Although the exact time of the solstice is important to note, the 48 hours afterwards is equally as potent and may be even more so in terms of where your thoughts, intentions, feelings and focus are.The energy is about honoring and forgiving the structure that has held life together up until this point. Move yourself into a place of trust that a new structure has been organizing itself in the quantum field through a collective intention of having a better world. It is on the brink of being birthed onto the physical plane. The best intention during this time is to be in trust.

Here are some suggestions of how to work with this time:

Stay away from negativity and martyrdom and be positive and optimistic no matter what.

Clear your mind and your environment from clutter so you can be open to the incredible insights available at this time and have a journal handy to write them down. Pay attention to your dreams and anything that is surfacing at this time especially old memories and recapitulations. If emotions grab you, let them pass on through.

Instead of thinking and thinking and thinking about maybe doing something or changing something, make a commitment to do it. Take some time to write serious intentions and don’t be afraid to dream big and to leave room for spirit to bring you more than you can imagine.

Reestablish your connection with guides and allies through meditation and spiritual practice. Ask for help and keep “don’t know mind” about how it may show up.

Be around friends and family and community that are on the same page.

Forgive, forgive, forgive.

Do a burning ritual: write down with total forgiveness what you are complete with and burn it ritually with some offering of sage or tobacco. Then write your intentions.

Say hello to the earth and the sun and the new frequencies they are bringing in. Be very conscious and present with your environment sending light and love into all the physical extensions of yourself (electronics, electrical system, vehicles, plumbing, clothing, appliances etc etc.) In this way you are “tuning” yourself to the larger energies of the earth and the sun and then harmonizing your personal environment.

It would be a good idea to clean your home and workspace with a cleansing smoke or whatever method you use. Bells and tuning forks work well too.

Light a long burning candle and place on your sheet of intentions along with a vase of fresh flowers.


This is the dawn of a new era and the one we have been waiting for. It is the time frame that marks the end of the hierarchical, competitive and success oriented approach to life and marks the beginning of a relationship, cooperative and community oriented cycle. It won’t happen overnight however, we must take advantage of this time through our attention and focus. If you plant the seed right, a beautiful growth will follow.

NOTE:  TRENDS 2013 has some good information about this important time. (Link here).

Blessings for a Wonderful Solstice,


New Article by José Stevens titled: The Solstice 12/21/12 And Beyond: A Mayan View And More is up on our website, (Link here).

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  1. Thanks Lena. Good suggestions

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