Aisha North: You Arduous Journey is Reaching New Heights of Completion

By Aisha North | The Manuscript of Survival (Part 237)

We have come today to give you a short update on the proceedings. For now, you are well and truly on your way to your greatness, dear ones. You have taken that decisive step in through the doors that will bring you all that you have ever wanted, and by doing that, you have accepted yourself for what you truly are. You are an infinite being, capable of making miracles happen. For you have already shown that, by the fact that you have taken yourself successfully through the long and arduous journey that have brought you here. Remember, you have come here on your own accord, you have not been carried to the doorsteps of this large mansion and then been deposited here, ready to set yourself up and take just a few steps on your own in order to get here on time. No, you have taken every step, whether it be feather light and filled with joy, or with the heaviest of burdens, carrying with you all the sorrows in the world. But you did it, and for that, we cannot but have the greatest of admiration. For no one that have not been in your shoes can tell just how difficult a journey this has been. And that was its purpose, as you all knew so well before you came.

For yours was to be a journey of discovery, and what you have discovered, is indeed the greatness you have within. But in order to do just that, you had to pull a veil of forgetfulness across that would be impenetrable. But now, you have arrived at your designated destination, and what you are about to see, is what you knew would be waiting for you all along. For you will once again enter yourself in all of your glory, but as you do so, you will know with every fiber of your being that what you have been through on this self-imposed journey on this planet is nothing short of miraculous. For you bring with you experiences that no other living soul in All of Creation can match, and by that fact alone, you stand taller than the rest. For you have been to hell and back, in every sense of the word, and as such, you have become a being of infinite knowledge, and now, your task will be to spread this knowledge to the rest of Creation. For you know what it is like to be trapped inside a body, unable to sojourn into the ethers and connect with all the other beings out there, beings for whom it is an important part of their existence to do just that. So you have been all alone in this great void, and by standing alone, you were forced to rediscover your very core. And by doing that, you have helped the rest of Creation to do the same.

For many were indeed becoming somewhat complacent, and they had started to forget the glory that rests within. For when you have everything at your disposal, you tend to forget the fact that within is where the true gem lies. For each and every soul, not just on this planet, but in All of Creation, carry within a unique imprint, a tiny little seed, that is unlike anything else. And only when you are connected to that tiny little morsel of infinity can you shine in your true spectrum of the light. And that is what is needed for the whole, that each and every being in existence truly know what is their true color. Otherwise, they will start to fade and change hue, and by that, the whole light-symphony will start to become somewhat out of tune. So that is what you have achieved by doing the work you have so diligently done in life after life on this planet. Challenged not only by your own forgetfulness, but also by that superimposed extra prison put upon you by those tricksters set upon delaying this whole process for us all by holding you back with their evil little schemes. But now, they have been neutralized, and with it, you have all started to speed up this whole process of liberating not only yourselves, but us as well.

For now, you can finally step up and say ”I know what my true color is, for I have found it on the way, fighting against myself and so much else that I have met on my way coming here today”. And what you have found along with it, is the key that will unlock the same door within everyone else in All of Creation who has somehow forgot what their true color is. So now, by your actions, we will all be able to do the same, and what was once starting to dim down and fade will become as vibrant and brilliant as it once was.


So thank you to each and every one of you. You have made yourselves into the shining examples we knew you would be. And now, we will all start to match our brilliance to yours, and together, we will make sure that this symphony of colour and light will start to ring out loud and clear once again. We salute you dear ones, you have finally managed to unlock that door into the very core that we all carry within, and the outcome from it all will be infinitely more beautiful than you could ever have hoped for. The journey has been a long one indeed, and it is not over yet, but now, you can hold in your hearts that you have overcome the most difficult of obstacles in a way that will help to lift us all to a whole new level of brilliance. We thank you, and wish you all the best for the remainder of this transitional period. But know that you have certainly accomplished what you came here to do, so what you have left, will only be the last pieces of readjustment that will help us all find our tune yet again.

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