Selacia: DNA Encodements, Your Multidimensional Self and 2013

By Selacia |

Once in a while, there is a marker time point that people experience as the line between one thing and another. As 2013 begins you will be sitting at that juncture. How will it look and feel, and what will it mean?

To be sure, the year 2012 will be seen in hindsight as a time of unprecedented revolutionary changes, countless unanswerable questions, and multitudes of people waking up from a very long sleep to discover a world in chaos. It will also be noted as a key tipping point – humanity coping with extensive and continuous dismantling of unworkable systems, and people everywhere learning to live on the edge.
From Endpoint to Starting Point

The Earth’s ancient wisdom keepers described the December 21, 2012 Solstice as an endpoint in a long evolutionary cycle, when humanity could take a giant leap forward and create a light-filled existence. That endpoint, in fact, is more than one linear date, for it relates to a quantum cycle that is vast and multidimensional. Still, for people conditioned to focus on specific dates to mark progress, the 2012 Solstice became a focal point that helped catalyze an accelerated waking up and an intense desire for a brand-new type of world.

Did you know that at a DNA level, you are encoded to wake up to your divine nature and to endlessly seek to co-create a loving world, until it becomes a reality?

In fact, it is hard-wired within you to awaken during the Earth’s pivotal moments, remembering more and more of why you came and seeking to serve in the highest possible way you can. Most likely, you have been on your path for a while, and the past year or so has been a huge testing of your resolve.

During the moments when you felt blocked to serve, you may have experienced a deep unexplained sadness, as though you couldn’t really do what you were encoded to do. Even if you didn’t have the specifics of what that mission was, you just knew that it was different than what you felt able to accomplish.

Your DNA Encodements in Action

Yes, this DNA encodement within you is so much a part of your core, and such a mega driving force, that once it has been catalyzed, your path changes. With this encodement active, you become increasingly aware of your true nature, which is divine.

You also become aware that you have an inner guidance and a spiritual guidance team, always right there by your side. With this awareness, you naturally seek training in how to work with your spiritual guidance.

As part of that, you learn how to differentiate your inner voice from your ego, and how to discern meanings and applications of the messages you are receiving. This happens in a process over time, in stages that are typically outside ordinary awareness. What’s important is not the linear stage you are at but the multidimensional big picture  – your growing increasingly intuitive and more able to detect and dispel fear so you can get to the truth of subtle messages received.

Your True Power to Change

Your true power to change what you experience on Earth comes from accessing and living as your multidimensional and intuitive divine self. This is the key to 2013 and what comes next.

Do not let self-doubt get in the way as 2013 begins and the world isn’t yet as you want it to be. Do not let anyone tell you that you are not equipped for the challenges of living now. This is nonsense. How could a divine changemaker like you – encoded from the beginning of time to help facilitate humanity’s mega shift – not have what it takes?

Do not discount your extensive preparations for being on the Earth now. Your multidimensional divine self, knowing in advance what set of circumstances and abilities you would need for this life, set in motion an orchestration that would become the divinely timed juxtaposition for these moments. From spirit’s perspective, there are no accidents and no mistakes. Any challenge you still face is part of your puzzle piece. Likewise, positive qualities like kindness that you embody now were long in development to help you in this life. You are indeed right where you need to be.

Understanding Energies of 2013

As you move through 2013, you will discover familiar themes continuing from recent years. The planet’s grand reconfiguration will continue, and things will sometimes seem worse even as they are getting better. It will take a trained awareness and a regular big-picture focus to have a true picture of happenstance. What seems the same is not.

Creation is a messy and often violent process. As it occurs, from a quantum perspective, there are countless behind-the-scenes pieces coming into play. From spirit’s perspective, things are seen on a need-to-see basis and known on a need-to-know basis. That’s how the world of spirit operates. The pieces that need addressing most urgently come to light first – like the need for love. That includes self-love and loving interactions between people – neighbors, co-workers, friends, loved ones, and strangers.

The mechanism for mastering love is relationships. Everyone around you is now challenged in some way by relationships as people relearn what it means to love. You don’t need to be in a “relationship” to be impacted. Nearly everyone has neighbors, phone calls with others, and interactions with people on the road or in the market.

Do not allow yourself to become discouraged by the seeming lack of progress – remember that you are wired to be a part of solutions needed for a more loving world. Do not look away from what is right there in front of you. Dysfunctions must be brought to awareness before they can be healed. If the world’s attention was not focused on the state of unloving co-existence within families and groups of people, the collective effort to change things would not be underway.

The creation of a brand-new Earth based on love is indeed happening, but it is a joint effort that takes time. The collective needs to be brought in sync, and this is no small step. No one person can remedy the dysfunction, but each person is responsible for his or her own energy – every moment of every day. That takes skill and unflinching persistence, continually coming back to the higher view of spirit.

Your Choice, Your Path

Trust that you are intricately and intimately involved in the most adventuresome dance of creation ever seen on Earth. You chose to take part a very long time ago – no, you cannot change your mind now. If you think you can, this is your ego having a futile moment of resistance! Your empowered divine changemaker self is the one truly at the helm. That’s the part of you fueled by spirit – willing to be at the forefront of change and to courageously do what’s needed each step of the way. This is your path.

Your heartfelt desires for change and a more loving world are a magnetic energy that goes out into the world and connects you with a similar vision held in the collective. Do not underestimate the power of this positive magnetic force. You create more of it each time you are kind. There is a bonus effect, too, during those times when you are extremely challenged to be kind. When you meet these challenges and respond with kindness, the positive magnetic energy is magnified. This field of energy is real – moving out into the collective and uplifting humanity. Being mindful of this energy, even if you cannot physically see or touch it, helps you to progress spiritually.

When your life becomes complex or you simply feel on overwhelm, come back to this simple idea. Remember the importance of being kind. Do it even if no one else is kind. When others are unkind, they are expressing ordinary, reactive consciousness. You are not ordinary, you are divine.

Your Multidimensional Self

As a divine changemaker, a key focus for you in 2013 will be discovering how to skillfully move through changes with a lightness of being. This means refusing to go along with crowd mentality involving anger, judgment, or black-and-white perspectives. Those approaches are old paradigm, and limited. What you want instead is to be at the forefront of the dimensional shift into higher consciousness. It is quantum, multidimensional, and vast.

Higher-frequency energy helps you to join with your multidimensional self.

Everything has a frequency or vibration – including thoughts and emotions, foods, media messages, and personal energy fields. Frequency is not static – it can shift in a flash when your mood changes from happy to angry or when you move from self-appreciating thoughts to self-doubt. Frequency, then, is an energy that fluctuates. The higher frequencies you want to connect with are faster-moving fields of energy. You can influence your own energy with this simple frequency-raising process – creating and maintaining a high frequency.


Frequency-Raising Process

  1. Each morning set your energetic tone for the day with a positive thought or feeling of gratitude. If you wake up in a sour mood or catch yourself worrying, change the channel inside your own mind and, with conscious intention, state something positive. Expressing it out loud can amplify the benefit.
  2. During the day, be mindful of when your energy drops or your mood changes. Practice paying attention the moment you shift into a lower frequency, noticing what changed. By tracking your own energy this way, you can determine whether your frequency fluctuation was due to thoughts, emotions, nutritional intake, the news, spending time with an angry person, or other factors.
  3. Intend regularly throughout the day that you will be present and conscious, regardless of how crazy things get. If you find your mind wandering into the past or future, or feel you cannot focus on what someone is saying, come back to the now.
  4. Learn about your own DNA and old dysfunctional patterns still residing there. The more you understand about the past limited conditioning recorded in your DNA, the more quickly you can clear it and become free from its effects.
  5. Discover how the unusual planetary patterns of the next few years impact your own astrology. You do not have to believe in astrology for planetary energies to affect you. The challenging aspects lining up between 2013 and 2016 have not been experienced before on Earth. Self-understanding can help you navigate the changes and manage your frequency at the same time.
  6. Before sleep each night, intentionally disconnect from humanity’s fear matrix – the field of fearful energy humanity has created over time. You sleep then can be more productive and more peaceful.
  7. Consciously and regularly invite spirit into your life, asking for a higher view and for the patience to be kind.

As you continue the journey of discovering your divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

Copyright 2012 by Selacia

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