The Great Mystery of the 13 Crystal Skulls

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One of the most compelling mysteries of all time is the conspiracy of the 13 Crystal Skulls.. Many of these skulls have been found around the world and near many mysterious places including the Great Pyramids and the Stonehenge… Many people think these skulls are believed to between 5000 and 35,000 years old… Some people “think” these skulls posses magical powers and healing properties but no one knows where they came from or why they even exist! There are many theories; that they came from the lost city of Atlantis or from the Mayan civilization… The most weird theory is that they can be used to see into the past and even the future!

Historians have found a story which mentions these 13 crystal skulls, and it comes from an Indian legend which claims that these were property of the Goddess of Death. They had to protect these skulls from pagan priests and warriors..But many people have claimed that they have found a crystal skull but many turned out to be a complete fake! Most of these skull collections are privately owned in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, France, Mongolia and in Tibet.. Most of these skulls are not in perfect condition but the most famous one of all is the Mitchell-Hedges Skull which is one of the several in existence today… Most recently a skull was found on March 9th in Germany… This is why I’m sharing this conspiracy with everyone.. Read more information below!

The Mitchell-Hedges Skull

Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosThis skull was found by a famous English Archeologist F. Albert Mitchell-Hedges in Central America in 1927.. He was clearing out an ancient Maya settlement in Yucatan in 1924 and he burned the forest down to make the dig easier.. Now after the smoke cleared he saw amazing ruins of stone pyramids, and a ancient city, called Lubaantun.(The Place of the Fallen Stones) Now three years later he organized another expedition with his daughter Anna.. It was her 17th birthday (On April 1927) She discovered a strange item under the debris; it was the polished rock crystal skull.. The skull was not complete it was missing the lower jaw but that was found three months later buried a couple meters below the surface… They claimed that when they touched the skull they had strange feelings..

That was the story was later labeled as a “fake” and there has been documents that verify that it was purchased by Mitchell-Hedges as a auction in Sothebys in London..(1943) Today it’s still in the hands of the family (Anna Mitchell-Hedges) and you can view it at her house in Canada.. She claims that when it’s in the same room with her while sleeping she has really vivid dreams about the life of Indians that lived thousands of years ago…She never mentions a connection between the skull and these weird experiences… This is not the only weird thing that happened; over the years she has told many stories that have some serious historical evidence that scientists can’t even explain..

After her father died (1960′s) she decided to give the skull to scientists for a investigation.. She believed that it was too “perfect” for the Indian civilizations to make…The first person to investigate the skull was Frank Dordland and after taking a look at it; He discovered that it has a complicated system of lenses, prisms and channels producing unusual optical effects.. There was no signs of processing, it was completely perfect and he even contacted a company famous for crystal oscillators and they said it was unbelievable that someone made this skull.. So who or what made this skull?

Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosThe results from HP were shocking and it was found that it was made long before the first civilization that appeared in America, where the skull was found! The quality of the crystal was amazing; nothing we ever seen before! The skull was 5.13 kg, 203.4 mm long and 125.4 wide.. After very close analysis they found that it was three or four joints grown together. It has a hardness slightly lower than topaz, and a diamond but was cut with diamonds.. It so crazy how these ancient civilizations made this skull so perfectly! There also was a prism that was found at the back/bottom of the skull:Any ray of light strikes the eye-sockets is reflected and if you look into the eyes you will see the entire room reflected.. They all say that it was made regardless of all laws and rules.. Here is what they said: “The damned thing can’t exist at all. Those who had done it had no idea of crystallography or of fiber optics. The people completely ignored the axis of symmetry, which was to prevent the crystal from splitting during processing. It is strange why it didn’t split at that!”

So it was carved against the natural axis of the crystal but many sculptors today take the axis into account because if you carve against the grain it was most likely shatter! Even when using high-tech cutting methods… There was no microscopic scratches which would indicate that they were carved with metal instruments.. The theory is that it was hewn out with diamonds and with the use of sand and water.. Its thought that it would of taken over 300 years to complete this one skull! We might never know the right answer to this mysterious skull but Ill include the other stories below!

British Crystal Skull and Paris Crystal Skull

Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosPhotobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Here is a pair of similar skulls known as the Paris Crystal Skull and British Crystal Skull and both were bought by mercenaries in Mexico in 1890s… Some people claim that one of them was copied off the other that’s why they are identical. In comparison to the Mitchell-Hedges skull it’s made of “cloudier” crystal and are not finely sculpted.. The British Skull is on display at London’s Museum of Mankind and the The Paris Skull is on display at the Trocadero Museum of Paris…

Mayan Crystal Skull and Amethyst Skull

Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosBoth of these were discovered in the early 20th century in Guatemala and Mexico.. They were brought to the US by a Mayan Priest.. The Amethyst Skull is made of purple quartz and the Mayan skull is clear.. And these two skulls are alike and very similar to the Mitchell-Hedges skull. It was also studied by HP and was found to be cut on the axis.. Someone is going through so much trouble to make these skulls. So what the is purpose or the meaning behind them? We need more scientific evidence about these skulls and who made them! Are they connected to our higher enlightenment or a dooms-day theory? Could they have been created by Extraterrestrial beings? Could they be ancient computers? They have been claimed a powerful tool for healing the body, mind, and spirit but these are not all the skulls.. I’ll include the rest of the skulls below! Keep reading more more great information on this conspiracy!

Texas Crystal Skull (A.K.A. MAX)

In the early 1980s a “human sized” quartz crystal skull surfaced in Texas. It was first owned by Norbu Chen, a Tibetan Healer… It was later given to Carl and Jo Ann Parks as a payment for debt. It was stored in their home in Texas for over seven years and she later realized it was an important artifact after watching a documentary on TV.. She later called the person she acquired it from and he told her that the skull was indeed authentic.. She was later told that the name of; Max. It’s a single clear piece of crystal weighing 18 pounds! The origin is believed to be from Guatemala… You can see this skull in various exhibitions across the United States today..

ET Skull

Also found in the 1980s, by Joke Van Dieten Maasland who resides in Miami Beach, Florida.. He bought this smokey quartz skull from a dealer in Los Angeles.. It was first owned by a family in Guatemala which found it in 1906 while excavating a Mayan Temple.. Joke states that it helped her in healing a brain tumor. She shares her story in her book called the Messengers of Ancient Wisdom! The ET skull is a smoky quartz and it gets it’s name from the pointed cranium and exaggerated overbite.. She also brings the skull to many different places to “share” the healing powers, that she believes it possess..

Rose Quartz Crystal Skull

The only skull that comes the closest to resembling the Mitchell-Hedges Skull.. It was found near the border of Honduras and Guatemala..It’s slightly larger than the Mitchell-Hedges and it’s not clear in color.. It’s the same high quality craftsmanship but it includes a removable mandible!

Aztec Skulls

The Aztec Skull is located in the Museum of Man in London and is no longer on display.. The reason why is that the skull moves on it’s own in the glass container.. Many workers were “scared” of this skull and they demanded that it would be covered with a cloth at night in order to clean up the area around it…This has been confirmed by the museum personnel and visitors.. It was bought by the museum at the turn of the century by a dealer in New York.

The Paris Museum of Man also contains another called called the Aztec Skull which also is no longer on display.. These skulls were much smaller than the Mitchell-Hedges Skull and not as perfect..So why are some of these skulls more perfect than others? Could they be fake? Or are they made by all different people?


Sha-Na-Ra, Jaguar Man and the Rainbow Skull

Now on this website he states that when he was on a lecture tour in Mexico.. He was invited to function which had several crystal carved objects from this ancient city.. There was two different crystal skulls one owned by Nocerino.. The weight of this one is about 13 pounds and 3 ounces and both are carved out of clear quartz. Nocerino calls the skull Sha-Na-Ra in memory of Shaman Healer..The second one is owned by Dael Walker who is a well known crystal researcher and a author of several crystal healing books.. It’s smaller than the other and it weights about 9 pounds..The reason he calls it the Rainbow of Colors is because of what the skull does when it’s in natural light! There was much more artifacts that were found including several smaller carved skulls, half skuls which were hollow and a thing called “The Jaguar Man..” It’s five inches high, two inches in diameter and carved of quartz crystal. It depicts a head of a Jaguar with the head of a man in it’s mouth. The piece is currently owned by Charles C. Pelton (Founder of Paranormal Research) and currently is undergoing serious research..

They Just Found The 13th Crystal Skull!!!

Found recently in Germany! On March 9th 2011! I have to translate the link for everyone…

As the magazine “Mysteries” reports, was the Swiss journalist Luc Bürgin skull (12 kilograms, up 17.5 centimeters, 21 centimeters deep) in the attic of his Bavarian informants – hidden in an old wooden box. “A custom-made, which in turn was located in an old, worn-out leather knapsack.”

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

This discovery enables historians in an uproar! For centuries give the mysterious skull of riddles.

Twelve of these crystal skulls are known, this would now be the secret thirteenth. Apparently they are from the remains of the civilizations of Central and South America, where the priests of the Maya or Aztecs with them religious rituals performed. According to legend, all 13 together on 21 December 2012, when the Mayan calendar ends and will go under the world, create a new age of light and prevent the apocalypse.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

On the unknown, four-page paper to find 35 valuable art treasures, by order of the top Nazi leadership of Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler shortly before the end of Augsburg in the south Bohemian Strakonice (Sudetenland) should be transported. Including Item 14: The Crystal Skull. “263-2 FRSs collection Rahn, No. 25 592, leather case, crystal skull, colonies, South America.”

According to list skull belonged to the former the researcher Otto Rahn, of the Nazis on a quest for the Holy Grail went for, and in 1939 under mysterious circumstances, was killed. And the inventory number 25 592 on the list was also on the wooden box. If the skull that the informant allegedly bought three years ago, “the price of a sandwich,” Now the real question is that; is it actually real?

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